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  1. I been getting major packet loss for a week. Just started out of the blue and hasnt stopped. From the best I can tell after much testing it seems the cause is the network in Texas. After pinging around the USA I found severe connection problems with Sprint in Fort Worth Texas. Pinging Sprint in Chicago comes back great as 12ms Latency 6032Kb/s down and 395Kb/s up. Also Tested NJ, Tornato ON, CA, NY, FL are all good. Texas though doesnt work properly for me. Been playing for 7 years then last week all of a sudden I can no longer play.
  2. Not running anything else. Just the OS and ww2. Also I have 2 gigs ram:) I tired the secondary and primary lines and the beta. Still no go. Been playing for years with the exact same setup and 6 meg dsl. Its was a bad arse set up till 3 days ago when this packet loss ruined my life with ww2 online. Went and played UT 3 and CSS and everything is fine there.
  3. I dont want to quit either:(
  4. Day 3 167fps 46ms ping 30% packet loss
  5. I have had really bad packet loss too for about 48 hours. First time this has even happened to me too. Starts out fine for like a minute then jumps to 60% packet loss +. Been unable to play. Funny thing is Ping stays normal. Running Vista 32bit, EVAGA 680i, 6 meg DSL. I been waiting a few days to see if it went away but hasnt so far.
  6. Since yesterday I been having massive packet lose 60% after 1-2 minutes in the game. My ping stays the same at a excellent 50. Two others in my squad have reported the same thing happening to them. Anyone else having this problem? I had hoped this would clear up in 24 hours but it hasnt:(
  7. Havent really had many problems with Vista. The auto-update patch doesnt work. First time I run ww2 online on Vista it crashed (both times with a reinstall). But since the one crash it runs fine. I waited a year to get Vista because of all that was wrote about it. They where all wrong Vista is great! Sp1 didnt do anything that I can tell.
  8. I had a xbox 360 controller in usb too. When I unplugged the xbox 360 controller the joystick then worked in game. WOOT!
  9. Thought I would mention I have a G11 keyboard and a G5 mouse with the Saitek AV8R. My joystick isnt seen by ww2 online. Vista 32bit
  10. When I am a mission leader I have the test patch on my uniform. I am getting really upset about INF predicter code. INF are sliding all over the place, popping in, sliding half across the room in a dive, and sometimes they drop and it skips the animation of dropping. I have shot guys 2 times at point blank range in the heart and he turns and killz me and all I get is a wounded. And even me and a INF shot each other, we looked at each other kinda puzzled then few seconds later we both drop down dead. Shot timings between enemies are not matching up. Its a big damn mess. It is imposible to guard anything. Happens whether I am on 64k and or my main 500k DSL. I havent seen it this bad since the game first came out. Honestly thoughts of quitting over it have came to mind since I mostly play INF. But I hope it is something that will be tweaked and fixed soon. PS Also get rid of the 2-D stuff so rifles and smgs can kill AT guns and such. PSS If your going to have radial clutter you need to force it or no one will use it. I sure dont use it. I turn off any thing that hinders my sights ie. post ender filter. I would turn off weather if I could but I see it is being forced:). To me it was a complete waste of time to add this stuff unless you force everyone to use it. Its just plain silly to waste time on those things that can be turned off. No one is going to purposely make it harder to see crawling INF just cause the grass looks good.
  11. I have 2 one gig Corsair TWINX set in dual channel so its not a lack of ram at my Girlfriends house where my monster PC is. Still cant play my Girlfriends house on her crappy 56k. However at home Mon-Thurs I added another 64k channel for dual channel 128k to my ISDN and it doesnt CTHL like the single 64k channel did. My home pc has dual channel 526 Corsair. 64k CTHL (200ms) every time but the 128k (200MS) stopped the CTHL on 209 or 66.
  12. Tried the EXE. It did force it to 66. Everything went well for awhile till my first death after 5 killz. Then I got a CTHL right away. I then exit the game and restarted and again CTHL right away. Then I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.
  13. 209 CTHL from older logs checks I made. Last time I played I didnt CTHL for the first time in a long time I just checked it was 66!!! I think you are on to something!!! WONDERFUL!!!
  14. 1. CTHL 2. A. Yes B. rarely C. Game freezes and chat is greyed out, CTHL pops up I return to the select screen with the chat working still in the mission chat 3. YES Since the big patch 4 weeks ago I been unable to play. 4. ISDN 128k Mon-Thurs Fri-Sun 56k Different ISPs 5. (ISDN) Throughput 89040 bps Latency less than 250ms at all times 6. AMD 3700 Mon-Thurs AMD 4000 Fri-Sun Different PCs 7. ANYWHERE air and ground 8. No 9. Unknown 10.YES everytime 11. Not everyday but yes 12. No
  15. Sitll get CTHL problems. Most always I remain in the mission chat channel. Setting is on Medium. I dont have any FPS problems. I have 56k so if everyone else is fixed then I guess my connection is the problem.