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  1. Well a little hard to change DNS since i have a pppoe connection, where all is set automatically by the isp
  2. vpn is new ip
  3. No problems with website, tried a vpn for us, but my ping went sky high to 400-700
  4. This is when i first spawn in and invisible http://postimage.org/image/mkf4953kn/ And here is when i can't despawn(can see people around me for a while, can even walk around) http://postimage.org/image/j24wv6bqp/
  5. Router isn't blocking any ports ... i did forward all ports on my router
  6. Not on wifi, this is the only pc that uses the net.
  7. Offline mode works well ... i did try it to check out the "balance" between planes ... and i'm not having any problems. My only problem is that when i spawn in the game i can't see anyone around me, even if on the minimap i can still see the people on my mission(only from my mission; white blue, the dark blue ones can't) then i need to despawn, a lot of times need to even wait on the delay, then 2nd time i go in game i can play ... for a while until it decides to get me stuck in there so that 3/5 times i won't be able to rtb or even if i die, won't be able to see the timer, and the ok button will be always grey, then i need to force close the game and log in again, and the entire story repeats itself
  8. Installed all drivers motherboard, network card, video... The ping is 160-170 same as it was before the problems started, and lost packets i didn't see anything to be alarming.
  9. Nope, downloaded all the drivers from the official website, installed them again, still same old story
  10. For about 4-5 days, every time i log in the game, first spawn i get in as "invisible" can't see anyone in the game, and only on the minimap i can see the people who spawned on the same mission. Usually if i despawned and respawn that would have fixed the problem but now 3/5 tries, i see frozen people, can walk around a while then i die. Also ... i'm having problems despawning more frequently ... i press escape and shows "RTB" "MIA" "RES" but no times, and the ok button stays grey. posting my dxdiag as well https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1acjSMsXENdD-qafA4Q3sIDOdHl71XRxNB2hcHeMYz0E