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  1. The one thing that popped into my head that I'm not sure I like about splitting up towns where they can have multiple owners is that we seem to have a big problem with newer players not realizing when a battle is over and hanging around in town and still trying to kill each other. I'm sure this is good fun, but what happens when you just have to cross a bridge to get to enemy players. I'm wondering if supply of these towns would dwindle quickly and end up being a battle between 10 soldiers on each side and just be a big stalemate half the time. Past that, I like the idea!
  2. I know there have been rumblings going on for a while, but I'm starting to really see it first hand. I know people have complained before about German panzers becoming very underpowered. Up to this point I figured that I just wasn't as good at being a tanker and that's why I died so much. Now I know that's only half true... I was pulling up to a town along with 2-3 other panzers. One of them drove right up the road while I was taking the left flank. Even after being warned that there was an enemy tank in that area, the panzer on the road kept going and was quickly destroyed (2 or 3 hits). I had my engine off, checking the area as the third panzer pulled forward. By this point the enemy tank had been marked and hasn't moved. The third panzer engaged this enemy tank and the battle didn't last long and he was destroyed as well. I saw where the shots came from and the enemy tank was behind a small hill. I waited it out and soon enough he started moving and the top of him was peeking out. I was hidden behind some cover myself, so I wasn't overly worried. The enemy tank comes out of cover a bit and I see it's a Stuart. The rest of us were in Panzer IIIs or higher. I started firing when his turret was uncovered and I got a good number of shots on his turret with my AP. He fired a couple times at me but couldn't reach me. After a few direct hits he started backing off. I fired a couple more times, although I'm not sure if they hit. It sounded like he was having some trouble driving around, so I made the poor decision to drive up and finish him off. I started driving as fast as I could to go around his rear end. He had stopped firing at me so I guessed that maybe his gunner was dead. I was wrong. Soon after leaving cover he shot once into my front armor and instantly ALL of my crewmembers were dead. So, is this accurate that a light tank can take on numerous medium tanks and just wreak them all? I don't know how many times I've been in a German tank, had a single shot come out of no where and was instantly killed. I don't know if Allied players on the other sign whined enough to get some sort of super tanks, but consider this my whining. It seems to just be "how things are" on the Axis side now.
  3. Can we cry back some power into the German tanks then? I don't ever play as Allies, but I'd feel a little let down if it just seemed like a cake walk. Makes me wonder if Omaha Beach in WWIIO would be a bunch of troops just calmly walking over the beach and taking stuff over and the Germans can't do anything to stop it. I'm not saying German armor should be unstoppable, but it should be a little bit of fear into you when you see one rolling up to you.
  4. Yeah, I had a thread a ways down trying to gather ideas for the Rats to work towards. Had a section about barbed wire and other such things in it. Might want to check that out when you get the time!
  5. A game trying to be somewhat realistic adding clouds to the sky? Oh man, that DOES suck! Nothing like a real sky! I could see where that would be frustrating, but so is being on the ground and getting shot out of no where. I wouldn't be asking for an enemy troop highlighter...
  6. I've given thought to that as well. Not just a nice visual, but how you could incorporate game changes into the mix with different weather. Maybe a heavy fog where you have limited visibility, or thunderstorm where it might be difficult to hear approaching vehicles, or snow, where we could possibly see soldiers easier and maybe even see footprints left behind. But at the same time, I don't know if that'd be high on the priority for what they'd want to do right now. Someday, maybe. I hope this game takes off again and maybe they can do a lot of cool stuff with it!
  7. Criticized is a very strong word considering I'm not normally a very critical person. Just having some fun with good ol' Baddy Badge. I could argue that the servers were up and running and I could feel myself about to go into a 100 kill streak but the servers shut down before I could begin, but I won't open that can of worms.
  8. Well, that's technically a lie now, isn't it? Server went down at about noon EST. It's obviously not going back up Saturday morning unless you're going to wait until next weekend! Please don't do that!
