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  1. Allies have more TOM and Tz3 average numbers are allies 60% axis 40% so I will say Allied side wins
  2. It is not the first time, I have defended a lot of towns on tz3 alone against 10-15 allies, it happens to both sides
  3. It has been always like that, when one side is low on morale the other side rolls on tz3. The only way to fix it is increasing population...look on this tz3 population graphics how campaign 163 with WBS was the most balanced
  4. Really nice job with enemy contact historic section. My top 5 kills 1. Maxq 615 2. Mundagurri 303 3. Zep34 298 4. Martigan 274 5. Skipa 248 My top 5 deaths 1. Maxq 433 2. Gretnine 240 3. Mundagurri 217 4. Zep34 217 5. Pulfer 204
  5. Matilda...
  6. CRS changed timers 4 days ago, I don't think thats the reason why Allies lose
  7. Yesterday at Albert I did my kill 50.000, not bad for a rifleman
  8. Stop whining
  9. Why is people afraid of capping or defending spawns? Some people say it's because of lag, but 4-5 years ago lag was much worse, everybody was shotting through walls and people attacked and defended much better than nowadays. I remember when I started playing this game, I called for help on chat because we had eis on south cp and 3-4 players came to help me clear the in 2019 I call for help because we have eis on south cp and we have 3-4 players on south buildings near scp sniping and they stay there until spawn is lost. And attacking is even worse than defending, we have a game with 1000 players and only 10 on each side aren't afraid of getting inside a spawn's really frustrating trying to cap a spawn alone over and over while you watch your teamates on chruch tower or hidden on some building with smg waiting to make 1 or 2 kills.
  10. Yes, I hold one cp for 15 minutes and then a few players loged in and we recaptured the town
  11. No, axis were not overpop and there was no second mission was the only one along with the AFK guy mission on some other town. I didn't have SD either
  12. Today I was playing alone against 8 allies on Chilly...I was the only active player on axis side, besides me there was just 1 guy afk...I had timers of 6-7 minutes and allies of 2 minutes I admit, it was fun to play alone against 8 allies and having timer penalty as well, it made things more interesting than usual...but I think the overpop side should be the one with timers penalty
  13. Campaign > Everybody sniping from a depot, nobody defend a cp, nobody try to cap a spawn Intermision > Everybody capturing abs, defending spawns and blowing efms
  14. When the attack started allies captured in less 4 min and axis in 6 min...after a few minutes of battle axis had faster cap timers...and thats my point, timers have some delay, today this delay affected axis and some other day will affect allies, but it will always affect the underpop side, and thats a problem