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  1. I have a old account I played for the first 10 years of Word War 2 Online. It has been activated several times for welcome back soldier. I tried accessing it but can not. Tried forgot password several time but never get a e-mail tried the contact us option and got no response. So as the topic says how would one access a old account if they wanted to reactivate it?
  2. Tone down the rifle sway or at least add something to do it like holding your breath or making it less when crouched or prone. Make dying mean something like not being able to spawn from the same spot or have a spawn delay from the previous spot you spawned.
  3. Yup turned off Norton and updated fine.
  4. wwiiol_1.35.6.1- Treat name Heur.AdvML.C Threat or no threat ????????
  5. I paid for this game from 2001 to 2012 non stop. Now I am living the American dream and playing for free. There seems to be some bad information here. f2p can cap f2p can make missions f2p have binocs CRS needs money to keep game going, If what you get for free is not enough get a subscription. Or have Bernie Sanders promise to make Wall St pay for it for you.
  6. a) 7 7 c) 7 d) 7 e) 7 f) 7 g) 1,2,3,4,5,6
  7. It seem's to be a bit overdone actually a lot overdone. I would think a soldier could hold his rifle steadier especially prone or crouched. The sway starts way to soon and is overly exaggerated. IMO
  8. Yup not so Merry Christmas for free player accounts.
  9. Seems to have locked out the free player accounts.