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  1. Ummm ... well to take the last part first, a parade or celebration of some sort would be ENTIRELY consistent with the world war 2 theme. It has to do with the war, and celebrations would be both the result of, and affected by, things happening in the campaign. And if anything, it's kind of eerie that we fight endlessly across an entire continent of deserted towns. I understand this is kind of necessary/preferred for various reasons, but my point is there are some things that could spice up our "world" that are still part of the immersion in this time period and setting (the European war). I'll admit that squad bars might be a bridge too far, I'm still trying to imagine how that would work. For the same reason I felt that a racetrack or something similar to that would be a bad idea, I wouldn't want players to be sitting in a squad bar when they are needed on the front. The name of the game is to be involved and killing/capping/repairing/destroying. But I guess I just like the idea of having something in-game for squads, because I feel that's lacking.
  2. Good point about the civilian aspect; would need to be VERY careful there. A squad bar/pub would be pretty cool actually! Admittance for squad members only, except by invite. Maybe you could collect a token or something for each squad pub you visit, thereby necessitating asking for invites and making it more social.
  3. I personally feel that if it doesn’t advance the mission of immersive WW2 gameplay, it doesn’t really belong in WW2OL. No offense and I do think those ideas are creative, but when people are calling for town assaults or 911 for defense or whatever, it would be discouraging to think some of their fellow soldiers are at the race track. With that said, adding some “real-world” aspects within the context of the game setting does have some interesting possibilities ... such as trains (we have the rail stations) that need to be attacked or defended, and possibly even a civilian element (crazy as that sounds). Can you imagine fighting for a town while civilians are evacuating around you? That could get a bit morbid I guess, lol. I do kind of like the idea of parades or fireworks that was mentioned, maybe after a town is liberated. Would be cool if a well-time bombing raid or counterattack could scramble up the victory party, lol I’d also like to see infantry being able to commandeer a vehicle, rather than needing to spawn into one ... could add some interesting aspects. You’re stranded somewhere and viola, here is a Jeep you can drive to the next town. These are all random thoughts. I guess I’d just like new content to be tied into the goals and setting of the game as much as possible, not something completely apart from it.
  4. I like this option because I would probably upgrade my second (free) account. At least I would consider it, because I can't afford two full premium accounts.
  5. To me, it's part of the game and represents the risk of setting up an fms. Most other games have fixed spawn locations and I hate that. Makes gameplay very predictable. In this game, it adds an element of strategy to 1) know when to set an fms, and when not to 2) try to find a relatively safe place to set it 3) protect it, or pull it if it comes too much under assault. And on the flip side, the other faction has to effectively find/hunt down an fms and use resources to eliminate it.
  6. For a dedicated player, driving FMS, blowing FBs and guarding depots will come natural no matter which side you play, imho. From what I can tell, most vets use intermission - not campaign - to toy around with equipment.
  7. 3 ... ALWAYS 3. (and 5, let's be honest). I really don't care who wins the camp. I just want to see a lot of players online and have some great, memorable battles. Actually, I do *slightly* care who wins insofar that I know some of my teammates and squadmates care, it's meaningful to them. So I'll always do what I can to try to help achieve that goal. But for me it's more about immersion in the game and feeling the tension and intensity that only this game provides for me. If we're losing, and the fighting gets desperate, well... isn't that when heroes are made? (Even if we're just keyboard heroes ... lol)
  8. Side chat is one of the most annoying ... and yet entertaining ... aspects of the game. Why anyone would want to deprive themselves of its pleasures is beyond me, lol. Obviously that's a bit tongue in cheek, BUT for new players I definitely think it is helpful if they at least monitor it from time to time. Plenty of calls for paras, defense 911s, etc. in between the jokes and drama.
  9. Depending on my mood, sometimes fun to me is just guarding an FB. Just dig into a good spot and wait. Maybe nothing happens for a while. When it does happen, it's like the excitement meter just jumped from 0 to 10 in no time flat, lol. I'll never forget the time I dug into a foxhole with an lmg and just half snoozed for a while with the FB in front of me. Suddenly, para drop! - a perfect drop too, as they all landed in a cluster at the FB (and right in front of me). I was locked and loaded, it was like Christmas came early.
  10. "I gotta play slowly and I gotta play smart. Two things I'm not known for." lol btw, I made it to the maniacal laughing/cackling, but it was too unnerving to continue
  11. Secret agents? Mercenaries? International men of mystery? SECRET AGENTS??
  12. I’m enjoying it too. They definitely toned down the brightness/contrast this time around and I think they got it right.
  13. The Battle of the Bugle was a short-lived wrestling match between two soldiers over one horn. They both really wanted to sound reveille, and in the end, the bugle was damaged but it still made enough noise to wake up the entire platoon. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  14. Whitewash those tanks, soldaten!
  15. Awesome, Rock - very deserving!