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  1. i think best would be like in project reality battlefield: commander/squad leader set up something like HMG position setup or foxholes or bunkers... then you and your squadmates uses shovel to build it. this would be the best way to do PPOs i think.
  2. yeah... mobile spawn is already too much for me... so pls remove warping.
  3. please, could someone move this to suggestions/ideas topic, thanks!
  4. i think MOBILE spawns should be removed like in old days.. that would really turn ww2 online to what it really is. btw, some may not like it because long distances but still.... i would do that. but yeah, it may be a bit risky
  5. i thought u knew it already i hope we will get some axis places as capturable Bases or something to there would be cool. remember this?
  6. is this kind of pics allowed? here is some other pics without edits:
  7. yeah, btw, maybe they would be partially open air buildings, or some of them would be blown different way, more or less with roof
  8. these looks cool! i think, we need slightly or litte more different CPs in different places, like city cp would be some place kind of police station building, then normal depots slightly different military building, like the oil/fuel dumps and so on... AB bunkers should be different kind, the new one what is built already, then current and maybe 1 or 2 other types of AB bunkers in different places.. ALSO make "special" buildings like different churches, add castle to Dinant and Gent if i remember right, they should be capturable, i think Dinant should get add of infantry/ATG/AA only spawn, the castle i mean these kind of capturable places makes more variety to the gameplay experience and i would really love to see that kind of stuff, VARIETY in all features and stuff! here is the video of the castle it actually was in early versions. i dont understand why they took off these :/
  9. hmmmm... what is HAAC? and yeah, maybe militias and other like this would be cool add when there there is no army in town? i think every town should have some kind of supply even its not on the front line, and i would kinda like idea of attacking a town behind the frontline, but maybe not like from other side of map or so the town with no army bricades, would be spawnable as random militia/civil with rifle and knife, or rifle and grenade. limited weaponry. xoom was talking about something like "click the town on the map and boom, you are in the town"
  10. hehe yeah, i personally dont care about jumping... did u mind that soldiers in real war didnt jump much because they could be shot? also heavy backpack. but yeah, maybe something little would be, no super jumps like in other games usually lol
  11. yeah, i would like "HD" version of textures for all the ships too
  12. i asked about reworked animations for loading gun, and holding/aiming etc.. i think XOOM answered me in facebook page: "Animation work is already in progress." so lets hope we get better and as realistic as possible animations for all infantry and maybe for all things (loading,aiming,holding,running,prone moving...) and also explosions with much mud lifted into air and different kind of explosions for different weapons would be so cool!
  13. i would rather like to have country personal tiers like i think we had in early days of that kind of stuff? like the weapons research is getting bigger level all the time, but damaging other`s factories will slow down the research so, for example germans would have semi-autos before other countries. that would improve teamwork and effort to do something WORK on battlefield. but maybe it works better when there is a lot more people playing again? some people may say that they will lose "morale" to fight after they have tier 1 weapons and other side has tier 3...? but im all for oldschool and realism.
  14. plz dont mix the words... ther is not added much content YET... after 1.35 is released (in 6months it should be) there will be a lot of new weapons and other stuff, like pontoon bridges, planes etc.... oh and HC officer models