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  1. lol, I know what you mean. It's like some people just can't dial it down. Love it when people freak about the need to blow whatever efms was just set, which leaves us just sitting around ...
  2. I like it dre, keep things interesting! But if I kill you in a stug that would be ironic. And very, very unlikely
  3. CRS

    This logic only holds up if we assume that the majority of players who switch sides during a campaign do so from the losing/underpop side to the winning/overpop side. Because, as the assumption goes, they'd rather be on the winning side. Is this really true? I'm not so sure. Again, I think I'm just against anything that takes more choice away from the paying player/customer, unless there is a really compelling reason to do it.
  4. CRS

    I'm sorry but I kind of disagree that limiting player choice to that level is a way of solving this issue, and you probably can't convince me that "side switchers" are really causing a problem here ... unless they are spying/cheating, and that's a whole different story. And I say this as someone who does NOT switch sides during camp (for a couple of different reasons that might not apply to the next person). If anything, side loyalty could be more to blame for an overpop side ending up more overpop, and some lopsided fighting. If twice as many allied "loyalists" happen to want to play on any given night, against a minority of axis loyalists, then there is going to be an imbalance and nobody is going to do anything about it because they want to play their side. And vice versa. And some who might care about pop imbalance may just decide not to play rather than go to the other side and be criticized for it. jmho (at the moment, anyway)
  5. Okay, thanks. When I log in it says "campaign locked" so I didn't try to go any further at that point. But I found your link in Discord and I'm D/L now
  6. When you say full reinstall, do we have to do this on our own, or will we be prompted? If we need to do it on our own, I suggest adding a message to that effect, and a link to the download, on the log in screen. I realize there is a note about the patch but it wasn't/isn't obvious to me if I need to do this on my own.
  7. Wow great stuff. Thanks for posting these pics!
  8. This is a timely thread that a few more people need to read, unfortunately.
  9. Always enjoy the butthurt threads. Heck I even post one from time to time myself. Let the soreness flow through you. Good
  10. I’m pretty sure it was a full 24 hours, or close to it. The camp ended Sunday afternoon sometime before 3:00, I think? (my time) and restarted yesterday afternoon. IMO: your points are valid, but I think this is one category where CRS really can’t win. Many people are very vocal about wanting a short intermission (and some don’t want any intermission at all). Whatever the actual case may be, there are fewer comments (if any) in support of a longer (multiple days, we’ll say) intermission. I fall in the “short intermission” crowd.
  11. Cool. Thanks for the quick restart.
  12. Ahh, Sweden. With their Swede bankers, Swede chocolate, and Swedish Alps.
  13. If someone could combine the bumble bee clip with your Kenneth Branagh gif (from Dunkirk), well.. that would be a pretty cool thing to do.
  14. Thanks for the snow, I thought it was cool ... and thank you for planning to start the new campaign quickly (in time for the weekend).
  15. Meh. All caps is annoying in just about any context. I get that maybe it's appropriate for critical orders ... the problem is, there are some people who think any situation is a 911 and they start in with the spam. In my opinion it shouldn't be banned, but should be used sparingly.