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  1. Thanks for the write up KMS I was thinking of writing one this week. It's important to note a few things: ww2ol should be started before you open discord. Also, this workaround works the majority of the time, sometimes it doesn't happen though. If you opened the game before discord just repeat the internal discord steps; delete ww2 from the added games, readd it and toggle overlay on there, and go to the actual overlay tab and toggle it off and on again.


    On 9/15/2017 at 1:29 AM, AirSlayr88 said:

    ...also if the wheels are down is a good indicator :P...

    Hahaha so true.

    On 9/16/2017 at 2:06 AM, odonovan1 said:



    When you have a higher tier campaign such as this one, unless I miss my guess, most vets will likely be flying Spits (British) or 38s (French) if they're heading into a furball.  It's still a pretty big clue to the Axis pilots.


    I mean.. yes and no, really. I love flying the hawks, the 81 and the 87. I do fly the Spit9 as much I can, but there are allied pilots that fly almost exclusively the lower level spits for personal reasons. I think it's relatively easy enough to spot greentags on both sides you can look at the way they fly, what altitude you found them at, and of course the color scheme. Either way, they all get treated the same way by me. That is they'll eventually end up on my 6...



  3. lol it's funny you mention this blimpy because it's the same issue I have with you. Most of the time when I'm solo capping in a cp, I'll hide around a corner or laying down on the first floor. I always die to you for some reason lately, and what happens is you literally start shooting before entering the room/building. I'll die and then I see a german walk in. I'm not saying you're cheating, definitely not, but it always infuriates me that I die to someone who's still outside the cp.

  4. I was there when this happened this morning, let me explain what happened. We had an ao on BoZ, and we were at single ao limits at the time. We gained a second AO and it was placed on fresnes to start buffering Etain. BoZ attack was going no where, so AHC pulled that ao to place it elsewhere on the map. Right after we placed that ao, the ao limit dropped to one, and we were stuck with the one ao on Fresnes.

  5. Two to four trips / six to twelve hours are needed to take down all the AI and factories in Whitsable. Ship EWS range is fine as is, and the shore batteries inland and onshore are brutal and do not need to be strengthened. While using DDs to take down factories can be done, it is an incredibly time consuming approach and I doubt it is being done on a regular basis. It was probably a bomber run that did the damage that you noticed.

    It is definitely used regularly. Maybe not every day, but just about every day. I doubt it's bomber runs, I never notice yellow squares back behind the lines.

  6. Yes J. They generally sit about 6km off shore and just rain lead unfettered and unchecked. Allies need a way to defend against that, period. It's completely unfair to the allied side that we have to deal with that 24/7. It takes us HOURS to knock axis rdp down to 30 percent, they can do it after 3 hours of AFK sailing in less than 10.

  7. I'm tired of checking rdp one minute, then a few minutes later it's at 34 percent damage. We have no way to defend against it with the exception of parking a boat off the shore of whitstable 24/7 and that's completely unrealistic. We have a way to defend against air attacks on our factories, give us a fair way to defend on the sea!! At the very least extend whitstable ews to 6km. If that can't work, then extend DD ews to 6km.

  8. I'll start.

    I DO use TeamSpeak. I have found it very useful as a player to talk to my squad, and as an HC member when I need to communicate with players and squads. It has always made the game more fun and allowed me to make friends that chat would not really have allowed for.

    I have also downloaded the overwolf upgrade at one point, but haven't had it make much difference.Any feedback from Overwolf users might help with that as well. Thanks.

    Overwolf never works for me, but oldzeke pointed me to the overlay plugin. It only works with a certain version of TS, and you need a certain version of the overlay.

    TS version 3.0.16

    Overlay version 3.8.23

  9. First I blame CRS because my Fru should not DIE due to somebody moving brigade to same town as my mission target

    2nd I do blame HC for not having an officer drop down into active missions with Frus (ESPECIALLY SINCE ITS TRUCK ONLY FRU MAKING) and talking to mission leader BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE they move that brigade

    It does become an issue, every HC officer's done it on accident. They're not out to ruin your fru I promise you that. The best thing you can do is not let it piss you off this much.. I know axis have lots of new officers, so that side's more prone to it happening. They just need to train a bit on the map, is all. Make sure you pm the officer who made those moves, just don't be an ass to them. they're volunteers who just want to make the game work. If you feel it's still an issue, take it up with their training officer and make sure he shows them protocol for moving flags.

  10. I just had a thought about the grenade system. It takes too long to throw a grenade. have to change weapons, there's a very long delay in between switching to the nades and equipping it. What if we were to do this: While in position one, hold shift and tap #2. This'll just do a underhand pitch, but it's very fast, and the player won't be able to cook the grenade timers.

  11. Could maybe limit your squad to a small number of missions per squad per ao. Or maybe a certain number of them per hour. I'd love to get the ABT less cluttered, and taking a few out would certainly do that. I know the new guys still need to be "funneled" somewhere, so why not give HC a drop down tool where you highlight the mission and right click it, and it'll say "set as priority mission" and it'll be the p1 mission for allied side. Make it to where it resets either once the ao is complete/pulled or when the players on the mission drop to below a certain number of people for a certain amount of time.

  12. I hope you're right. I'm counting on it. I've promised myself... if it's as good as they claim it will be' date=' I'm finally gunna go HERO. :cool:[/quote']

    Yeah we put 1.35 through its paces and it held pretty steadfast. I did my own testing on the excessive spawn delay, and the results I got were: Initial spawn in times were usually betwen 1 second and 10 seconds, however upon swapping to brigade flags in another town with a different mission, the spawn in times sometimes exceeded 1 minute, averaging over 30 seconds if i recall correctly. Spawn in times for 1.35 initial was anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds or so, and after swapping to brigade flags in another town it averaged about 10 seconds or so, with max about 18 seconds if I recall.