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  1. Possibly this is referring to an installation that has the firewall turned on and set to block all applications by default. By default this would not be required on 10.7 or 10.6.8. Not sure on 10.8. On 10.9 you do have to tell the OS about any new applications you install or they can't talk on the net, though even that is dependent on how you had configured the firewall. If it were already configured to allow all, this would not be necessary. This is just a guess as to why someone had to do this to make it work. For sure on OSX or Windows, if a firewall is configured and the app won't work, checking if the firewall is blocking it is a good idea.
  2. No I'd bet not. The RATs had their engine long before unity technologies (like 4 or more years). And I work with that other unity daily. It's excellent (having suffered with Ogre and Irrlicht), but I really doubt it could be leveraged to build this game and still have enough performance to support the number of users this does. You'd pretty much have to scratch build something to match WWIIOL and it would leave out all the niceties that other engines provide. Don't get me wrong, I love Unity (using 4.x Pro now and Mechanim is nothing short of amazing if they get the bugs out), but this game has trade-offs that allow it to be really expansive, I'm guessing that must be due to a very simplistic but efficient engine. I'd still love to know the story behind the name conflict. All guesses here BTW, I could be totally wrong. It's cool you are using Unity.
  3. That fooled me too in the past. If you tweak the settings of the forum, you will bring back all threads older than the settings are set to display. Go into the main screen for that forum and look at the bottom below the thread list. It says something like "Show threads from:". No and yes on the Unity 3d Engine, it would be interesting to know the history of this though. It appears the CRS owns the name Unity 3D Engine while what we might call Unity 3D is actually Unity Technologies. The really confusing thing is that UT owns a domain called unity3d.com. You will notice that only individuals call the Unity Technologies product Unity 3D, they never do in their literature. There are a couple of threads on Unity's forum from about 2009 or so that discuss it, but I've never seen an official statement from either company. Great tool, but it has a confusing domain name.
  4. I didn't feel comfortable responding to this because my memory is weak on the particulars. Something similar to this happened on my 10.6.8 system a few months ago. It struck me it was not a panic, and I may even have sshd into the system from one of my other machines and killed the wwIIol process. But I remember losing control of both screen and keyboard and having a black screen when it happened. I can't correlate anything to that crash except that when I first started playing, I never bothered to close intensive applications prior to starting the game. Now I close most things related to my work and even mail, before firing up. I leave only Safari, Terminal and TextEdit running when I start the game. My son uses 10.7 and between us, we have several crashes a night. It's all traceable to our network connection and doesn't have these symptoms. It's the normal CTD, or a hang where we have to Force Quit. These are common when you have network dropouts, and you can predict them watching the bytes in/out counters in the HUD. They aren't really the game's fault, other than not handling a bad network correctly.
  5. One additional way to get around the fkey assignments on a Mac not covered by that thread, is to just use the Fn modifier key. Pressing Fn and the Fkey (e.g., F2) will allow you to select the right function key even if you don't turn on traditional function keys in System Preferences. The other approach is better for most, but not those who want to have the default remain as Apples function key values. This applies to all aluminum keyboards (short and long). With the older white/clear plastic keyboards, you have to make the system preference change.
  6. Under 10.6.8 the ~/Library/Preferences/ww2ol/cfml shows up in finder. It doesn't show up in 10.7 and above. They hide Library from you. I'd never noticed this. If you want to access these files using a normal Mac application like Textedit, the trick is to get it so you can see Library in that application. A quick search of the topic suggests you can do the following which will then let you browse Library within Finder, and thus select things in it from a standard Mac Application like Textedit. I have never done the following, but several posts suggests it is the safe way to do this (beware, Apple's Disk Utility may undue this and hide again as will an update). 1. Open Terminal (Browse to Applications/Utilities and double click Terminal) 2. Type: chflags nohidden ~/Library 3. Press Return 4. Press Control and D together to exit the Terminal window. Then when you go to finder, Library will appear which means it will appear when you do a Open in Textedit. You will find it under your username (shows a little house icon). Then click your way down to the cfml directory where all the files are stored and you can modify them. You have full write access to them (it has to or settings could not be changed by applications like the WWIIOL program), you just can't see them.
