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  1. I was just about to create a post about this. I was able to play for a while now, but the my power went out and when it came back on i'd ctd any time i tried to join axis army. I can join axis navy or air but not army.
  2. I'm glad that my sentiments has sparked some dialogue among the player base. We all know what the game is and isn't, i hope developers get wind of how we feel so they can better prepare for a release on steam. Also i don't think a release on steam will bring in thousands of players immediately, if there is a early access sub paywall people just aren't going to try it, am glad there is a f2p option, so that they can taste the pie. I think the major problem now would be getting the content to a new player as fast as possible. When i say this i mean for me as a new player, I spammed the help channel chat with questions because i just didn't know. I was able to join a squad and they did the heavy lifting. So in think a tutorial video would be nice, "here's how to get to battle." , " this is what the red bar means...." etc. And a video series on weapons and tanks there weakness etc. Although a video would be easier, i still think a fundamental ui redesign is what is needed, we need that "jump in button" i was talking about.
  3. Hello everyone the game is expected to be released on steam sometime soon, i would like to share my experience with the game in hopes that i can offer up some advice. I have played this game for roughly 2 and a half years, not totally sure. I found it after an intense google search for a free game like battlefield without the price. I was fond of battlefield 1942, the scale, the vast array of weapons and vehicles, yea you know the rest. I was a young teen with no real cash, anywho I download the game and i hated it at first, the learning curve was INTENSE so many times i would spawn in and die not knowing what killed me. This frustrated me.....but it also motivated me, because when i did finally get that kill it felt very rewarding. At the time the game was offering the trial and ofcourse like many others i abused it. Sometime passes and it goes free to play, at this point i drop the game because i felt i couldn't really contribute to anything as free to play. Any way after getting the email and hearing the voice update on the roadmap i decided to get a paid sub, now that i have a job and what not. Now, i want to point out AUDIENCE, when this game releases on steam it is important to identify your target audience, because of the games steep learning curve sub par graphics, and bugs here and there you have to target the niche audience. People who are really into that wwii history or battles on a grand scale etc. Also be prepared for nasty fallout of the "average" gamer, they can be toxic trust me. So mixed ratings etc. I suggest that you double down on the things that keeps people coming back, and that's the gameplay, you need to create new ways for players to get to the battle faster, and also so that the command can better direct his people. Am talking about somewhere you can just click "jump in" and it puts you in a forward base outside of an objective. Perhaps you could have the CO highlight a particular mission to send everyone to who clicks "jump in". Also your going to need to fix things like the multicrew thing, the last time i tried it, it was buggggyyyy. Give players more incentives and little objectives so that they are encouraged to keep on fighting. You lose alot of morale when the forward base is reaaally far from the objective, so you have to fire and maneuver from bush to bush and then die from some sniper in a church :/. Anyway you have to improve upon what you already have, that's the gameplay and the experience, this game has a very dedicated community and it is its own gem, kinda like runescape, but steam is a entire different community, so you have to be prepared for the good and the bad.
  4. I had the Same issue can you please pin this.