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  1. It's TOM percentage
  2. You can check Chose a random campaign and do the math, then compare it with the graphic data
  3. 2004-2019: Allies 49,57% - Axis 50,43%
  4. Allied captured spawn on Nivelles, nobody spawned there, axis recaptured enemy spawn in 5 minutes. Axis captured spawn on Philipville, nobody spawned there, allied recaptured enemy spawn in 3 minutes. Right now this game is only playable the first week of campaign, or WBS event...
  5. Capture times are too long for the overpop side and there are too many tanks on this game that makes attacking hard and frustrating for infantry players. I've been on several towns captured by axis and it always start the same...captured spawneable cp that was undefended or poorly defended by allies. It's funny because with truck-only-fms CRS wanted to avoid ninja caps but now with these long timers we have to base our attacks on ninja captures.
  6. CRS made a big mistake when they launched the game on Steam at 18$/month...they lost a great oportunity to increase our playerbase. Now they are going to make the same mistake if they launch 1.36 with these spawnlist, another good oportunity to increase population will be lost...
  7. These spawnlist are bad for both sides...CRS is devaulating their own product, they are reducing numbers on the best weapons/tanks...
  8. You are barely a greentag if you think grease gun is worse than any german smg...
  9. Every veteran infantry player who has played both sides knows infantry equipement was well balanced...axis have the best LMG in game, allies have the best SMGs in game, allied rifles reload faster but have worst sight than axis, allied granades were worst to blow ais but better than axis to clear bunkers, etc... I don't understand how someone who has played 62 infantry sorties in the last 1.5 years can say that axis had a superior equipment
  10. Can we get 7 channels instead of 6? We have enough space to add a new one... Also it would be great to make official channels for each language and tune it by default according to your language client. For example I install the game in spanish and I would have 91 channel tuned already.
  11. Infantry supply seems unbalanced as well, axis have 6 more mortarman than allied, please fix that Allied Axis Rifleman 120 555 SMG 294 181 Semi-Auto Rifleman 470 101 LMG/Automatic Rifleman 100 136 Mortarman 49 55 Sapper 27 29 Anti-Tank Rifleman 38 51 Sniper 64 36 Engineer 35 45
  12. 74 Sherman vs 4 Tigers, there is no flag mix that can fix that...
  13. Killing hessu, slpkfor, itsbrad, shagher, cucal, rebaba inside a cp when they're using an lmg it's as hard as killing gretnine, xohorvath, erasmo, mobius, bar, lob12, matamor when they're using an smg. The problem is not the lmg, the problem is that now we have less good players and more whining players than 3 years ago. Lmgs are premium weapons and they should be the best weapons in game along with semiauto rifles, I don't really understand why CRS want to nerf a premium weapon, you are devaluating your own product.
  14. I agree, right now this game doesn't worth 15$...
  15. There has to be a good balance between free players and subscriptions...if you give too much to f2p then CRS doesn't get enough money to keep the servers going, and this top tier equipment (tigers, shermans, german lmg, bar, semiauto rifles, etc.) should work as an incentive to f2p to subscribe