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  1. Awesome, Rock - very deserving!
  2. I won't speak for delems, but to me it's not necessarily about winning or losing. It's about playing within the structure that the campaign provides - most notably with supply. There isn't "endless" anything, you can't just spawn Tiger after Tiger or goof around with weapons just because. Don't get me wrong, I love goofing around sometimes. SO I've never been against intermission altogether, just hate it when it's extended like this. I wonder if a concept of "mini campaigns" might be cool, with limited objectives, designed to last a few days or a week - but with supply restrictions similar to campaign. Anyway, I've said my piece. I'm over it (for now ) For what it's worth, my favorite part of a campaign is the beginning - when both sides are still even strength, nobody is really winning, the sides are just beginning to shift, maybe back and forth a bit. Tier one. Love it.
  3. Thank you for your reply, XOOM. The one thing I do want to mention is that I've certainly been on the other side of getting rolled - we all have. And I felt the same way as I do now. In fact I was eager to get the new camp started to change the script, so to speak. With that said, I will note that I don't play as much as a lot of others here, I'm not HC, and I don't do a lot of the logistics/behind-the-scenes stuff some of the longtime vets do. So if there really is some burnout and a need to recoup, I'll try to respect that.
  4. So here we are, Saturday night. No campaign, and really a bummer to me that there won't be a new one until Tuesday. Just being honest. This is when I practice a little bit with different weapons and such; but ultimately, it's when I also go and play other games. That can't be a great thing (if other players are of the same mindset as me). I hope with some of the changes, things will be adjusted so that HC isn't overworked or whatever and we don't need a 5/6 day "breather." Because the way this game is set up, it's only natural that many of us think of campaign as "game time" and intermission as, well, just practice. Not the real deal. That's just the dynamic of the game.
  5. I really enjoyed it too. And let's be real - winter conditions were a huge part of the WW2 experience. That's something that is missing in this game. Obviously I wouldn't want it all the time, but for certain times/areas it would be appropriate. Maybe as the concept evolves in this game it can include snow camo for infantry and vehicles.
  6. I wonder, and CRS may have already thought of/worked on this, but I wonder if there is a way to "soften" the effect ... perhaps with a dull gray, or more textured, rather than a solid bright white. Plenty of other games, especially WW2 games, integrate winter weather ... so it should be doable (without having to wear shades!!).
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing snow again! I know, I know, some people absolutely hated it. But I though it was great to have something different for a while. I'd actually like to see it cycle in and out in campaigns permanently - even if for just a few days per month or whatever. Or based on location, perhaps.
  8. Did I read that right? Just wondering why. I don't mind intermission, but five/six days seems extreme ... and we lose the whole weekend.
  9. You should have thought about that BEFORE you ran naked through the quad.
  10. lol, I know what you mean. It's like some people just can't dial it down. Love it when people freak about the need to blow whatever efms was just set, which leaves us just sitting around ...
  11. I like it dre, keep things interesting! But if I kill you in a stug that would be ironic. And very, very unlikely
  12. CRS

    This logic only holds up if we assume that the majority of players who switch sides during a campaign do so from the losing/underpop side to the winning/overpop side. Because, as the assumption goes, they'd rather be on the winning side. Is this really true? I'm not so sure. Again, I think I'm just against anything that takes more choice away from the paying player/customer, unless there is a really compelling reason to do it.
  13. CRS

    I'm sorry but I kind of disagree that limiting player choice to that level is a way of solving this issue, and you probably can't convince me that "side switchers" are really causing a problem here ... unless they are spying/cheating, and that's a whole different story. And I say this as someone who does NOT switch sides during camp (for a couple of different reasons that might not apply to the next person). If anything, side loyalty could be more to blame for an overpop side ending up more overpop, and some lopsided fighting. If twice as many allied "loyalists" happen to want to play on any given night, against a minority of axis loyalists, then there is going to be an imbalance and nobody is going to do anything about it because they want to play their side. And vice versa. And some who might care about pop imbalance may just decide not to play rather than go to the other side and be criticized for it. jmho (at the moment, anyway)
  14. Okay, thanks. When I log in it says "campaign locked" so I didn't try to go any further at that point. But I found your link in Discord and I'm D/L now
  15. When you say full reinstall, do we have to do this on our own, or will we be prompted? If we need to do it on our own, I suggest adding a message to that effect, and a link to the download, on the log in screen. I realize there is a note about the patch but it wasn't/isn't obvious to me if I need to do this on my own.