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  1. Yeah... every time discord updates the app they break the overlay more and more.
  2. Thanks for the write up KMS I was thinking of writing one this week. It's important to note a few things: ww2ol should be started before you open discord. Also, this workaround works the majority of the time, sometimes it doesn't happen though. If you opened the game before discord just repeat the internal discord steps; delete ww2 from the added games, readd it and toggle overlay on there, and go to the actual overlay tab and toggle it off and on again.
  3. Hahaha so true. I mean.. yes and no, really. I love flying the hawks, the 81 and the 87. I do fly the Spit9 as much I can, but there are allied pilots that fly almost exclusively the lower level spits for personal reasons. I think it's relatively easy enough to spot greentags on both sides you can look at the way they fly, what altitude you found them at, and of course the color scheme. Either way, they all get treated the same way by me. That is they'll eventually end up on my 6...
  4. 7th salutes all of you.
  5. lol it's funny you mention this blimpy because it's the same issue I have with you. Most of the time when I'm solo capping in a cp, I'll hide around a corner or laying down on the first floor. I always die to you for some reason lately, and what happens is you literally start shooting before entering the room/building. I'll die and then I see a german walk in. I'm not saying you're cheating, definitely not, but it always infuriates me that I die to someone who's still outside the cp.
  6. It's still a nutty conspiracy. It was just a weird coincidence.
  7. I was there when this happened this morning, let me explain what happened. We had an ao on BoZ, and we were at single ao limits at the time. We gained a second AO and it was placed on fresnes to start buffering Etain. BoZ attack was going no where, so AHC pulled that ao to place it elsewhere on the map. Right after we placed that ao, the ao limit dropped to one, and we were stuck with the one ao on Fresnes.
  8. It is definitely used regularly. Maybe not every day, but just about every day. I doubt it's bomber runs, I never notice yellow squares back behind the lines.
  9. Yes J. They generally sit about 6km off shore and just rain lead unfettered and unchecked. Allies need a way to defend against that, period. It's completely unfair to the allied side that we have to deal with that 24/7. It takes us HOURS to knock axis rdp down to 30 percent, they can do it after 3 hours of AFK sailing in less than 10.
  10. Well we need something... we literally have no way to defend Whitstable. With a bomber raid we at least know that they're on the way and can find them. Allies can't ninja blow an entire towns worth of factories in minutes. It's not right the Axis can. Can we do just the whitstable ews adjustment then?
  11. I'm tired of checking rdp one minute, then a few minutes later it's at 34 percent damage. We have no way to defend against it with the exception of parking a boat off the shore of whitstable 24/7 and that's completely unrealistic. We have a way to defend against air attacks on our factories, give us a fair way to defend on the sea!! At the very least extend whitstable ews to 6km. If that can't work, then extend DD ews to 6km.
  12. Overwolf never works for me, but oldzeke pointed me to the overlay plugin. It only works with a certain version of TS, and you need a certain version of the overlay. TS version 3.0.16 Overlay version 3.8.23
  13. This is a bit weird but I saw someone here who has a long list of training videos in his signature. I'd love to get my hands on those videos, seems it'll really help some newer guys. S!
  14. Actually you can.