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  1. I already posted those ideas at some suggetions threads many times. But some ultra important ideas that would help noobs (and also make gameplay better for veterans too, so you are not only, using your time to do something that only noobs would experience) are: 1- Allow players multicrew with vehicles already at game/battle. 1.1-This allow noobs to spawn closer to battle, if they die this would increase player retention. New players can die alot, and this help them reach battle faster. 1.2-This allow them to train by playing with a more experienced player, discovering vehicle tactics and etc... while they play. 1.3-They would reach battle faster, this is important if new player can't handle long distance travel yet and feel bored about it. 1.4-This would help everyone, by fixing the chicken and egg problem when someone don't try to multicrew because, no is waiting to join multi-crewed vehicle, and people don't wait for people wanting to create a multicrew request. As I said this part here will help everyone and so you wont waste development time at something that will only help new players. 1.5-This idea is important even without polycrew, so if polycrew would be to hard to add to the game, just add this feature before polycrew. 2- If you are an infantry and despawn at some transport vehicle the infantry will stay there immobile and vehicle driver will be able to RTB all those infantryman. Players will be able to spawn as one of those infantryman. 2.1-This solves some of the chicken and egg problem with some vehicles, where some people don't spawn with a truck and wait people to join it, because almost no one will join, and people don't join because there is no one with a truck. Here some player can spawn as a infantry and join the truck and despawn, then spawn another person and join the truck and despawn, "loading" many infantries at the truck, then after this is done the truck move to the position he wants and players are able to spawn as the soldiers there. 2.2-The idea 2.1 helps noobs or people that can't handle longer distances yet, spawn closer to battle by being able to spawn at vehicles already moving and closer to battle. It also help noobs that don't want to wait to transport vehicles to fill or to someone spawn an transport vehicle. 2.3-If someone needs to leave (go to work, sleep.....) and its more distant from RTB position or whatever and there is an transport vehicle near him, he can despawn at an vehicle closer to him and not go MIA. This helps everyone 2.4- 2.3 Increase immersion by not having an character magically dissapearing when he despawn outside of battle (assuming he despawn at vehicle). 2.5- By having those infantryman at vehicle to make them move from place A to place B. You make transport vehicle work more like it should and be more immersive. 3-When you try to despawn as some vehicle or infantry, you must click ok to despawn. If you click ok and the timer has ended you despawn, but if you didnt done that yet, people trying to spawn at the game are able to spawn as your vehicle, infantryman, they spawn at the exact position you are with same amount of bullets, health, stamina........., they are basically taking control of your vehicle. 3.1-This helps noobs that don't like to walk longer distances and want to get right into the action, WITHOUT being some non immersive thing. If someone is despawning a player can take control of him and continue from there, near the battle. 3.2-This make the game more immersive to everyone by not having characters magically dissapearing everytime someone needs to leave. 3.3-Sometime an person is too distant from battle or whatever and he want to quit and play something else or join another mission or whateaver, this allow this vehicle/soldier (if someone spawn as him) to stay at battle....
  2. THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS. The game NEED this it would greatly improve the game: It would help new players, because they would join tanks and be able to learn tank tatics and how to control tanks. It would also allow players to start closer to battle at an realistic way (no soldier or vehicle is magically spawning near battle) and would help all players and specially those new players that can't handle long distances yet. It would also solve chicken and eggs problem where people dont multicrew because usually no player is multicrewing and people dont create multicrews because usually there is no one waiting for multicrew with someone. It would even help developers by increasing new players retention (because of the two things I said before) and with it increasing revenue. This is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS at my opinion, I would be ok with developers stopping to work at almost eveyrthing else (excluding servers, bugfixes, site, forum.... obviously) to work at this until they finish it. PS: Even if polycrew comes only at a later date.
