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  1. I have emailed them both 2x's now.. I have not heard anything.
  2. Hello, I tried resubscribing but I am having an issue. I clicked the lower right hand corner for support and would not work, but my issue is this I am trying to resub my account from free to basic which is on your "Become a Subscriber- All Access" tab listed for $9.99, but when I click to upgrade, that option is not available. please assist. thank you
  3. All, I very rarely come into the forums and say anything good or bad... but since i dont know where to post this, i am hoping a RAT can explain some things to myself and some others. The HEROES PROGRAM... i see what is being offered to us if we change our subscription to it, but lets face it, lately there has been ALOT of issues with the game as well as PAST ISSUES still out there, so why should i invest into something that has ALOT OF ISSUES?? 1. The stats are still broken from 2 campaigns ago, umm status please alot of us would like to know. 2. I will not even get into the last campaign issue with moving brigades around...im just going to leave that one alone. 3. The server resetting more frequently??? i saw OHM's post about a specific coder that is needed to fix this problem, so your telling me that there is no forsight in completing this campaign because of the server resetting lately more? 4. ALOT of webpage pages are not updated, i am not sure if this is you guys but the okahq website hasnt been updated since Aug 2010... if this isnt you then i apologize and you can ignore this one. 5. Loosing of Teamspeak, but thank you XOOM for getting a temporary one up and running. By me investing into this program and my 2nd account, How fast would you be fixing the bugs that are out there? and ones that could arise in the future? Will we see more updates faster than being 1 year out for them to be implemented into the game like Doc posted back in April about new items? and how soon? Will the training server come back once the goal has been made? and will it be available to us with the updated gear? What percentage of the money is going towards the Rapid Assault game? I think this is a very EXCELLENT GAME, but i would like to know where my money is going before i decide to stick this out for the long term haul, and i feel that everyone should know as well.. Xoom's Explanation of needing the money has alot of GRAY areas and i am only addressing a couple that affects me in my own opinion, so i would like for it to be in Black and White for me before i click the upgrade subscription plan.