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  1. Oh nice, didnt even see this the other day. LOL. Thanks lads.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Dre!
  3. I'd disagree with you there man. I am involved with three very large communities based on steam, and subscription based games are some of the most popular being played. The issue here is that due to whatever reasons, the sub fees are not commensurate with the experience. I.E: Premium sub is more expensive than most other sub-fee games. Most other games, offering a lot more are around the $12-14 mark, without having to 'lock in' etc etc. Population is low, so someone for example playing from Aus/NZ will likely not stick around, unless they get involved into a squad in TZ3. There just is no reason to pay $20AUD/m to play a game where on average there is 10 players online for the entire server during our 'prime time'. It's a circular type deal at the moment, game needs money to progress, but the asking price on average is too high driving away customers and subscribers. I do agree with knucks though, no f2p model via steam is really bad decision mho. Steam could have saved this game, but with all due respect, the entire Steam release/rollout and management has been seriously flawed, and it's caused more damage to the brand through that mismanagement.
  4. Also added in Coffee Mug and Stein options for voting.
  5. Hi All - I will leave this poll up for next 24 hours. I'm gonna catch up with the design guys tomorrow afternoon. If you've not voted, please take a moment to do so. I'd appreciate your feedback.
  6. Awesome, I'll add the mug to the list of mock-ups! Thanks for the feedback guys. @Gretnine Got you covered on the minimal designs. Looking at both in fact. Current thinking Tshirt wise is: 1 x Minimal Design (likely logo), for embroidered polo and t-shirts. 1 x Heavy Design (logo plus additional art/logo) for Tshirts/hoodies etc. + any 'special edition' type prints for anniversaries or so on. + side specific apparel (i.e axis or allied forces specific) This is all subject to change of course! Just spitballing ideas around at present and really appreciate the feedback!
  7. Hey all, Through my RL employment I've made some good contacts in printing and merch manufacturing/wholesale. Two of them have agreed to do me some free mock-ups for any merch ideas. I've spoken to XOOM and checked if he minded my polling this. Quite simply, the reason for this poll, is that I'd like to focus the efforts of my contacts, so that their time is not wasted on things no one has any interest in. Currently Merch is done via Cafepress, which isn't the best quality, nor the best margin for profit for CRS. Additionally the merch hasn't been updated in awhile, so maybe some updated designs might entice a bit of spending from us players to help the game along. If you have a moment, and wouldn't mind, please select the items from the options, or make a comment below with any good suggestions! ** TO CLARIFY ALSO: This is not a 'given' , CRS will have final approval on design or any changes, and final say dependant also on profit margins being reasonable for CRS too!
  8. Hi Riccall, This is a known issue - it's been down since early morning my time, almost 12 hours. I've a ticket lodged also. Last update provided said it should be fixed 'soon'.
  9. Yep, nice change to have people who speak to the players like humans. I agree with CE - Ohm is gold. Nicest, and friendliest RAT I've dealt with, and doesn't play popularity games.
  10. Sorry for the no-show, but didn't realise it was scheduled for 3am on a Monday before work for us Aussie's. Would be nice if events etc could be scheduled for Saturday (feel I've made this point a dozen times or more over the years) to enable all time zones to participate instead of just US and Euro. Saturday start would mean Sunday for Aussie's. An event on Sunday during day means early mornings on a workday here which isn't feasible for many.
  11. Add me, any Infantry position. No preference. Willing to do lead if req. E:
  12. HI All, Returning player here. See a few comments above about returning vets etc, and while I can't speak for everyone - I do know that amongst the few ex-players I still associate with outside of this game, the biggest talking point for us about potential returns/resubs is BALANCING. From recent emails recieved this is being addressed in a much more sensible way than in the past. Based on this 'promising' propaganda, I've resubbed for now. I know there's many others watching/listening for more info on how this will be addressed moving forward. My two cents. - P.
  13. Few old faces here - welcome back guys. KC - few ANZACS still about mate !
  14. It's now over 48hrs since my initial contact. And still no response. Awesome customer service as per usual.
  15. "... > Our records indicate that your subscription billing has failed due to unsubscription or invalid/incorrect billing data. This *may* cause your account to be deactivated. > > If you have already revised your subscription status, please disregard this message. > > LOGIN NAME: praevus" Well CRS, my records - and the records of my bank - indicate that my payment was drawn from my card on the 23rd of April. I even sent a copy of the transaction in an email, but as a reply - recieved the above automated email reply. Just checked my account and it's on 'grace' and likely has been for some days which means I won't be able to log the **** in again after this nonsense... Final straw. I'm sick of paying you money and getting headaches, stress and aggravation as my reward. FIX YOUR ****!