  3. A better choice at my opinion would be something like this. At the hard mode, if you spawn at origin X and is killed there, you can't spawn at the same origin X for the next Y hours. When some player die, this soldier die, an new soldier will join the battle (if the player spawn there), but this new soldier will have information from the old soldier because its the same player controlling this soldier. By not allowing (to those playing at hard mode only) to join some mission at same origin he died, before Y hours/minutes passed, he wont have "MAGICAL" information about the battle he is at, right now. How it could work: If you enable hard mode, after Z minutes, the hard mode will really start to have some effect. After it start to have some effect, if you die at some origin X, you can only spawn at it again Y minutes after you died. If you disable hard mode after it started to have some effect (Z minutes after you clicked to enable it), it will take W minutes to it be really disabled. If you disable the hard mode before it start to have some effect, it will be automatically disabled, this means if you enable it as some mistake, you will be able to disable it before it have some effect. The hard mode could give some bonus to the players, since the player at hard mode wont have any previous information about the battle, he will be a "weaker" player, so if his side is overpopulated, the spawn delay could be removed for this player, the spawn delay is only removed after the hard mode start to have some effect (Z minutes after the player enabled it).
  4. There is a solution around this. When you are at an transport vehicle and you despawn, the soldier will stay at the vehicle. If you spawn with a new soldier and join this vehicle again and despawn there again, the vehicle will now have 2 soldiers. Players are able to spawn as one of the soldiers at this vehicle, and the vehicle can be moving or whatever (it doenst need to be stationary). This do at least three important things: 1-Players can spawn closer to battle (and in a non gimmicky way), this helps new players (or old) players that can't handle long distances yet. This also solve the 2-This makes transport vehicles meaningful, since you now have to use it as a transport vehicle. This is done by solving the chicken and egg problem when no one join a transport vehicle because there is no one waiting for them and no one wait for people to join transport vehicles because there wont be any player that will want to wait until enought players join the vehicle. 3-Increase imersion and reduce the amount of MIA soldiers, if there is an transport vehicle somewhere and you want to leave the game, instead of despawning and going mia (and character magically disappearing, a not immersive thing) you can go to the vehicle and despawn there, the soldier will continue to be inside the vehicle and other player is able to spawn as this guy, so the guy didn't magically disappeared. I already posted this idea before, and I think its one of the 3 most important ideas* that should be implemented at the game AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE (mostly because of the first important thing I said it would bring to the game). * I wont talk in detail about the other two most important ideas at my opinion but they are: 1-Ability to multicrew with some vehicle already at the battle. 2-Ability to spawn as someone trying to despawn (you will start with same heath, ammo,.... as him)
  5. Yes, thats was posted at part 2.4 Another important idea that I always post here and that would help new players (and also old players) that I forgot to add. 3-Allow soldiers to despawn at transport vehicles, when they do that the soldiers will stay there immobile. Then, other players are able to spawn as those soldiers there. 3.1-This helps old and new players, if he is closer to a transport vehicle than to a city, and life calls him (or he is at a lazy mood to go back to city), he can despawn at the transport vehicle and his side wont lose the unit. At this specific situation if he despawned without going at transport vehicle, he would be MIA anyway, so even if transport vehicle player, MIA despawn, nothing is lost, because at old the gameplay/rules those characters would be MIA anyway. 3.2-There is a chicken and egg problem with transport vehicle (similar to the multicrew vehicle) where some dont spawn as a transport vehicles because they dont want to wait for players to spawn and jump at the vehicle. At the same time, players dont wait for possible transport vehicles because they know almost no transport vehicle will show up or they dont want to wait for other players to join the transport vehicle he will use. With that idea, you can spawn as a soldier and go to the transport vehicle and despawn, then spawn with another soldier, go to transport vehicle and despawn and do this over and over until you have enough soldiers at the vehicle, the vehicle can start to move to position and players can spawn at the vehicle as he move without having to wait like they would have if this idea didnt existed. This make transport trucks usable again as they were intended without gamey workarounds. 3.3-Part 3.2 create immersion by making sure you can only spawn as someone at the transport vehicle, you wont be able to magically spawn like you would with MSP or FRU.
