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  1. Thanks for doing this. I think it will be good for the game and hopefully get more soldiers into the fight. Salute!
  2. What is the effect? Are they (A) just camping it (at very close range) with mg or another weapon? (B) driving into the ei as soon as they spawn, running them over? (C) obstructing the actual spawning, ei are unable to spawn or are trapped within the vehicle? (D) something else?
  3. Roger that, thanks.
  4. I just had the same exact problem. Not the end of the world, but surely an inconvenience when you're not expecting it ... because now I've downloaded the game, failed to install it, deleted my existing game files, downloaded the game again, and now I'm installing it - all of which takes time. I also wonder why it has to d/l Direct X every time. Is that just me? That takes a while, too.
  5. Lol.. i posted a dumb cartoon here but it showed up so huge, I'm nixing it. Maybe next time.
  6. It’s very confusing and frustrating. I get it that a new UI will streamline this experience, and I also get that right at this moment, CRS has bigger fish to fry with, uh, fixing the CTD issue. But when that is fixed, I absolutely think this should be a priority. The status quo discourages someone like me, who has always struggled somewhat with successfully creating new missions where I want/need them, from even trying.
  7. Pretty solid!
  8. That was painful to watch (as an axis) - but objectively speaking, what a great video moment. One shot with the ride-along infantry bonus.
  9. LOL, okay those made me chuckle
  10. "Please note: Re-using the old files WILL overwrite any new files if you proceed. Do you wish to re-use them? YES NO" This message popped up after my delete and fresh reinstall a while ago today. So, ummm... I don't know? I mean I want to have all my key bindings, resolution settings, etc as they were .. does that mean I need to click "Yes"? Will that mess me up on the new patch?
  11. So long heilmittel! I hope if you decide you are missing the game, and TZ3 makes a bit of a comeback, you’ll sub back up and we’ll see you in game again. I know that everyone in feldjager will be glad to see you!
  12. With respect, I’m mostly just getting confused, to be honest. You encouraged heilmittel to “please stay with us” and mentioned how reasonable the $4.99 starter value is (and I agree). But as you pointed out, he’s previously been a premium member. So he can’t roll back. Or is it different it there has been a lag in between? Also, we heard that F2P would be end on Oct 1, yet lots of f2p subscriptions are already inactive. I saw your explanation about that. It doesn’t really make sense to me. But that’s beside the point. Of course I want my squaddies to stay. Honestly, most of them have been in this game much longer than I have. I trust them to know what value they feel they are getting out of the game, what it’s worth to them, and make the best decision for themselves. To that point, it looked like you made the assumption that heilmittel is leaving out of protest. I didn’t see that? Maybe I just missed it, or maybe for heilmittel it’s a budget decision. Or a combination of that with other reasons.
  13. Some F2P accounts -- not all, but quite a few, from what I've heard -- have been made inactive already. Including my second account (hillflier). Thought that wouldn't go into effect until Oct. 1?
  14. Noooo ... Been a pleasure playing with you, squaddie
  15. Worth repeating (Okay, so maybe it won’t be the “death knell” Lol - gosh, let’s hope not! I’ll keep an open mind and I hope it accomplishes whatever it’s supposed to.)
  16. +1
  17. Thanks for your responses. I will agree that having you and the developers here to engage and answer questions is a big plus. If I was accurate about my first point (that there is no return to starter from premium), I would just ask again that you reconsider that when FTP goes away. Make any paid subscription option available at any time. The power of choice. That's all, for now
  18. If you shut down FTP (besides the trial period), and it sounds like the team has made up its mind on this point, then I strongly advise you to do a couple of things: 1) Make sure that the "starter" subscription is available to us at any point. When I went premium, my question was whether I could roll back to starter if I decided to - and I was told I could not, that once you move up, you can't move back down to starter. This might have been changed, but if it hasn't, it should. That way if someone does decide they need to save a little $ for a few months for whatever reason, they will be able to move down to $4.99, rather than being locked out of the game completely. (Another whole topic might be whether it should be called "basic" instead of "starter." I'll let the marketing folks handle that one). 2) Evaluate how this change is affecting the game - ESPECIALLY population wise - every 3 months or 6 months - don't wait 12 months, as was suggested earlier in this thread. As others have pointed out, the game experience is directly affected by having enough other players online to make this a fun, dynamic game. At certain periods/timezones or whatever, I feel WW2OL is already pushing the lower limits of this experience. This isn't a fantasy game with AI monsters and creatures to fight, or quests to undertake. When there aren't other human players to play with, there's simply nothing to do. I'm concerned with some edginess I'm perceiving in certain posts lately. A question about when something might be delivered (that was asked politely) answered with "when it's ready." And the concept of people needing to "pull their weight," monetarily speaking. I get it, and you guys take a lot of grief on these forums and I sympathize. But at the end of the day, especially if FTP goes away, then those us us who are still playing it are - by definition - customers of this game. We are a community, but we don't have a lot of direct input into development or upper-level decisions being made. The cost for a premium subscription to this game isn't trivial (it's more than Netflix, for example). For many of us, it's worth it - but I point that out to remind that we're still essentially just consumers. We don't always need or deserve to get what we want (because everyone wants something different) -- but should be treated with respect, at least when acting in good faith. And I understand that respect needs to go both ways.
  19. It's in 'Allied Discussions,' which is still a premium-only forum.
  20. It can also still be sapped. But the fact is one matty can dominate the field of battle, and evade sappers, in a way that changes everything to a skewed degree. Seen it happen too many times and nobody wants to keep spawning (where a matty is near) just to die over and over. It’s rough business out there lately.
  21. Agree, Dre.
  22. RIP. While pancreatic cancer doesn't usually mess around, I'm shocked that he was gone less than a month after he posted his news. Farewell and godspeed.
  23. As a follow up, I just did a speed/latency test on http://speedtest.skytap.com/ while on my wifi. My ping is 36 ms. Unless I'm misunderstanding something (and I'm not the most tech person in the world), that should be good enough to run this or any game.