  9. You guys would be horrible at AA meetings. Them: "Hi, I'm Phil and I'm an alcoholic..." You: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
  10. Can't we just try something different this time and trade flowers instead of bullets? Give peace a chance... (so long as you admit that the Germans are the superior people)
  11. Even if it were mildly historically accurate, I'm not sure I'd want it to be possible in the game. MAYBE if you were somehow greatly underpowered and maybe your aim wasn't all that great. But then again, some tanks have crews of 4 or 5. What happens with the rest of those guys?
  12. Well of course. I don't play for a couple days to back up my fellow Axis players and that's when they win.
  13. As far as ATGs go, I think it'd be nice if the operators didn't stick out so much. I know if I were to be using one of those, I'd be behind that shield ALL the time! haha I know it was mainly from lack of help from the nearby infantry, but the other day I got shot up by EI 3-4 times trying to defend us from tanks. Just seems way too easy to hit the operators sometimes. As far as the tanks... yeah, it could be nice to have an extra MG on top. Maybe make that rank based or something. *shrugs* I'd like to see it be harder for infantry to take out a tank anyhow. Or at least harder to blow it up as opposed to detracking it or killing the engine. I thought tanks were harder to kill than they seem to be.
  14. I don't get why people are obsessed with vehicle drivers getting out and walking around. It's not like they were regular soldiers. Sure, they may have had side arms and got out of their vehicles when they broke down, but it was to save their lives, not to run forward and capture towns. Why not let pilots land and go stab an LMG or something? I like the idea that vehicle crew STAY as vehicle crew. I don't want a game with people jumping in and out of vehicles and run around. Leave that to Call of Duty or Battlefield.
  15. For sure! Honor away! Just know that I'm going to have to kill you now...
  16. Heard an idea recently by someone suggesting adding mine fields into the game. I thought it was really interesting (although sure to be a pain) and thought of how it'd work. Would you place each individual mine so it'd take forever to set up an entire field, or would you place a cluster of them at once? Is it better to leave signs that there are mines, or let it be secret? Either way it got me thinking of other ideas. I thought that maybe it'd be interesting to also see the ability to build tank traps, barbed wire and sandbags as well. I figure that if we could do this it'd make it much more interesting setting up a defense of a town. Imagine if tanks start rolling into town only to find certain roads blocked off by tank traps. Moving to the next road over could be a trap the enemy is setting up. The only part I didn't really figure out in my head is who gets to build them (engineers?) and how many things can they build at once? It'd make engineers even MORE important to the battle, but at the same time, it might give them too many abilities. Would we need to have two different engineer classes? Maybe a defensive rifle engineer and an offensive SMG engineer? Anyhow, what are your thoughts for some cool little add-ons you'd like to see someday?
  17. Can't say I agree on artillery being inaudible at all, I'm sorry to say. In fact, I think they should be VERY audible! Maybe the difference is, is that they can't be destroyed just by finding them. Maybe there has to be an actual AO out for them, or maybe they're linked to a town and the town has to be attacked in order to destroy them. I think it'd be interesting to see a defense of artillery pieces. I could see machine guns and riflemen lining the trees trying to take out any who dare assault their guns. I think medics should have a level of simplicity to them, but not anything too brainless. Just about everything in this game is complicated compared to other games. I think medics should be no different. I think I've already heard one of the Rats say that they don't want medics to just give out health packs and the player is healed and neither do I. That being the case, it'll have to be somewhat complicated. If it's too much for you to handle then don't play as a medic. Some people can't handle a mortar or sniper or a plane and so they should stay away from those ones. I don't think medics would be useless with no weapons. Our current trucks serve a purpose and you can't do anything to the enemy unless you happen to run them over. I think medics should be the same way. Maybe only players that understand their uses will actually play them instead of some noob thinking he's just going to cast a healing spell to all of his fellow soldiers. I think one of the perks (as I've mentioned) could be to have a fallen soldier return to active duty sooner but I think it'd have to be on a player that's still alive in the game world. Otherwise the medic is just running around collecting dead bodies while the player is already respawned and fighting again. I have no idea how civilians would work. They'd have to be AI and I want to keep the amount of AI in this game to a bare minimum. Might be cool for realism sake, but they'd just get in the way. I thought it could be interesting to make a city look like it might be functioning still until it gets bombed then you'd imagine everyone has moved out or are in shelters.
