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  1. Yes, history! Always fun. It sure would be nice to have some winter landscapes in WW2OL. Thanks everyone for your interest.
  2. The only problem I see, in my "bring the snow here and there at random times," is that when it happens, one side or the other will claim conspiracy that it is meant to impact/disrupt the camp ... to the benefit of the other side. Lol.
  3. You're getting too far into the weeds on this. The game isn't a weather simulator. Currently, we have rain but no puddles. No rivers pushing out of their banks. No muddy, impassable roads. As you mention, the swimming is weird (I guess that's not really weather, but nature.. lol). It's a fun game that would benefit from some more variety. Your mention of leafless trees makes me think fall colors would be nice at times, too. I don't want CRS to do non-mission critical things right now, so I'm hesitant to want too much in regards to weather - but we know the winter backdrop has already been accomplished (it's just broken). So maybe wouldn't be too difficult to fix and bring back at points. Just mho.
  4. I don't think much (or perhaps any) of that is doable in the foreseeable future given everything CRS has on their plate. That's why I suggest they have it triggered to come and go in short durations (maybe 24 hours or so, at different points in a camp). Then the rationale can be that it was a sudden winter storm, and neither side had the time (or the practicality) to prepare winter camo and clothing. The other issues are just too far into the details, imo. This game doesn't have that level of realism in other ways. Players move the same in short grass as high grass. We have rainstorms but no mud or floods (which would also impact which vehicles can go where). Certainly see your point on all those things, but I'd rather have some winter "landscape," I'll say, to look at rather than the same thing day in and day out.
  5. Yeah. I don't think we lasted long once we got on the ground, but it was fun .. reminded me of some of those videos I've seen from the 'olden days' of the game.
  6. lol, at first glance at the title,, I wondered if this thread was about the big axis para drop last night. I think it was on Jarny? Pretty cool, I wonder if anyone on the ground got a screen shot.
  7. Uhtred, son of Uhtred? Yes, I’m a “Last Kingdom” fan ..:
  8. Lol, snowman armies ... let’s do it! Take the helmets off the sheep and put them on the snowmen. Okay, crashes are no good. Thanks for the update.
  9. I like that idea!
  10. Was watching a show about the Battle of Bulge tonight and once again yearning for some snow and ice in WW2OL. We know that this is doable as it's already been done by CRS - during the holidays last year, and the year before. Both times it was just kind of a special holiday twist, and didn't last very long. I know CRS had much bigger fish to fry during this holiday season, but it was a real bummer to me to realize we might have to wait two years for the return of some of the white stuff (if it comes back at all). To me, it shouldn't be a random, "special" one-time thing in the first place ... it should show up at different points in any campaign (I almost said "every campaign" - but maybe not the short ones). I assume one of the biggest concerns is the lack of winter camo, and that's valid. My suggestion would be to make winter weather arrive in short bursts (like a sudden, unexpected snowstorm) and leave again just as quickly. Maybe just lasting a day at a time, here or there. It affects both sides equally, and for realism sake we could make the rationalization that neither side forecast the storm, and as such, did not have time to prepare with special camo. Winter weather is such an integral part of pretty much all the other WW2 games I've played. I wouldn't want it to be overused (as it is in some games, imo), but it should make an appearance. Thanks for considering.
  11. Umm, I'm unclear what question you're answering here. "It's called a message"-? I think the OP knows that there is a message when auto-pilot fails; he's suggesting there should be a sound - similar to that when a cp falls or you are resupplied - because (I assume) not all pilots are looking at their screen when they are on autopilot. Apologies in advance if I've misunderstood the thread.
  12. So, it’s hard to tell from the pic but these are above ground, correct? Otherwise they would alter the terrain and I assume that’s a no-go, at least for now. Interesting. For the record I think they look fine, I disagree with the comment that they don’t look “modern” enough. A trench is a trench, especially when dug out by soldiers and reinforced with wood (and maybe some sandbags, but only if they had them). Nothing I’ve seen makes me think reinforced trenches in WW2 were essentially any different from those in WW1.
  13. Stats page might be a bit bugged though. Says my last action was Dec 22 .. and while it logged one of my sorties for tonight (so far), I’ve had several tonight .. before and since the one it reported.
  14. For the record, air can take down FBs again. Or at least damage FBs. Been seeing this lately. It's aggravating, but it kind of makes sense.
  15. How far along is the Opel (or Beddy?) that's driving the servers from Dallas to Portland? Hope there aren't any ea around ...