  7. Just gave my son a Thrustmaster T.Flight Hottas X for Christmas. It was plug and play on his Mac Pro/Lion. He had to map the buttons of course, but it does work, appears to even work well for armor. Are you using a different version of OSX? Are you going in and selecting "With Joystick" option in planes under the keymapper?
  8. I'm going to try and figure out a way one can just ask CRS if a PS3 controller is supposed to work on a Mac with the game. I'm guessing it isn't, but I'd like to find a list of what controllers are, I've only seen flight joysticks discussed.
  9. I did use the 3rd Party one, I thought that might be the problem. Apparently not .
  10. Thanks for the reply. This is a 2010 or so Pro. You must be using the 10.7-plus OSX Apple-provided driver? Did you find any solutions (even purchases) that allowed any controller to work, and if so, how did it work. I'm trying to figure out if this is worth even pursuing further?
  11. Has anyone ever tried to get a ps3 controller working with the game and been successful. The controller is PNP on the mac, but BGE crashes when it attempts to load. Hangs seemingly permanently and has to be killed from Unix level. If not, has anyone tried getting a 360 controller to work? If not, are there any controllers that will work with BGE on a mac?
  12. I spent many a day in my childhood romping around the decks of the Missouri. It was always the most exciting thing that could exist to me. We had her in PSNS Inactive Ships Facility in Bremerton and open to the public year round prior to her being recommissioned. If I'm remembering straight (that's a big if), they turned her temporarily into a British Battleship with fake covers on the front turrets for the making of Winds of War. It was the only time I saw her leave her slip in all those years. We also had the Alabama moored out in the bay for a few years in the early 60s, just to the south of Missouri. An amazing ship, you were lucky to have served on her. Bremerton now has the Trinity Joy as the only ship for the public, it's a cool ship with a notable history, but it's not the same. There is little to compare to the Mighty Mo. Don't know if you ever put in at Bremerton, I don't recall them coming in until decommissioning when the New Jersey arrived. But seeing a battleship being nursed through Sinclair inlet was an awesome site. Sorry for the necro-post, but I've seen you in game and you touched a memory.
  13. First, I think you have more experience, I would be very lucky to RTB a Stuka just now . I might be able to handle some bushido missions, but that's about it. It's a matter of numbers in training. I wandered into a Ciney defense and the leader had several new players, it appeared he was the only vet. I'm pretty sure it was staged training as he was calling them by first name, not screen name. I tagged along and helped out. I was very impressed how he directed them and explained things even while the action was occurring. This was in the course of a low-key defense with moments of intensity, and it was clearly a good experience for all of them. He had about 5 guys there, and I'll bet that is 5 that will stay and help populate the game. I even thought it was fun since the action was coordinated well. You're right, you can't do 10K players that way, but I doubt CRS has the infrastructure to hold that many players, nor is that economically necessary as a business enterprise, 2K recruits that are trained, paying, and find the simulation intriguing are probably plenty to bolster the game and company. At a ratio of 5 recruits to 1 vet over a period of months, that's doable. The bigger problem is how to get recruits to work with vets. I see no easy way to do that since the normal game paradigm is to wander in and go it alone. As I mentioned, the auto-placement is a little random. On the idea of being burnt, I'm not a vet, but I think I might be even more motivated if there was a way to hook up to a few recruits and form an impromptu small group with a single sub-objective supportive of what is happening in the bigger picture. That gives a feeling of realism to the simulation, but I'd bet most recruits have no idea what they are observing big-picture wise (in the heat of an attack for example). If there is anything broken, I'd say it's the matchmaking for recruits and vets. I could see how to make changes in that, but any software change that requires a distribution is appropriately terrifying to a developer, because the cost can be extensive when things go wrong. Just saying no change is cheap. Since learning through hooking up is a people problem, I'd wonder if automated solutions would be the ticket anyway. One thing that may be (I won't use the word broken) problematic, is the dependence on TS. While vocal communication wins battles, it's another layer for a recruit. In some cases, such as my son, self and his friends, we simply can't have access due to rural network access problems. If TS is required, you are going to rule out a percentage of recruits from training. It's tough to train with chat, though I believe it's possible. I'm inviting some of my friends to join, and we will be working only through chat. Unfortunately, typing and dying are rather synonymous for me .