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  1. I don't think removing basic features from F2P it's a good move, I don't see how this is gonna bring more users to the game
  2. That's how I do it
  3. I will do it, but if the Campaign ends in August I won't be able to do it until September.
  4. Rifle is the best weapon to clear a CP
  5. Nice work CHIMM!
  6. 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months WWII Online 15,29 € 12,74 € 12,74 € 12,74 € World of Warcraft 12,99 € 11,99 € 10,99 € 10,99 € The Lord of the Rings Online 12,74 € 8,49 € 8,49 € 7,08 € DC Universe Online 12,74 € 11,04 € 10,19 € 8,49 € Fundraiser 2018 $37,035 Fundraiser 2017 $29,100 Fundraiser 2016 $17,600 Fundraiser 2015 $24,350 Fundraiser 2014 $15,010 For how long will the current subscriptions keep the game going? When WWII Online has +500.000 downloads on Steam and just 15 people playing means that your income model is a failure and won't be sustainable in long term They already increased sub prices...starter account price was 4,99$
  7. You are assuming this campaign was going to end some day?
  8. SD + Timer penalty = Double penalty
  9. Thank you! This timers looks better than the old ones...
  10. ok, we had 2 months of balanced campaign after a few short, can we have proper timers that doesn't destroy what is left of this game?
  11. It's really easy and boring to defend with this timers, I can hold a small town alone against 25 eis...there is no challenge
  12. I killed 40.000 enemies in 3 years i've been playing this game, probably 90% of these kills were with bolt action rifleman, I don't need more toys to enjoy the game. I want to make this very clear so nobody thinks I'm complaining about F2p to get more toys for myself. My complain about F2p system is based on low player retention. This game has more than 600.000 downloads on steam and only 17 currently playing, and the reason is that this F2P system doesn't work. And doesn't matter how many times the anti-freeplayer fanboy club repeat sentences like "if you can't afford spending 20$ a month get a job" or "you spend more money in coffee" are not going to change the fact that F2p model in this game is a complete failure. Right now we have a CRS team that cares about the game, in the last 3 years they have fixed offset bug, stairs bug, invisible eis, inmortal eis, they introduced new weapons, new vehicles, released the game on steam, italians, and yet we are losing population every day. After WBS is over population is dropping and right now tz1-2018 remembers me tz3-2015...are we waiting to tz1 finally becomes new tz3 with 20 players online to react? Maybe then will be too late... Something must to be done, because doing 1 WBS once a year in order to regain some population for a while is a bussiness model that is not working well. In my opinion I see two different paths CRS can take according to F2p model: 1. Delete F2P and make the game subscription-only >>> which means to have a good income but bad population 2. Better designed F2P model >>> you will have less income at first, but better population...and better population will lead to a better income Now, what I mean for better designed F2P model? Here are is my idea: - Starter account it's useless, delete it - Keep a premium account with real market price like 12,99$ - Add branch suscription at lower price, for example 9,99$ - Only F2p should have SD - F2p should use the bad equipament of each tier, but they should have access at least to 1 tank, 1 plane, 1 atg/aaa, 1 ship - F2p on underpop side should recive a little bit more of equipament - Medals, ribbons, achievements and stats should be implemented in game - Ranks system should be improved so it means something - Payware skins, camouflage, decals, costumization should be implemented in game - When someone kills you, you should see his Ribbons, rank, stats, etc.
  13. I think by old bunkers they mean these ones?
  14. Are you aware of which items unlocks this subscription?