  18. Yeah, artillery needs to be taken out like anything else. Engineers can rebuild them if they aren't completely destroyed. Depending on how dangerous the artillery is (maybe differing levels of artillery) it'd be fun to have to lead a mission in to destroy them with engineers. Back on the medics, I just wanted to make sure it's known I meant a timer before you can despawn. You'd still be in the game, bleeding out. I understand why people wouldn't like it. Maybe when the population is low then the timers would be minimized. If there is a 1 vs 1 fight in a town, then there would be no timer at all because that would be crazy! Just remember another idea I had earlier. Maybe part of the time have it stay in first person view when you are killed instead of switching to third. Could be interesting to be running across a field, hear a bullet hit you, then your view just tilts down as you go face first into the dirt. Just another added bit of realism.
  19. That's why I thought of introducing where you COULDN'T despawn as an injured infantryman. Maybe you get hit really bad, but not enough to get killed instantly. Your character is forced to the ground with no weapon. Maybe you can't even crawl it's so bad. But a timer starts counting downo for five minutes or so. Even if you hit ESC, it'll just say "Despawn in 4:46..." etc. I just figured that way medics would be a more needed part of the game and each soldier wouldn't be as disposable. I doubt the average newer player would give a Rat's behind about the supply. If there are 150 Riflemen, then they keep shooting until they're all gone. If there are only 30, then they just run out faster. After the first time you get hit and you're screaming in pain for 5+ minutes, you may think again about charging right into MG fire. (which creates a artificial fear of death) If you get killed, then the normal despawn timer starts, because there isn't anything to be done. So that won't change. I'm not sure if something like that would create situations where enemies would purposely shoot to maim so there would be less defenders in a town (knowing that there are a limited number of players, even if supply is good). If you read my post above, what would you think about vehicles pulling up to the jeep/kubel Despawn Point and being able to "resupply" a new crew member? It might take a while, but maybe they could replace that gunner who got killed. I'm not sure how much I like that myself though, as it may not be overly realistic.
  20. Oh right, I remembered one more. Occasionally have a night time that is actually dark (Moon isn't out or cloud covered) and your visibility is down to a minimum. This causes players to really have to scan the area for enemies. Vehicles will have to choose between driving very slowly or turning lights on (which will give away their positions. Cities might light up, if they're not damaged, and if there are enemy planes attacking, spot lights will come on (which can be damaged as if they were emplacements) I figure an interesting addition to this would be the idea of sides being able to fire flares from mortars to light up the surrounding area to search for the enemy. Brings a new way of fighting as it might give away your position slightly firing the flare, but makes them more visible.
  21. Admit to yourself that you don't know everything right away. Some people come in and get frustrated when something happens that they don't understand. "Hey, I shot that tank 8 times and then he shot me once! Why didn't he die?" Well, stuff like that can happen if you're attacking a heavier tank or if you're hitting the wrong part of the tank, or if you're too far away, etc, etc. Play often and soak up the information. Like it was mentioned, it has a high learning curve, but it's so worth it when you pick it all up. Prepare to die a LOT though. Be patient!
