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  1. This campaign mapper cuts right through the hypocrisy.
  2. To determine the issue, you have to ask what the intent of the two AO minimum was. I can only guess, that there are too many instances at least in my experience, where the map is absolutely dead. AOs have no FBs, HC takes ages to get new AO going or is not on.
  3. No camp side lock (allied didn't just lose, they lost after an advance again, which is worse) One side dominating so much and rats playing there weekend intermission repeatedly setting wrong supply no further DLCs no website DLCs noobs still spawning nowhere I just don't get it. Don't reply please, it's frustrating me. I don't read it.
  4. I think with the hybrid supply, which is being worked on, and the proximity based AOs which i think are being looked at and discussed on the forums, we could get the best of both sides. With the Leadership DLC units and maybe reintroduction of supply driving for 1.36 we also have more options for noobs and medium players to make a difference. This should be explored more i think, but overall the future could look good if - we could get the best of the new and the old WW2OL with hybrid supply and proximity AOs -keep new vehicles and terrain coming -finish, 64 bit, new UI and integrated voice comms, and the Inf HE Model - try to improve graphics afterwards. The problem is the time horizon. If i look at the updates this year it looks like they have max. a half time programmer and + volunteers, but i have no clue.
  5. I was a lone wolf myself and even i understand the limits of your proposals. EWS based AO is a good idea, i think we all agree. The implementation is tricky. The underpop side needs to be protected from mass triggering of AOs by the overpop. There needs to be a distinction to HC AO, and at least one disadvantage for the new AO. You could try to only trigger Proximity AOs: - if you keep EWS for a certain period; this again is counterproductive to the intention of not pissing of noobs imo plus you already have timers - only if you get high EWS; not a problem to abuse this, not feasible - you can only trigger a limited number of proximity AOs; goes against the whole idea imo, even if you tie this with population - different timers, i'm most in favour of this. But it's up to debate and different ideas. P.S: If anything there should be less radar, this was 80 years ago. Rommel and Manteuffel cut off radio contact to GHC to be able to further advance, because GHC didn't allow it. It should be an option to make yourself invisible to your own team(on the radar), would solve a lot of the spying too and increase communication.
  6. It's just gonna help the overpop side, which is axis most of the time. Antwerp is half lost already Bruessels will follow.
  7. If we're not honest to ourselves it won't get better. This thread could have been made instead of "The biggest cutoff ever thanks to superior comms and tacs"thread, because it was then the same skewed pop just the other way around. One of many problems is also the inherent overpop and overskill on the axis side, that's why the DB7 and German SMG CAN'T get fixed and that's also the reason why we still play the same campaign. If pop levels even out at this point, how long is this campaign to last? Maybe not all can play forever and most actually do care who wins. Also, Kase250's squad & some other players are probably another reason for the low pop. CRS have effectively maneuvered themselves into a corner. I see no other outcome than these pop levels and permanent reliance on yearly fund raisers at this point, which will probably still keep it going.
  8. Vehicles may not retain new players, but may make old players resub. I'm an occasional player and i only play WBS or sub for one or two months to check new equipment and other updates. Don't know how big this crowd is though.
  10. 1. You have to be a veteran, who is good at networking, to be accepted side switcher or HC. That's the kind of thing i have offline. 2. Personally i don't want to play any game, where a big chunk of players see no problem or are allowed to join a winning overpopped team for more than two camps in a row. Dig at both sides here! 3. Yeah, some people have that extra sense. Like when malvoc wants to blow a random fb and syd10 is already welcoming him, twice in a row. Happened to me with a german HC, who was immediately defended by our HC. SEE 1.
  11. Just drove a truck for 30 mins to get a fms from other side of town. It crashed short before reaching target. Thankfully after 1 minute i got it up again, because it was a beddy, i set fms, AO is taken down, without any discussion, despite several fms in the works.
  12. By the way playing on the winning side for five consecutive campaigns and talking about game balance or implying to care about fairness? Oxymoron much? Rationalisation olympics gold medal.