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  1. I picked best quality so I haven't touched any of the settings besides that and in Liege without anyone else around it was 30 fps. When we were finishing Helmond and there was a lot of people it was around 15-30.
  2. I have a beast of a computer and yet somehow I can not get a decent frame rate. So here is where I need some help. Step 1 is to do a complete fresh install of the game. I want to start from scratch. I should be able to tear through this game as I can destroy any other game I play. My setup AMD FX-8320 3.5 Ghz 8 core processor GTX 680 4 GB 16 GB of RAM 200+ GB SSD I play at 1080 with the highest settings and don't get that good of a frame rate but it only on this game. So guys tell me if I won't achieve my goal but I don't see why I can't pull 100+ FPS on the highest settings with this game. Thanks, bballok32
  3. I have a TV that does a great job with 720P but not so good with 1080i. I have my HDMI hooked up to and I am playing the game. However I don't see an option for a resolution of 720 in the game, but there is 1080, which I am using. Is there anything i can do to play this in 720? Thanks