  22. Well, the first post on this didn't seem to get ANY replies, so I'm bumping this with a list of ideas I've thought of since. I'm going to go a bit more into detail with this one though so it may be a longer read. Let me know what you guys think! I heard about the idea of the Rats trying to find a way to put medics into the game, so I was thinking about how things could be changed around to allow this. I came up with the following ideas: It'd have to be a total support class as they typically didn't carry any weapons on them. (maybe a knife) It's basically the infantry version of the trucks/halftracks. I'd imagine that'd only carry something like bandages, splints, morphine and possibly plasma. (not sure about the plasma though as that seems like more of an aid station type of an item). I thought that maybe medics could (if they wanted and supply permitting) spawn in as a light vehicle (Willys, Kubelwagen, etc) and would be the only vehicle you can disembark from (although it'd require deploying the vehicle as an emplacement, leaving the medic open to fire for 10 seconds or so). Once deployed, the vehicle becomes a "Despawn Point." I'll get more into that later. One part I think some people might like, but plenty of other might hate, is the idea of players being badly wounded instead of always being killed right away. I imagine you get hit badly enough to either slow to a limp (with no ability to use your weapons) or even end up crawling on the ground in pain. The bad part about this is that I think the red health bar should then become a long countdown to when you're able to despawn meaning you'll have to sit there and bleed out, or be saved. I was thinking somewhere between 2 to 5 minutes at least. What I like about this is that it seems to really add the fear of getting hit into the equation. Players may not just run around firing wildly and tossing grenades everywhere. The idea behind it is that (depending on how badly the player is injured) a medic can come and "save" you. If it's a rather minor injury (but still something more serious that being grazed by a bullet/shrapnel) that you can be bandaged and be able to return to battle (although still injured). If you are more heavily injured, which the medic may need more bandages/splint and also morphine (and even then you still may bleed out), you can then be pulled back to the previously mentioned Despawn Point. No one can come in from this point, it's only to "drive" injured infantry back to the depot/Army Base. This returns that infantry member back into circulation faster than being KIA/MIA would. (1 to 2 hours?) I know there are plenty of people who might not like the idea of getting hit and having to crawl around in pain, (which I think should have an audible sound to it so friendlies and enemies alike can hone in on the injured soldier) just waiting for a medic to show up to help them. Perhaps fellow soldier can help move injured players as well. I think that medics should be very clearly marked with the medic symbol on their helmets, satchel at their side, and maybe some unique animations to set them apart from regular infantry. To counter act enemy players just shooting medics on sight (which was supposed to be against the rules) I thought that maybe it can actually subtract points from your advancement. (maybe only 1-3 points, but serious enough where you wouldn't want to do it) Since less players might die, I was thinking that injuring a player should show up on the shooter's AAR, in addition to Hit, which may reward a small amount of points. The supplies that medics carry would be limited, so it may end up that only so many people get helped, or only helped in certain ways. If it's a minor injury, I figured bandages might stop bleeding and possibly bring back some ability to aim and use their arms. Splints would help a player injured in their legs, which may have taken away most of their ability to walk. Maybe the player would have limited ability to walk, but would keep falling. Morphine might clear up some of the blackness in their vision. I'm not sure if altering things in this way would be enough to make people want to play as medics, or if everyone will just wait to bleed out and die while crying for mommy. Maybe no one cares about keeping some of the supply going. My only other idea I'm going to post about right now is artillery emplacements. I figured they'd show up like any other AI emplacement in certain towns and would have a large firing range. But since their AI, they could only be used by Mission Leaders (of a certain rank) who came from that city. They would be in the town they're assaulting (or defending) and would use their binoculars to find where they want a bombardment. Holding down a mouse button would bring up a circle (which would turn from red to green when artillery is ready to fire) then the player could press the button again to order an artillery strike. After the shells have landed, there is a cooldown timer for any Mission Leaders in the area before artillery can be used again. It has to be something long to make the strike worth it, but not so long where it might only get used once in a battle. Just like any other AI emplacement, they can be assaulted and destroyed, and would need to be rebuilt by an engineer. Maybe only a few towns would get these emplacements as well, so they'd make certain towns more strategic. I know that was long, but for those that made it through, what are your thoughts?
  23. I think the point is that you're playing yourself, not a character in the 1940's. If you get good at throwing grenades, then you'll be good at throwing grenades. I'd imagine people are also better at firing from the hip than it seems in the game but I wouldn't ask for a crosshair icon to know where I'm aiming. Sure, it'd help, but the game is meant to be hard. I'd love to be able to toss a grenade through a window when trying to defend a CP, but I'll have to just keep practicing until I get good at it!