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  1. He does PM folks quite a bit in game lol. I think I've gotten to the point where I can readily understand him!
  2. kchip I recieved access to mine the same day when I submitted for my account. Edit: Kchip you have to be a hero builder to recieve a tow account.
  3. I agree with forrest. If you're going to fly LW, the 109's are a special kind of hard to master. It's a real treat to get the plane working with you and not against you though!
  4. If you overuse caps people will just ignore you. Be selective with it, but also crosspost your message to other appropriate channels. I'll post a .allied, then to side channel, squad coordination ops channel, and the ops channel. Basic comms is the best place to start. Marking, reporting something. Be adamant about getting someone to do something, be vocal about what's important. Sometimes it takes a while to get things going, but once you drill it enough you can hammer the message in.
  5. Why uTorrent? It's available right here
  6. and get sniped every 10 feet? No thanks. I get sniped enough in big cities as is, I could do without padding axis stats.
  7. XOOMjr sound axis. Lets not make that happen. ehe
  8. I can see why everyone thinks so highly of you badger, I think the game is that much better now that you're back. S!
  9. Christ id like one weekend where I can goof off and not be HC, it's beneficial for both HC and the rats to prevent burnouts. I know this weekend is odd timing, but I'd rather the rats take their time resetting stuff and getting it right rather than seriously screwing stuff up cause they're hurrying for a weekend reset
  10. I'm pretty sure 101stabn is still active. Alvar is your man to talk to. 7th AST is a combined squad, but we do a lot of para activities.
  11. That's really cool. On a side note, I really like how someone "stabilized the video so we can get a decent video to watch!
  12. Yup! I'm not the best at dogfights w/ mouse and key, but I actually kind of rather mouse and key for rdp bombing, it allows much more fine control over my ascent while adjusting everything else to go along with the route. It's seriously easy to do. As long as you remember UP is DOWN and DOWN is UP(with respect to your mouse) you're going to get up in the air. Nonjerky motions are extremely recommended, the mouse does not respond like a joystick to extreme inputs.
  13. in the map, you can uncheck certain parts of the legend to declutter the map, works if you're trying to .own a factory and the bridge icon is sitting over the factory icon.
  14. I think we were fairly even, dude. I'm not even disagreeing with you, don't be an ass. The rats work a 9 to 5 just like us. You can't expect them to change their routine just because little ole you is having a meltdown cause you can't camp someone. When they start varying their server maintenance hours is when they start making mistakes. You or I don't even know what they even do during maintenance, so it's not always as easy as everyone in game says it is to do.
  15. Dopestick it's literally the same time every Monday and Friday at about 11:30 AM central standard time. CRS can't appease everyone at the same time, otherwise they'd never do maintenance!
  16. Zeke posted it in the hangars, here's the link to it.
  17. S! guys. I'm thinking about becoming a hero builder and I'm curious about the towing account. How do y'all run two accounts on the same machine? is it easier to use two computers?
  18. I figured so, I have to find another computer now lol
  19. Ratzilla, I actually watched the whole second video....... lol.
  20. Does uninstalling and reinstalling the game cause you to lose all of your screengrabs? I had a bunch and I've since lost them after having trouble with the new version.
  21. Right, thanks XOOM. I'll have a look when I get home from work. Thanks!