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  1. Eagle you have much more experience than I do in game and I am sure that as the game stands now your probably right but again this an issue that needs to be fixed and not by having to rely on the vets / squad members to hand hold people there first 20 hours or so of game play. How many of your game hours are you willing to spend helping every new person in the game ? Ok say there were 10k new accounts in last 2 months! There is not enough vet players to help them all your going to end up with having a bunch of burned out vets and new people leaving its a broken system atm. Its broken and it could be fixed at a minimal cost.
  2. Smy I agree totally mate that is one thing the appeals to people that play online games! To be social be part of bigger team help its a great feeling to be apart of something bigger than you and for you to have a small part in the whole. But there is something broken when you have that day one or week 2 two player in the end game content. I guess I am totally wrong in thinking that there needs to be more people playing and that trying to figure out why there is not is like the the elephant in the room kind of thing everyone knows something is wrong but no one will say anything. The game is good but it could also have some small changes to help keep players paying and playing.
  3. Well imo its unfair to put the weight of a new persons learning on others / corps. Why should a corp member / player have to hand hold every new player to show them how awesome this game is ?
  4. Man now thats some funny **** right there lol! I needed that haha tyvm mate that is awesome lmao holy **** lol:D
  5. Since your reading this please don't take this the wrong way the game is awesome! and the people for the most part are really nice but if your looking to play a game for fun well give yourself at least 3+ weeks to decide if you like this game! Reason I say this is because you will the see that there are many more vets playing the game than there are new people and because of that you have little chance at getting many kills if any! I myself have 187+ flying missions with 7 kills and was told that I was doing great! So if you like a game where you get killed over and over and told that your just not good enough! Well this game is for you and you will love it! So please save yourself the sub fee and play at least for 3 weeks or more before you sub up to see if you like it! Its not an easy game and after 3 weeks you will see that and fyi subbing up gives you no better planes to help you not sux! Its just that the game has been around for a very long time and the vets here are really good and have the best in game so you really don't have any chance at all really! But good luck to you and happy hunting