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  1. Fidd, I am respectfully going to say I disagree with everything you said in the first half of your first message. I don't see any reason for limiting the amount of PPOs placed. If we don't have limits, we don't have to worry about sideswitchers coming along and using the limits up. I don't think this would happen anyways, because that would take something like an hour for a full sized squad to do- Its a huge waste of time.
  2. Try having the discord program open. When my videos save, they arn't titled "WWIIOnline". They're titled 'Discord'.
  3. Ya I know. Especially near the end I was just firing like a madman with everything I had. Still though, something like half of what I fired must have hit.
  4. ShadowPlay with Nvidia Geforce
  5. Me chasing a Blen down last night at Tiennen. I am happy I recorded this so when I have bad days I can come back and watch it and bust a rib.
  6. While everything you guys are saying is probably true, my point still remains that the PPOs should be more resilient to bombs, and should NOT disappear unless bombed enough.
  7. I messaged KMS and he told me there is not a timer on them. They go away when no one is left in the mission that placed them.
  8. The first thing that needs to be overcome is the fact that PPOs despawn when there is no one left in the mission that made them. This makes serious limitations on how complex you can make stuff.
  9. The addition of Sandbags, FMS, and tank traps has been perhaps my favorite recent update. However, I think these could be improved more. PPOs should have much more effect on game play if you ask me. 1. Currently PPOs have a timer on them that makes them despawn after a certain amount of time. I realize this is to prevent people from spamming massive amounts of PPOs and lower lag. However, This limits the potential of fortifications to the point that it isn't worth it. Think about what we could do if PPOs stayed on the map until they were destroyed- We could set up massive fortifications or redoubts around and near towns days in advance. This way, if a side is being pushed back at a fast pace on the map, these fortifications set up in advance could slow down the winning side greatly, and provide the defenders a chance to catch their breath- sort of like the Hindenburg line in WW1. 2. As it stands, PPOs offer minimal protection the the players. Believe me, I loved the sandbags when they came out. They were a step in the right direction for more fortifications. Yet, these still leave relatively large portions of the player exposed. the upper shoulders and head are completely visible, and considering how good a shot vets with bolt actions are, they are almost pointless. Take a look at this image: I think the sandbags we have currently should be replaced with something like this. The loopholes are still large enough for a skilled player to get shots into, but this protects more of the head. We could make it take longer to construct these obviously because they are more complex. If CRS wants to go an extra mile, a corner version like this, and a straight version would allow us to make killer forts. 3. Allow PPOs to intersect each other. We all know that currently, your PPOs need to have a certain distance from each other before you are allowed to build them. This creates a big problem for those constructing- if our objects need to have space between each other, it leaves holes in the lines where men can get shot through. All I am asking is CRS allows the PPOs to intersect slightly to prevent this, and allow us to build continuous lines. 4. New PPOs. Two things I think we need- Bomb shelters, and Barbed wire. The bomb shelters should be much like the FMS- however, it should look more fortified (sandbags covering it everywhere or more dirt on the roof); Just make it look sturdy. It should also include a wall in front of the entrance to prevent the HE from a bomb from entering it (look the the AF bunker for inspiration). The bomb shelters should be able to withstand maybe 2 dozen or so 250KG bombs before giving out. The Barbed wire should be perhaps maybe 25-45M in length. Allowing it to be blown up by 1 satchel charge, several grenades, or a vehicle driving over it would be good.