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  1. I don't agree with limiting missions. Why do that? I do think we need to limit or at least have an opt-in ability for ABT. Too many times we'll set a fru to an FB and some new guy spawns in popping off rounds. Limiting the misisons or simply highlighting one or two missions from one specific flag to target will declutter the ABT. Like some of the other folks were saying there can very well be 10 missions from one town, but they could have 10 different endpoint targets. Also not to many people realize this but forcing us to use different targets will screw with intertarget cooperation. When making the mission there's "point attack" and "area attack". if, say attacking an fb the opposite side owns to an ao, you won't get chatter from the defensive missions seeing how they're two different points.
  2. We already see a ton of attrition, it won't dampen rolls seeing how your system ensures new supply in each town. The attrition we see does a good job of stopping long breakthroughs. And it won't stop extreme low pop roll as supply isn't an issue during low pop, it's sheer numbers..
  3. People wanting no HC is just a failure to predict what will happen. As HC we have the obligation to remind folks what's going on. Too often a town will be undefendeded even after spawnables fall. Not that it's up to HC, per-say, but we need a big voice on both sides letting folks know what's going on. Spawnable in, say, Ciney falls. I check the town, no missions. In my big voice(read: .allied) I let them know the situation. CRS has a history of keeping to historical aspects as much as possible, and like it or not HC is both historical and very valuable. You can't trust the playerbase to come together in a non-HC environment. It'll happen, but it won't be a consistent occurrence. I don't want to log into this game when gameplay resembles small undirected random raiding parties. Granted we need tweaks to the game, in both HC and AO's. I won't pretend to know the answer, but I will say removing them is not the way to go. Too many times have the vocal minority gotten their way and impacted the game in a negative way. Instead of hollering for instant and vast changes to the game, why don't you outline your issues with AOs and HCs. Makes for better discussion rather than sounding like my two year old nephew....
  4. Yes but you won't be able to practice killing anything, I'd suggest using the training server. It's a bit wonky in some of the flags due to messed up ToEs, but if you have a second account you can spawn one allied side and one axis and practice that way.
  5. Hm there's lots of guides out there, lots of broken links. I've managed to find a few but they're pretty old. for sap spots on axis armor, no idea if it's still good. for a few other guides, seems to be more axis stuff against allied stuff. The wiki has some useful stuff, if not generic descriptions on how to use some equipment. I did find this in an older forum posting: Let me know if I've helped ya!
  6. @xoom from what I can see, Americans are missing, french ToEs missing grease guns, when spawning british army missions no equipment available, states: There is no T.O.E for this unit, spawning is unavailable. Also axis are missing the gewehr 41 and fg42.
  7. Maybe use that modified Sherman or pz to take down engineer bunkers and ppo's? Could be a good defensive tool when the attackers have a zoc going
  8. Checking the csr stats, looks like only axewolf and judge72 have any recent sorties with axewolf being the most active.
  9. You should probably check your six, I think you have some sheep behind you.
  10. Welcome back! There's quite a few allied squads that are very active in game and on ts. Your tz will dictate what squad you'll prefer. Take a peek through this forum and check some of the threads out!
  11. The game has a way of balancing itself out after losing campaigns. Squads go the other side, multiple lone wolfs, the stars of one side swap. After every campaign ends you see multiple posts on the axis/allied forums saying this squad and this person is swapping over. Just need to ride it out and figure out the problems and start fixing them from the bottom up. I know the allies were prepared for the patch, I myself organized a few chats on allied side to discuss the impending changes and what we need to do. We hammered home the changes we need to make, and it's paying off dividends. Don't blame the other side, that's stupid and won't fix your problems. Identity the root issue and start taking measures to arrive at a solution.
  12. Yes yes yes and yes, stone. Well said.
  13. For all those complaining about population nose diving, how do you explain the consistent 3 ao's we've had the last week? And don't say the truck based fry screws you out of hitting England and the zees when the allied side successfully hit the zees this week? You can't expect go play like you were before the patch. It's like banging your head against a wall then complaining to the neighbor that he's giving you a headache.
  14. I've got win 10 and it's got a built in screen recorder via the xbox app. The problem is, to recognize the ww2online as a game, it has to be out of full screen mode. Is there a way to force a smaller window so I can do that?
  15. Roger, try plugging it back into the computer and redetect the controllers. I have the exact JS you have and I don't have problems detecting it.
  16. What USB port are you plugging it into? On my computer it will only work in one or two ports. Also make sure that the joystick is enabled in the keymapper section, when you go to select a "group" make sure it says "with joystick" on the bottom.
  17. go to the controller tab in game and towards the bottom it should have a button that says "detect joystick" or something like that. Always works for me.
  18. Take your time dude(ette)s. It's a game. I love this game, but I hate knowing I'm part of the reason a bunch of folks are working on a day they should be with their families. I'd rather you drink some eggnog and beer and laugh with your family rather than curse us out over a computer because a few ones and zero's won't comply with your wishes. Sincerely, a dedicated player
  19. Negative, bmw. I was able to log in just fine. Actually quicker than usual. Might be your isp.
  20. Personally, I feel it's more than acceptable to switch sides during a campaign. What IS frowned upon is when you're playing one side one minute, then swap over to the other side in the same town. You know the plan and strategy on both sides now and it pisses people off. I understand wanting to swap sides, as long as you are passionate and work your tail off for the side you're playing for right there, I have NO problems with it.
  21. Should give us more info. what version os do you have? when does the game close? is it pretty easy to replicate? What happens before closing the game?
  22. Silver, the 101stabn is an active airborne ops squad, holler at them! One of the xo or COs is bart68
  23. Paras are VERY underrated. They're probably one of my favorite parts of the game, if you can get the numbers. If you only have two or three paras, that doesn't really help you a whole lot. A great para drop on a stale ao with number is amazing.
  24. same as axis TS except instead of 9977 it's 9988.
  25. Ah. I did some light googling before posting that and a few links said that the 17 pdr was equivalent to 76.2mm, so I kinda assumed they were the same. My mistake.