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  1. Agreed. Not only no AOs, but I just logged in to find no allied missions for either ground or air. I thought I'd drop in to see how the game has grown, and whether it might be worthwhile resubbing. Not to be able to spawn AT ALL is just ridiculous.
  2. I'm timezone 3, and believe me, things are DEAD during Australian evenings. As for active battles, the best of luck with that, but as I mainly fly, its pretty easy to tell whether there are ANY enemy aircraft on the map, and unfortunately, there rarely are. Other remembered things: 1. The update that killed players hard drives, requiring a complete reformat and reinstallation from scratch. 2. The beta version where you could load 88s onto cargo ships and deploy/fire them ..... I remember begging CRS to leave it in so that players could roll in Q ships, but alas..... 3. The video of the African scenery, which was due to be released "soon". I think that was some time in 2003 or so 4. Planes which flew faster when upside down What else do you remember?
  3. 1. 1st day of release, the madhouse that followed with forums and servers crashing all around us. 2. When aircraft had a pilot modelled that included fatigue .... fly too many high G maneuvers and your pilot would get tired and be unable to maneuver quite so nimbly. 3. REAL night 4. When damaged in flight, you could no longer bring up your map. You had to navigate back to your airfield by following terrain features, like the big valley near Bertrix. 5. When to get to a fight you had to ride in a truck .... no 'instaplay' meant actually talking to your teammates and squaddies 6. When the Breakfast Club drove the allies INSANE! 7. BIG, BIG battles ..... 30 Panzers driving over a hill to lay waste to some town, and being met by 40 Allied tanks. The last couple of days, I thought I'd give Battleground Europe another try. Both times the place was a wasteland, with no action going on at all. So, you other old-timers out there...... what do YOU remember?