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  1. I would throw some light randomness in the campaign starting positions. As you have said both sides have experienced map movers that know the "right" order of attack. Lets mix it up...some "what if" moments could ease the stagnation.
  2. I really think that all fms should be able to spawn upgraded atgs and later AA guns every tier. Perhaps one tier down from the current tier. Say 2lbrs to 6lbrs, pak36s to pak38s. The bigger atgs are just too unbalancing I believe. Hardly ANYONE brings atgs with their FMS unless they have multiple accounts. A fms can quickly be found and suppressed (allied for camped) even if a tier 0 atg spawns and trys to defend it. Has anyone tried spawning a 25mm french atg against 4gs and tigers camping the fms? Unfortunately the pak36 with its fantasy rounds can and does one shot shermans frontally all the time - but that's for another discussion. We WANT combined arms but atm we don't have the server pop to make it happen. The FMS should have the ability to spawn an atg facing the way the spawn has been oriented, but allow them to move out and make a real ZOC. Remember the FMS is supposed to be a FORTIFYED Mobile spawn...not just an inf factory churning out ants running to the spawn. FMS should have the ability to add on HMG pits with a long build time of course. Thoughts?
  3. Yes Hatch but the game is designed about spawning in a few metres sometimes from another forces "owned" capture point. Paras are by default shock troops normally and are made to be self-sufficient. It doesn't matter if you land 100 paras and simulcap all depots...with no armor suppressing the enemy infantry spawning, it takes a herculean effort to kill all the enemy infantry and armor spawning from the AB/depots to KEEP the spawns etc. Unfortunately the way our game uses paras is as meat bombs....back in the past we had dedicated para pilots that could drop 20 guys on a cp roof time after time. We DON'T have those times now - no population to do it. I don't know...maybe have paras have the ability to blow bridges easier...say twice as well as normal engineers?. Say 4-5 paras could blow a bridge and setup a small inf fru. Make the paratrooper SPECIAL because they were the elite shocktroops!
  4. Well, the Axis players are certainly not coming allied to balance the population...when one side refuses to come to the other side for the good of the game and chooses not to play at all???!! -that can only be described as TOXIC.
  5. The ramp up is an easy to camp spot...entry points to a bunker should be covered or at very least dug in like a trench system. Multiple entry exits are required or it becomes yet another camp fest. Remember HE will be super dangerous soon.
  6. I really look forward to this.
  7. Does netcode 3 have UDP as its base protocol? Atm the in game close inf code is atrocious..logged in for first time in ages to check out the game but the infantry fighting up close was 80s tech bad. Seriously if the game goes to steam with netcode like this it would be dead before the new players could have "time in-game" to see the breadth if gameplay that the game can give. Any ww2 based game should prioritise infantry fighting above all else. Its the first thing new people can play and should be as flawless as possible.
  8. Which in game voice plugin are you talking about?
  9. He's here..he's there...he is Everywhere!
  10. GHC especially potthead and his clones are logged in seemingly 24/7...he is inspiring his troops with good leadership and understaning when to push and when to consolidate.
  11. I really think the RATS have to get 1.36 out and FULLY tested by the playerbase with a WBS campaign, all before the steam release. The game only has one chance with the fickle steam community..make or break! As it is now I have gone axis for a few maps for the first time since day 1 and the extremely low numbers and overall feeling is one of "someone else will do it" is alienating new and old players. That with the addition of the sideswappers is just exacerbating the problems the game has. We really need to test the low pop balancing changes that are coming. Xoom - do you have an update schedule yet? DropTow
  12. Many thanks on the updates Victarus!
  13. I have found a open source utility called dxwnd. It allows placing games in windowed mode on a different monitor if you wish. It currently is almost working perfectly with BGE.
  14. +1 for this.Can we at least try this?