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  1. I would like to share my opinion about WWII Online current state. I think you all know me because I've been an active player for the last five years and that's why I've experienced firsthand the transition from a live game where we had four-hour battles with massive numbers of infantry, tanks and planes to a half-dead game that doesn't look like a massive combined arms multiplayer at all. There are two serious problems, first the null retention/integration of new players and second the loss of veteran players. Both problems combined turn this great game into a chaos where nobody defends, nobody attacks and nobody helps. A few years ago it was rare to see an undefended cp, today the rare thing is to see a defended cp. Regarding the problem of new players retention I have to say that I have been recruiter in two squads, 250 Hispana and Whips. Recruiting process on both squads is similar, we teach new guys the basics of the game and try them to join our discord so we play together. Newbies love the game but after a while they end up quitting. Both squads have, since steam release, a new player’s retention rate of 3%. In my opinion the main reason why we have so few new players is that the price is totally above the market. You can't set a price of $180 a year when in the current state this game probably isn't worth $60 a year. The price of $17.99 a month of Steam release did not help to attract new players either. There is no point in saying that the price is similar to watch a movie and buy popcorn, as I have read many times in this forum, this is a game and has to be compared with other games of similar style and theme, and currently there are several games similar to this that are selling for $ 30 and despite not being better video games that WWII Online they have 10 times more players and are financially sustainable. Regarding the second point, it is the most worrying issue, in the last two years there has been a very significant drop in veteran numbers and that ends up affecting the gameplay. On this matter I am not sure what could be the reason, probably is due to several factors, some may leave because of the lag, others because of the lmg nerfing, because they do not like garrison supply, tz3 imbalances (now unfortunately also in tz1), TOEs changes, HC FRU or simply because low numbers do not encourage to log in. But in the end, the less veterans we have online the worse the gameplay becomes and more boring the game is. Like I said, I don’t know other players reasons to stop playing, but I could give you my reasons why I feel less and less excited about WWII Online everyday. First, because friends I’ve made in this game and I enjoyed playing with like Voro or Bierbaer don’t log in anymore. Second because 70% of 250 Hispana guys don’t play anymore, so there is no more squad-organized gameplay (I remember 11-14 250H players online on teamspeak 3 everyday when I was a greentag, nowadays we have 0, 1 or if we are lucky 2 guys connected on 250H discord channel). Third because I don’t like garrison supply, we still having massive rolls but the game now lacks of strategically component, in my opinion this was one of the strong points this game had and make it different from some other first person shooter. This graph shows the average daily sorties from campaign 106 (2014) to 168 (2019). You can see how the Steam release had a great initial impact but in six months we returned to the same numbers we always had and since then we have only gone worse until reaching historical minimums in which we are currently. According to my experience when the daily sorties are lower than 12000 (red line) the gameplay is terrible (lack of frus, unbalanced sides, empty discord, no teamplaye, etc) and right now we are way below that level of population necessary for the game to work and be fun. In my opinion, we would need at least twice as many players we have now if we want to keep the game alive. We also need to add two worrying circumstances, one is the low effectiveness of the WBS. Years ago when there was a WBS there was a substantial increase in players, you saw old veteran players that you had not seen for years, in addition to a good amount of greentags but this last WBS has had hardly any impact, it seems that more and more old players are reluctant to return, even during the WBS. And second is the elimination of the free to play system that will contribute to reduce even more the number of players online. Maybe I’m being too pessimistic? What do you think? There is still hope for WWII Online? In any case, I think urgent changes in business model are needed if we want WWII Online to survive, we cannot afford another -30% population drop in 2020 or it will be the end. I will tag some players I have not seen in game for a while in the hope they can read this post and explain their reasons about why they don’t play anymore. Also if you, like me, are playing less and less everyday it would be great to known your insights as well. @Aceharts @Adam1k @Adler13 @Aestas @Agentwade @Aike @Akkran250h @Aldo365 @Alejnom250 @Alexbelt @Alicante @Alspecto @Alvarez @Amorales @Ampos250 @Andrew93 @Anlashok @Antonof @Anusiya @Arens250 @Argel @Argentino @Arnett @Astro676 @Atlantic @Baifo250 @Bajalucas @Ballock @Bar @Barkmann @Barrabas @Base21 @Bdl1727 @Bebop57 @Bedford @Beikeer250 @Bellaco @Bellaco250 @Bellhead @Beltza @Bezos @Biamata @Bierbaer @Big10 @Bigal @Biggred @Biglezh @Bigtel @Black5 @Blackeagle @Blast3r250 @Blergen @Blitz100 @Bluebottle @Bongohed @Booface @Boomstuk @Boss17 @Boycey @Brad332 @Brain250 @Branddu @Braum @Bu11 @Budget @Buffa @Bujin @Bulletst @Bullvyne @Butchjones @Cabby @Cachondo @Cad1sc @Caf403 @Capco @Carnagehrt @Carvo @Caydel @Ch3wy70 @Ch4 @Ch53guni @Chapaev @Chisle @Chokk @Chrispy @Chrispy2 @Cid250 @Cloud2k16 @Conquest @Corey47g @Corvo250 @Cosian @Coug43rd @Covdad @Cptflack @Crismoreno @Crowe61 @Crusher @Cuervo @Curt101 @Cyy @D1esel @Dan89 @Darkmank @Darkw0lf @Darthmarty @Dasquack @Dddd55888 @Deathberry @Deet @Deride @Devil175 @Dhamont @Diego250h @Dim1 @Distorm @Doe22288 @Dogg928 @Domcap @Dori @Dotsie @Dr0g0c0p @Dream250h @Drfunken @Drgadget @Dronestrk @Dude22 @Duglas @Eagle01 @Eagletree @Easy @Ebert100 @Eccles @Ed1an @Edowie @Edwin75 @Eko13wf @Elflord @Emskiller @Erasmo @Ermanito @Eroberts7 @Ertl @Eusk250 @Evlmille @Ezeight65 @Fabian250h @Fescar250 @Fiambre @Fidd @Fknlilbill @Fliegens @Flyboy87 @Fossil49 @Foxwigg @Frackman @Fracku2 @Frank15 @Frank17 @Frej @Fremi @Freon250 @Fulanode @Furia250 @Furian @G3a3 @Garuda01 @Gaspipe @Gassault @Gedaliah @Genodin @Genxs @Giggyboo @Gloin1 @Goab @Godblesseu @Gossas @Gpmelville @Gracey @Gretnine @Grimripper @Guevara @Guikx @Gunner87 @Gwin403 @Hanky1sc @Hannibaal @Hansrud1 @Harry50 @Hatedeath @Hawki7295 @Hazziewaz @Heddrick @Heinrich09 @Helmhead @Herni250h @Hierbart @Holzmann @Horatio01 @Hughie @Huka1 @I12cef @Iain77 @Ian77 @Ibe37 @Ibshot @Igor @Ihm @Iksi @Inertia8 @Ironfist42 @Ismi250 @Jacaranda @Jameszgz @Janul250 @Janus @Jav1sc @Jay2 @Jcd85 @Jcoleny @Jdhart00 @Jdog @Jerron @Jetmo @Jjlopez250 @Joejean @Joekingyo @Joewad @Join111 @Join1lb @Joker7 @Jonhare @Jorvik @Josefpm @Joseph @Josh132 @Jougal @Juanmi0 @Judgexg @Kain69 @Kandar @Kappo250 @Karakala @Karmele @Kase250 @Kauter @Kempi @Kenq @Kenq2 @Keysie @Kilgar @Kill11 @Kimman @Kip1213 @Klaus75 @Klunk @Kpi @Kritter83 @Krol30 @Kyfox @Laelcz @Lander250 @Lastcall @Latas1 @Leanderj @Lee2804 @Legate @Lego250 @Leopold @Limp250 @Linnon @Lister12 @Lob12 @Lobo250 @Localghost @Locket5 @Logear1 @Lojack52 @Loki20 @Lonshark @Loron250 @Louloup @Lowflyr @Ltsolina @Luansharen @Ludwig @Luisito @Lukevan @Lutenint @Luz9cia @M2 @M3 @Mabarker @Maca @Maddog240 @Madmachs @Makoky @Malarqui @Malvolent @Manchego @Manco @Mangl @Maravich @Markh @Marneus @Maromin @Maromo1 @Mase86 @Matt75s @Maxios @Mbansol @Meanpete @Memnoch @Mercks @Messi250 @Messtin @Mextamal @Mikl57 @Mitchjet @Mitchlin @Mocowbel @Mogas @Moist250 @Monsjoex @Mrgarand @Mrju250 @Msnyds1 @Muskokan @Mussol @Mutan250 @Newman24 @Nh3rd @Niko250 @Njd1 @Njord88 @Nockel @Noobface99 @Noonie @Nopey @Notvalid0 @Nowi250 @Nozzred @Nugbe @Nwstar2 @Ny75 @Offie @Ogun @Oldslice @Olefin @Ombre250 @Onyxander @Osheim @Oso250 @Oxford09 @Parallama @Patienzo @Patriot @Pedrohsi @Pepexxx @Perico250 @Perseo10 @Pete21 @Pfmosquito @Piercer @Pirata07 @Piska250 @Pj @Platoon @Polux65 @Potts @Ppavez250 @Psalm27 @Psycodad @Pulasky250 @Puljo @Pv @Pwnography @R4ndy @Radical @Rafa250 @Rafbader @Rambocj @Raven129 @Raven52 @Raydr @Reaprwf @Redmanti @Redrider @Rexxor @Richard03 @Ricko @Rino250 @Riojano250 @Robjb40 @Robyd @Rockeye0 @Rodekill @Rolfi250 @Romel250 @Ronshirt @Rook @Rover @Rpw1 @Rubbish @Rupert33 @Ryback2 @Saerdna @Saffron @Sascha @Schollen @Scoundrel @Sd153 @Seabeee @Seekkill @Serrallong @Seryal @Sesam @Sgttootall @Sh0ckhorse @Sharpfort @Shi50 @Shipwreck @Sigurjon98 @Silky @Silverman @Simpson @Sinewave @Sirkitoh @Sirnelson1 @Sko43 @Skorzeni @Slakbladdr @Slam34 @Slayer @Slipk250 @Smythes @Snappled @Sniper440 @Snorky62 @Snow @Solidcore @Sorge @Speirs1944 @Squawl @Ssgjeff @Stahlsturm @Stampgd @Stfuaxis @Stonyy @Striker4 @Summit123 @Swapper @Swiftsure @Taels @Tanky @Tapper888 @Tattriej @Tazwp @Tbomber @Terio @Tex64 @Thebacon @Thewench @Thugnasty1 @Tiger004 @Tigerclw @Tjappie @Tomellis @Tommy55 @Topd @Trashbag @Trevil @Triton54 @Twinsea @Uber @Untersturm @Vallekanoo @Vanapo @Vanhefty @Vaughn63 @Verdejo250 @Vicmorrow @Vig87 @Vilsh250 @Vodnik @Vonunke @Voro @Waffen84 @Walrus78 @Waltermel @Wampire @Wanbli250 @Warlain @Weedguru @Weejocky @Wegue @Westy91 @Wetspot @Wetwater @Wfsabre6 @Whips @Whitelab @Wildcat382 @Willylsn @Wolfair @Wolfwrz @Xfugazix @Xirub @Xv250 @Yello1 @Yeloc2 @Zac74 @Zalla250 @Zep33 @Zerva @Zeus @Zigi @Zignzag @Zipayo250 @Zipeh @Zivac @Zoltan1
  2. I'm not saying that there isn't inbalance on tz3...I'm saying that the inbalance affects both sides
  3. 160 TZ3: Axis overpop 161 TZ3: Balanced 162 TZ3: Axis overpop 163 TZ3: Balanced 164 TZ3: Allied overpop 165 TZ3: Allied overpop 166 TZ3: Allied overpop 167 TZ3: Axis overpop 168 TZ3: Axis overpop
  4. The only way to fix balance is to increase population...
  5. I never had any problem to kill 250 guys
  6. Who will use a rifle now?
  7. Allies have more TOM and Tz3 average numbers are allies 60% axis 40% so I will say Allied side wins
  8. It is not the first time, I have defended a lot of towns on tz3 alone against 10-15 allies, it happens to both sides
  9. It has been always like that, when one side is low on morale the other side rolls on tz3. The only way to fix it is increasing population...look on this tz3 population graphics how campaign 163 with WBS was the most balanced
  10. Really nice job with enemy contact historic section. My top 5 kills 1. Maxq 615 2. Mundagurri 303 3. Zep34 298 4. Martigan 274 5. Skipa 248 My top 5 deaths 1. Maxq 433 2. Gretnine 240 3. Mundagurri 217 4. Zep34 217 5. Pulfer 204
  11. Matilda...
  12. CRS changed timers 4 days ago, I don't think thats the reason why Allies lose
  13. Yesterday at Albert I did my kill 50.000, not bad for a rifleman
  14. Stop whining