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  1. It's in 'Allied Discussions,' which is still a premium-only forum.
  2. It can also still be sapped. But the fact is one matty can dominate the field of battle, and evade sappers, in a way that changes everything to a skewed degree. Seen it happen too many times and nobody wants to keep spawning (where a matty is near) just to die over and over. It’s rough business out there lately.
  3. Agree, Dre.
  4. RIP. While pancreatic cancer doesn't usually mess around, I'm shocked that he was gone less than a month after he posted his news. Farewell and godspeed.
  5. As a follow up, I just did a speed/latency test on http://speedtest.skytap.com/ while on my wifi. My ping is 36 ms. Unless I'm misunderstanding something (and I'm not the most tech person in the world), that should be good enough to run this or any game.
  6. Okay, it's about latency. But this isn't 2001 - SO MANY people use wifi nearly exclusively. There are excellent routers (if you buy better than entry-level) and people stream TV, movies, and yes, play games (including MMORPGs) on wifi. Are you saying that when we play this game, we can "never, ever" use wifi? That's not a great thing ...
  7. I don't think this is correct, if you have fast broadband and a good wireless router. Should you play on a Starbucks wifi? Hell no..! Nor any public wifi, lol. But at home I have a wifi setup and every speed test I run performs great.
  8. It's cool seeing that original box art. When I first saw this game in stores, I was either too broke to buy it, or my computer wasn't spec'd to run it .. or both. Later, I turned it down because I was really into the eastern front. I was playing tank sims and I was absorbed with the Russians vs. the Germans and their various tanks and vehicles. For several years, I wasn't the least bit interested in the western theater for some reason. Looking back, I wish that hadn't been the case, because it sure would have been cool to get into this game from the very beginning ... like some of the vets here.
  9. I totally get what you’re saying and I agree to some extent. In fact I’ve had greentags crawl into my foxhole with me and refuse to leave, throwing smoke bombs and stabbing at me, etc. Or just generally acting crazy at an FB or wherever. Some of them don’t ever respond to chat or PMs, to a degree that I think they probably don’t know how. But look at it from another perspective. There are many WW2 games out there to choose from. This is just one among many that maybe they’ve decided, on a whim, to try out. And it’s an FPS, and most FPS games these days act *mostly* the same .. the controls are similar, the general objectives usually seem clear (maps indicate capture points, things generally point you in a direction after you spawn in. Or you just follow the other players around!). It’s not reasonable to expect most new players to do their homework about this game and really try to understand “what makes the game work as intended” before they hit the game world. It’s not really laziness (well maybe a little bit), it’s just short attention spans and thinking “well if this game sucks, I’ll move on to the next one.” Should they take the training? Absolutely. I know I did. But the training only goes so far, there is a still a ton of stuff that is confusing even after learning the basics. I don’t have a solution, unfortunately.
  10. I had problems when I logged in after the patch. Map was messed up, for one thing (my squadmate aa101 had a similar problem). So I uninstalled and attempted to reinstall the game. But I get several errors and can't complete the reinstall. I guess I'll try again and then do a support ticket if it fails another time. ------ EDIT: Well, third try was a charm. Bizarre, because I didn't do anything differently .. but the install was successful, apparently.
  11. I think I first played around 2012 or so, and only logged in very sporadically. Joined Feldjager in 2016 and started playing regularly.
  12. I hesitate to say anything cuz this is really none of my business, but maybe don't wait two years try to catch up some quality time with your son. He'll be 16 and he'll want to be driving and spending as little time w/ parents as possible (if my childhood is any reference point, lol). This game isn't a job and it isn't a military career. It's fun ... but like alcohol, use it in moderation. And as the others said, sorry about your health situation.
  13. I agree. When I first tried out this game, I was very interested in it ... I liked the one-world concept (and still do). So yeah, the first thing that struck me was the dated and clunky graphics (compared to the other games I’d been playing). But that didn’t completely turn me off, because I saw people - live people! - were still playing, which told me there was something compelling about this game that was worth learning more about. Unfortunately, I just didn’t understand it. I didn’t even know the basic things, like the difference between despawning MIA vs RTB or RES. I went MIA so many times because I thought, “well the battle is over, nothing going on here, don’t know where I am, don’t know where to go.” Lol. And I certainly had no clue about FB busts or killing EFMS, etc. Doesn’t help that I’m not the most proactive person in 1) researching and trying to find instructions, or 2) asking other players for help. So when I got confused or frustrated, which happened a lot, I’d just go back to my other games that I understood. That’s probably happened with a lot of Steam players. Even still, something kept me coming back ... so I knew there was something there. I had a feeling Hats off to rockhit and other squad leaders and players like him who have really kept this game going, I think, by proactively finding the “lost sheep” (lol) ... and providing a chance to better understand what’s actually happening in the game, if they want to learn.
