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  1. I started at 2003. Can't remember. I haven't ever been a squad IIRC. I started at axis side with the Finnish community and changed to allied about 10 years ago.
  2. Hi! I have been using my old x45 as my throttle with CH Fighterstick and x45 is nearly dead.. Been thinking about getting x52, but haven't been able to get information about the rudder control. Is it true that it only has rudder twist in joystick? EDIT: So no rudder control in throttle at all like there was in x45?
  3. Lure is correct. The compatibility mode is enough to get current version running in Windows 7 64bit. I tried this couple times, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit here.
  4. Win 7 64 bit home premium here, amd phenom II triple core 3.0 GHz 8G RAM 1066MHz RADEOn 4880 1024 MB with latest drivers... Yeah I did resub for month to test out this new rig that I have been using for month or so and had tons of fun with latest games wich I can now run with 60 FPS V-sync ON... Well I didn't bother to check the beta, but in current live performance was poor while flying - FPS 15-30 - and when I zoomed through my ironsight in spitfire game started to freeze... AAx8 AFx2 AAA:ON. Tried those off too, no help. Anyway I am seriously surprised that I had so much worse performance with this brand new PC that I had with my old PC 5-6 months ago (1,8GHz core2duo, 8800GT(it burned), 2G RAM, vista 32bit). And then I could run this game 30-60 FPS easily V-sync ON. Yes I do like that my vision isnt ripped off like it is without V-sync. Anyhoo, I hope rats can fix the performance for 1.31 and it would go live, untill that bye bye again!
  5. Latest drivers? Poor PC? Buy more ram? Too few sunspots?
  6. They forgot to pay their bills so domain isn't working at all. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=206415
  7. Actually... After 1 night of testing in live.. 2x & 2x and I dive to schilde - AO going on - I try to drop from 1 km. Not possible. Stutters began and I got these stutters again At ground it stays quite good with 2x & 2x - it was quite ok with 8xS and 8x too - but at air when I look to town FPS dies. So no CAS flying for me in this campaign eather Been trying to do that since like September... Same thing occurs than in 1.27, when I dive to town and something gets loaded into my client = stutters, freezes even sometimes... I also tried different affinity settings but no help.
  8. Oh sorry, those are for EVE Online.. Didnt remember to create profile for this game.. Anyway.. Did some testing.. 2x & 2x the smoke doesnt bother at all. 4x & 4x the smoke bothers alot 8xS & 8x it kills you Funny, before I had profile for WW2OL wich had 4x & 4x and it was like 2x &2x now.. Anyway, game looks crappy now
  9. So CRS, is this going to be like this? Do you guys have anything going on to fix that? Or is it just normal? So we all should get 8800 GTX cards in order to be able to play this game? If I could disable that effect, I would do it right away.
  10. Your problem is Vista eating all your resources.
  11. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=185095&highlight=smoke Frantic0 posted about this at last September.
  12. Not the only one suffering from this.. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=205641
  13. Same thing happens when I turn on my engine. Even at offline... Except it stays aroun 30, doesnt go to 10.. And if I see smoke, it goes to 10.. At offline..
  14. This is huge problem, effects on all combat situations in air since nearly always EA starts leaking or you..