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  1. vBulletin was working just fine !!
  2. winner, winner, chicken dinner. My brief return to the Axis side was met with GHC officers refusing to communicate or taking advise from players, there are so many experienced players on both sides and they are willing to help out when need. It will be a VERY LONG time until you see me again on the Axis side. Good Luck.
  3. double post
  4. The vbulletin was easy to read, for me I would click on new post and from there you could easily see at a glance what forums had new threads. This board seems to have too many sub forums as well.
  5. Xoom you can use the new software but change the format back to the original style you had with vBulletin. This layout blows.
  6. Have the Sapper stats been merged with something else yet because they re yet to have their own stats ?
  7. So the plan is to get them added again ? and if so any eta other than *soon
  8. Thursday afternoon
  9. Get rid of Norton hondo lol, Security Essentials work just fine for free. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14210/security-essentials-download[/CODE]
  10. As far as I am aware of if you have the 5 members required it is a done deal.
  11. google is your friend
  12. http://www.battlegroundeurope.net/subscriptions
  13. Who are you ? Hey Jr sorry I waxed your ass the other day
  14. Bull ****
  15. Bring back ML Fru !!
  16. They don't want you
  17. For a free player you sure have a lot of ideas.
  18. This whole game idea/suggestion idea is crap, lets get more players in game.
  19. Visit us on Lancers TS S!
  20. ^^^ exactly LOL
  21. err that was posted above by usmfan08
  22. Hello Axis dwalin and myself have started a new Axis only squad "The Jesters". Our goal is to work as a team and have fun, to be a member you will be required to play as a team and use teamspeak.
  23. We returned to the Lancers when we came back Allied.