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  1. This is a timely thread that a few more people need to read, unfortunately.
  2. Always enjoy the butthurt threads. Heck I even post one from time to time myself. Let the soreness flow through you. Good
  3. I’m pretty sure it was a full 24 hours, or close to it. The camp ended Sunday afternoon sometime before 3:00, I think? (my time) and restarted yesterday afternoon. IMO: your points are valid, but I think this is one category where CRS really can’t win. Many people are very vocal about wanting a short intermission (and some don’t want any intermission at all). Whatever the actual case may be, there are fewer comments (if any) in support of a longer (multiple days, we’ll say) intermission. I fall in the “short intermission” crowd.
  4. Cool. Thanks for the quick restart.
  5. Ahh, Sweden. With their Swede bankers, Swede chocolate, and Swedish Alps.
  6. If someone could combine the bumble bee clip with your Kenneth Branagh gif (from Dunkirk), well.. that would be a pretty cool thing to do.
  7. Thanks for the snow, I thought it was cool ... and thank you for planning to start the new campaign quickly (in time for the weekend).
  8. Meh. All caps is annoying in just about any context. I get that maybe it's appropriate for critical orders ... the problem is, there are some people who think any situation is a 911 and they start in with the spam. In my opinion it shouldn't be banned, but should be used sparingly.
  9. When it started actually snowing intermittently in the game tonight, I loved it. I feel bad that it is affecting gameplay for some people, but honestly, stuff like this (weather, in this case) makes the game more interesting to me. Seriously, I think every other WW2 game I've played has snow and winter weather in some fashion, in certain situations. I've kind of been waiting for this. With that said, it still needs improvements. The map view situation is bad.. we also need winter camo, etc. And maybe some more shading/texture ... but it's expected there would be some kinks to work through. That's jmho.
  10. I've got a bit of news for you!
  11. I get that this is a holiday theme, but I really think there should be a focus on adding an element of snow/ice/winter weather, at least during various points of each campaign, going forward. Perhaps it needs to be textured a little better or otherwise shaded so that's it's easier on the eyes (to address some of the complaints). Lots of Western front battles were fought in winter conditions, some of the most iconic photos and footage are from the Battle of the Bulge, for example. Most other WWII games I've played incorporate this to varying degrees. I've always felt that is an element that is missing here. However, it would be important to have some winter uniforms (and paint/whitewash) to match, so it would probably be a bit of a project. All of my opinions are 100 percent correct, or your money back.
  12. I like it!! Would be nice to have uniforms/camo to match, but I'm pleased to see snow in the game!
  13. Okay, thanks for the feedback guys. Next time I’ll check for tire/tread marks on my back.
  14. Yes, that is possible. I was in a trench but a vehicle could possibly have rolled in there. But wouldn't that still show a killer name? The driver?
  15. So, this just happened in-game, and I'm curious about it. I was on an FB bust mission when our opel came under fire (and was destroyed). I jumped out in time, ran around a bit, and finally just snuck up to the enemy FB to hide and wait a while. Got down in a trench and was waiting for things to get quiet. I went afk for about 20 minutes. When I came back, I'm at debrief screen.. KIA. No name listed under "killed by." Later I check the CSR, same thing... shows the mission, shows KIA, and the "Killed by" field is blank. What happened? Is there some rule about going AFK in certain situations that you could be auto-KIA, or something like that? Or did an enemy actually kill me, and if so why doesn't their name appear? Just kind of weird as I don't remember this happening before.