  6. Some ideas (that I already posted here) that I think that would make easier to new players learn the game and then stay, while ALSO being good ideas for old players are: All those ideas at my opinion are REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY important things and should be done as early as possible. 1-Allow players to multicrew with vehicles already at the game. 1.1-This help new players by allowing them to spawn as crewmembers of vehicles and play with a guy that know really well how to battle with vehicles, this way he learns while there is someone else to help him. 1.2-This help new players because this allow them to start closer to the battles, so he doenst need to spend time going from spawn area to the battle. If they are new and can't handle long distance travel yet (find it boring), this will be able to be experience battle quicker. 1.3-This helps old players too. It fix the chicken and egg problem with multicrew, where players dont start a multicrew because they would have to wait people that want to multicrew and people don't wait for multicrewing at someone else vehicle because there inst someone else vehicle to multicrew with. 2-Allow players to spawn as some unit that is despawning. When you try to despawn you would be able to click at the ok button right away and if the timer runs out, you despawn as normal. If you clicked at the ok button but the timer didnt run out yet, players trying to spawn would be able to spawn as your soldier, if this happen they would start to control your soldier and you would despawn. The spawning player would continue at whateaver situation you were, with same amount of bullets, granades, health, stamina...... 2.1-This help new players by allowing them to spawn closer to the battle, if they can't handle longer distances travel yet (find it too boring) this would help them. This would also help them to experience more quickly how battles really are at the game. 2.2-This also help new players because they are learning how to play the game and reduce the pain of dying alot and having to walk to the battle area again. 2.3-A positive point for old players is that this increases the immersion because this reduces the amount of soldiers that will be magicaly dissapearing. 2.4-Another positive points for old player is that this reduces the amount of mia that happen when a lazy player dont want to go back to town or if someone need to do some real life thing and dont have time to go back to town to despawn.
  7. One way to remove the effectiveness of lonewolfs, is to make the status of some capturable place (yours, enemy or contested), based at the amount of soldiers of side A and soldiers of side B there are this capturable place. This would happen automatically without timer. This way ninjacapturing some place and leaving it, would allow to the other team to come to the place and easily ninjacapture it. This also make sure you have to stay with your team there to make sure its not captured by a mass of enemies. PS:I am not talking about area capture, this could come later and this idea can work under current capture rules.
  8. One thing that would lessen this problem is a specific form of area capture. If the game had a specific form of area capture, where players have to stay at the area to capture it, and the area become friendly area, enemy area, or "battle is going on here" area AUTOMATICALLY (no need to wait X seconds) based at the ratio of axies to allies there, this would lessen the problem. With this form of capture you need to have alive players at the area that you want to capture, because even if the area became your team area 1 second ago, the enemy still have the chance to capture the area again after even 2 second, if soldiers from your team, die.
  9. You said something about the distance between the spawn point and the battle. Some ideas that could work: PS:ALL those ideas would make the game better for new and old players. IDEA 1: PS:This variation of current despawn rule, happens with any unit that is not a plane. When you click ESC, the despawn countdown timer will start. At any moment you can click ok. If the timer become zero and you clicked ok you will despawn. When trying to spawn, the player can select to spawn a unit already at battle (if they have the rank to play with it and are from the same side), if someone else is trying to despawn a unit, clicked ok and didnt despawned yet, this new player can spawn as the unit the other player is despawning. He will start the game at the same place, with same health, bullets the guy was.... This has more than one positive points about it: 1-It allow players to start closer to battle without breaking immersion. 2-It actually increase immersion by having less units, magically leaving the battle or magically spawning at the battle. 3-Reduce the amount of people that will go MIA because they want to leave but dont want to go back city. IDEA 2: Players should be allowed to multicrew with vehicles already at battle. While trying to multicrew the game would have the list of (not fully multicrewed) vehicles at battle, you would be able to select one and multicrew with it. The reason behind this idea, is that sometimes people don't want to wait until some player decide to multicrew with him, and the other player don't want to wait until there is some vehicle where he can join. Some positive points about this second idea: 1-You can spawn closer to battle. 2-New players can train how to battle with vehicles, by staying at a vehicle with someone that really knows how to control the vehicle. 3-This solve the problem, where people don't want to wait to multicrew with someone, I said before. IDEA 3: Players should be able to despawn at transport vehicles and let the character stay there immobile. Other players are then able to spawn as those characters. One of the problems with transport trucks is that you need to wait for players to go to join the truck. Some truck players don't want to wait, and so don't play with truck or don't wait the player (and use FMS and etc...). With that idea, some player can join the truck, despawn, join again, despawn again and etc.... filling the vehicle position. Then the vehicle can move to the destined position and while the vehicle is moving to the player, the players can spawn at the place. Good points about this idea: 1-Allow players to spawn closer to battle by spawning at a stationary or moving truck. 2-Add immersion to the game by making soldiers not magically appear like they did with mobile spawn point. 3-Allow soldiers to despawn without MIA status by despawning at truck. This also allow players that are lazy (or really need to leave the game quickly to do something else), leave the game but not lose the soldier. 4-Make easier to transport vehicles to really work as transport vehicles, by not having to wait for players that want to fill the vehicle and wait while new players fill the vehicle.