  14. I played this game off and on for years before I subscribed. Honestly I had no clue what was going on, just ran around and played out of curiosity, had some fun times and some not-so-fun times back then. I'd get frustrated and quickly go back to other games that I thought (at the time) were better. So one Saturday I was cycling through my various games, and while marching around clueless in this one, Rockhit took pity on me and showed me the ropes, told me what was going on, and invited me into his squad. Within a few weeks I was playing nearly every day, then I subscribed, and I've been subbed ever since. If I'd been given just a two-week window, that never would have happened. The game needs more players, not fewer. I think locking out FTP would be a death knell for this game. Is it annoying having people run around and play for free who seem, based on some of their comments, to HATE the game and want it to fail? Sure it is. But we still need those boots ... those bodies, those targets.
  15. Hi dre, yes the concept of having them marked on the map, and letting an individual player choose ms 1, ms 2, etc. would make that workable in my mind. Thanks for the additional explanation. I also hadn’t thought about how multiple spawns (in relative close proximity) migjt help thwart spawn campers (more so than those created from separate missions) so that’s a good point.
  16. Being honest, those other options sound strange or not completely viable to me. Increasing the charges needed: Would make an fms harder to kill, but not harder to camp. Letting a truck spawn up to 3 fms: How would this work? It’s one mission. How would incoming infantry choose which fms to spawn in that mission? Can they see them on the map? What if two are camped and one is not, is it Russian roulette when you spawn in as to which one you show up at? Separate the spawns: Maybe, but still have the problem above. Moving the flag inside: This could help a little, at least it would force campers to move in and make sure, but I don’t know if it would really make a huge difference. Maybe it would. Just my .02. Not saying I’m thrilled with the smg thing, I guess I didn’t feel like there was a problem in this area that needed fixing to begin with. Anyway it will be interesting, maybe not in a good way. Lol.
  17. I'm not sure I buy the comments that Allies don't do the "hard things," "they don't guard," "they don't bust FBs," etc... generally speaking (I might be mischaracterizing some of the posts, if so I apologize). In my limited play experience, I tend to run up against allied players who are guarding CPs, or are busting an FB that I happen to be at, etc. The truth is, if you're underpop, you're underpop -- and your ranks will be stretched thin and there just aren't enough people doing those things ... which is a natural consequence of being shorthanded. Anyway, I mostly only play during U.S. "primetime" (evenings), so I can't claim to get the full picture. Just my impression.
  18. Thanks ommadawn!
  19. I know we have an aging player base, but can we, uh, use a different analogy? lol
  20. I’m considering crossing lines for next camp. Same with Dre, I would have to leave my squad (temporarily, I hope!) and that’s a huge bummer because I love the squad interaction and just hanging with those guys. But I still remember — and to some degree, I’m still used to — other games where you play whatever side is underpop, so the idea of putting on the other uniform isn’t a huge deal to me.
  21. Hey man, take it one day at a time, keep your spirits up and beat this thing. We’re all rooting for a full recovery for you.
  22. Ha, nice. Wish I had seen some of that. While looking around on there, I found this .. Kind of interesting to get his impressions of the game (returning after playing a long time ago). Skip ahead a bit, beginning is slow. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/417627511
  23. I know you're just kidding but as for it being a WW2 game, just want to point out to everyone that Hell Let Loose was crowdfunded. Crowdfunding is probably the only way to go with what we are talking about (in terms of getting to a 2.0), short of some benefactor deciding he/she wants to bankroll the whole thing. Soooo... any long time players in line for a huge windfall, inheritance, etc?
  24. My opinion is if you are EVER signed into both sides at the same time, on different accounts, you are up to no good.
  25. Ummm ... well to take the last part first, a parade or celebration of some sort would be ENTIRELY consistent with the world war 2 theme. It has to do with the war, and celebrations would be both the result of, and affected by, things happening in the campaign. And if anything, it's kind of eerie that we fight endlessly across an entire continent of deserted towns. I understand this is kind of necessary/preferred for various reasons, but my point is there are some things that could spice up our "world" that are still part of the immersion in this time period and setting (the European war). I'll admit that squad bars might be a bridge too far, I'm still trying to imagine how that would work. For the same reason I felt that a racetrack or something similar to that would be a bad idea, I wouldn't want players to be sitting in a squad bar when they are needed on the front. The name of the game is to be involved and killing/capping/repairing/destroying. But I guess I just like the idea of having something in-game for squads, because I feel that's lacking.