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  1. Yes, I hold one cp for 15 minutes and then a few players loged in and we recaptured the town
  2. No, axis were not overpop and there was no second mission was the only one along with the AFK guy mission on some other town. I didn't have SD either
  3. Today I was playing alone against 8 allies on Chilly...I was the only active player on axis side, besides me there was just 1 guy afk...I had timers of 6-7 minutes and allies of 2 minutes I admit, it was fun to play alone against 8 allies and having timer penalty as well, it made things more interesting than usual...but I think the overpop side should be the one with timers penalty
  4. Campaign > Everybody sniping from a depot, nobody defend a cp, nobody try to cap a spawn Intermision > Everybody capturing abs, defending spawns and blowing efms
  5. When the attack started allies captured in less 4 min and axis in 6 min...after a few minutes of battle axis had faster cap timers...and thats my point, timers have some delay, today this delay affected axis and some other day will affect allies, but it will always affect the underpop side, and thats a problem
  6. Capture timers have some delay and that breaks the gameplay at certain axis were underpop and allies captured much faster than axis. Allied took advantage of this situation to cap all ciney cps in 5 minutes Being underpop on tz3 and having timers penalty seems a joke
  7. It is worrying that just after a big patch like 1.36, sixth day of campaign, WBS with free weapons, announced on steam...and there were less than 20 players online on tz3
  8. Watch for EWS and kill enemy trucks...Isn't that the way this game is supposed to play?
  9. That was you?
  10. How many hours needs a cutted town to surrender? It has been 7 hours with Zandvliet cutted but it has not surrendered yet...I thought it was 6 hours?
  11. Yes, 1 min vs 10 min capture timers it's absurd
  12. Every single AO is now a mole
  13. Campaign 161 Captured towns on Tz1: Axis: 58 / Allies: 23 Captured towns on Tz2: Axis: 65 / Allies: 27 Captured towns on Tz3: Axis 63 / Allies; 29
  14. Maybe we could just add some dots showing the altitude of certain points on map? It would be easier than topographical lines and gives enough information
  15. Doesn't make any sense to have 15 people online and 4 objectives...having two AOs on tz3 makes it too easy to roll for the overpop side