  10. Talking about TOE, what was/is the reason/point behind this rule? https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Table_of_Organization_and_Equipment#9._Depots "9. Depots Depots spawn vehicles directly from your Brigade spawnlist, however, unless you are executing a Hold-at-all-Costs order, they can only spawn a limited numbers over time. This "throttle" is specific to the depot itself and not to your brigade. If two or more Brigades, regardless of country, are in the same town attempting to spawn from the same depot and one spawns a Rifleman, players in each will see the number of available Riflemen at the depot decrease by one. Each vehicle on the list will reset back to full when nobody has spawned one for 6 minutes."
  11. I just hope they make the granade explode after you remove the pin, no matter if your soldier throwed the granade or not. So if someone start to try to throw a granade and is killed during the process the granade will still explode.
  12. I had this idea before, but my grid would be different, instead of an grid of X by X meters, each curently capturable CP would have an area around it that would be capturable Another guy also had this kind of idea and posted here: He made a post about this idea, with alot of details, including even an formula for capture rate.
  13. I had a similar idea before. I didn't posted here because I didn't fully brainstormed the idea to see if its was really a good or not. Basically it would work like this: Instead of buying an account by paying X dollars and then paying per month Y dollars, you just buy an account with X dollars. The developers would create different goals, like on kickstarter, they would have the amount of money needed to develop it. If you have an paid account, you can back those projects, you select the project you want to back and the amount of money you want to throw at it, similar to a kickstarter, their kickstarter system will hold the money until its totally backed. Each project/expansion is a different project and unlike kickstarter projects you dont need to back other stuff to unlock other projects. Well, unless some feature can't be done without other project being complete, as some example you can't add some tank only used by poland to the game without adding poland first. The developers must also bugfix their game, fix their severs of upgrade them, eat, drink,have hobbies (to make sure they don't need other jobs to have hobbies and also because they aren't working machines), to pay for that, each month the developers can and WILL remove some amount of money from the money people used to back projects, the amount will be equally removed from all users. If you, as some example, back some project paying 1000 dollars to make sure its is done, and they take 5 dollars out of you, the amount of money that will be listed there will be 995 dollars, this amount is removed from the money that will be used to fund the projects.. Anyway, I am not sure if this is a good idea or not. One of the points of this kickstarter style of things, is that you can check previously if the users will like some feature, before you waste your time doing it. User also prepay the feature being developed and so you will be sure you have the amount of money needed to do it. Another point that helps this idea is the fact that WWIIOL players love to help the game by funding special projects.
  14. This "lack of trucks" problem could be made with an idea I proposed on some thread. When you spawn with an transport vehicle you would be able to pick some soldiers from the list of available soldiers and put on the transport vehicle as passengers. They would stay immobile on the vehicle, no AI needed or something like that. The players would be able to spawn as one of those soldiers on the vehicle if wanted, instead of doing the usual spawn thing. Players would be able to despawn while inside the vehicle (as long there is space left remaining there), the soldier would stay there and the users that spawn at this vehicle would be able to start as those soldiers that despawned there too. This soldier inside the vehicle would also be immobile and would have the same amount of health, stamina, bullets and itens he had when player despawned. This create an system that avoid those problems (the lack of trucks) and also makes mobile spawn more realistic. Thats also improve the transport gameplay, making it something more than "go to the place you want and stay there immobile while players spawn". With this gameplay in place other forms of mobile spawn point could be remove as there would be no point in them.
  15. This is a super bad idea, BF2 engine is not suitable for an mmofps of this kind and scale. Also as far as I remember they are already working on an new engine that suit their needs.