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  1. Soo after 2 weeks without logging in I decided to log in tonight and see if I could have some fun rounds since I bought the starter account for a month. Joined axis infantry as usual had a pretty fun sortie, killed two brits who were guarding one depot then I got blown to pieces by a DD. Spawned 2 or 3 more times with the same faith. Blown up by the constant shelling of a DD so I though well since no one is doing anything about this DD I'm gonna go grab a stuka and try and land some hits on this guy and hopefully rank up a bit. Went to airforce, 3 available missions with no playing in them, all on towns halfway across the map, rank doesn't allow me to create a mission on one of the airfields which by the way is really close to the where the DD is. 10/10 would log in again. (Not. Probably uninstalling this very soon and might take a look to see if anything changes once this reaches steam.. very dissapointing)
  2. SO after playing the game for a couple more weeks more and having a lot of fun playing the infantry aspect of it which I believe is a solid game experience with just a thing or two to polish before it becomes perfect I started playing as a stuka bomber to try out the air force role of this game and here is my feedback: 1. Bombing Missions: For a new player it can be very exciting to try out the airforce in this game however what I've found after playing around 50 sorties with a stuka was far from exciting it was actually probably a huge waste of time. Let me just point out the fact that I'm an airliner pilot and have for a long time been playing flight simulators so despite being new to the game I found it very easy to get up in the air and start doing missions. What I found amazingly annoying is the fact that since the game is not much populated you are rarely able to get any kills. I've been logging at least an hour and half per day flying the stuka for the past 2 weeks and I haven't gotten past the 43 out of 100 on my rank level. Out of all the sorties I've done I can say only in 5% of them did I score a kill and even then it was probably just one. I've tried going on bridge bombing missions however after flying for 10 minutes and reaching the bridges that were marked with attack orders I found that they were already destroyed there should be an icon on the theater map indicating if a bridge was already destroyed or not Finding tanks and infantry in such a huge battlefield even with the help of enemy position reports is a pain in the ass. I then tried to level up by attacking the only thing that I could easily see from the air, enemy AI emplacements only to find that you get no points for taking them out.. really? I noticed also since I don't have enough air force rank which doesn't allow me to create missions sometimes I'm not even able to do bombing runs on the main AO because the only missions available are fighter missions on the other side of the map so I would have to take off on a stuka from there and fly halfway across the map for like 30 minutes only to reach the AO and drop all my bombs miss everything, not get a single kill and then be shot down by AA. This is wrong in so many levels and I can guarantee you new players will uninstall the game very quickly after realising that playing bomber is not fun but excruciatingly boring and frustrating. 2. Fighter missions: I haven't really gone much into this yet just tried 2 or 3 sorties one of which I was able to down a spitfire which was a very very exciting moment, specially for a noob. So no complaints or recommendations on this aspect of the game. Ok so to summarize and make it easy if you don't feel like reading the whole story here goes the main aspects that need changing: 1. AI emplacements: Able to be taken out in a realistic manner by small arms fire and grant points for levelling up allowing for both a fun and rewarding experience. 2. Bridges: Shown on the map whether they are destroyed or not so that bombers don't lift off, fly for 10 minutes only to have to fly back to base empty handed. 3. Creating missions: I understand why noobs shouldn't be allowed to create missions but considering the low player numbers this game is currently experiencing it sometimes becomes ridiculous not allowing that. (read more on my story on how I couldn't fly bombing missions into the main AO above) These are just 3 very simple things that I believe you can easily change and that will greatly improve the game experience of new players coming into contact with WW2 online. I will keep updating this thread with new feedback as I dig deeper into the game. Let me know what you think about this and tell me if I'm saying something wrong since I'm new to the game there can be something I'm missing here so let me know
  3. You're missing the point... the issue here is having a game that is focused on realism and delivering an authentic ww2 combat simulation and then you're faced with an MG nest with a robot that takes 50-100 bullets to die. Snatches me right from being immerse in the middle of ww2 straight into the war of the machines from the terminator movies.. In my honest opinion this should've been changed YEARS ago..
  4. I definitely agree! Getting points for taking out AI is a must. New players could score some easy points this way..
  5. What if you're a sniper with no nades? lol this is what I mean. You shouldn't feel helpless against the only thing that you're actually supposed to be shooting at. Infantry.
  6. I'm not saying they should completely remove AI from the game I'm just saying why in the name of god after all these years haven't they made them shootable with small arms? Removing it completely would have made my boring playthrough even more boring. What could have been great was if I was able to flank that MG nest (which I was) and then spray it with lead until the AI soldier operating the MG fell to the ground in a nice ragdoll animation just like normal players do. That would've made my playthrough slightly more interesting and rewarding and not feel like a complete waste of time.
  7. Thank you for welcoming me to what so far looks to be a friendly and helpful community. So in response to what I've said about the AI bunkers and gun crews you've said what is above quoted but that's the thing, I understand how important it is for each every one to populate the game world and really there is a lot about this game that I absolutely love and that you can't find anywhere else out there in gaming or simulation but having flaws like this is what is keeping me from recommending this game to my group of friends. Because I know exactly what they're gonna think once we spend an hour on an empty town capping unguarded objectives and the only resistance we find are MG nests and gun crews that we can't even have the satisfaction of taking out. Disappointment. That's what they're gonna feel. It's these little things that in my honest opinion are keeping the game from attracting more people. Nobody cares about the new Mas40 rifle. The game's got plenty of awesome weapons. More then enough. They did a good job on that. Now it's time to work on the flaws. I just hope they see this.
  8. Hey guys, I've always had an interest in this game that goes a long way back. Unfortunately I feel like I am too late and that I should've enjoyed this game in it's golden years but at that time I was a kid and my computer wasn't able to run this game so I ended up playing other more known AAA titles like the medal of honor series and call of duty, battlefield 1942 etc. Those times have now passed and we're now in 2015 a time where every new game that is released is worse than the one before with futuristic themes, and fast-paced gameplay and a complete lack for teamwork and tactical gameplay. This is why the interest has sparked up in me to re-visit this game that I never really got a chance of knowing and the after playing for a while I am left with a couple of questions: 1- Playerbase: I would like to know what's the peak number of people that play this game at the moment because having played this saturday night I found the gameworld still a bit empty. After going through the different active battles and seeing the number of players on each squadron I started doing some maths and it seemed to me like the maximum number of players playing axis at the time was around 50-60 including airforce and navy. So that should put us at around what 100 players on both allies and axis? 2- AI: After an hour playing on a 3-4 men squad attacking what seemed like a completely empty village I ended up capping 3 bases before I ran into an AI MG position. After getting shot at and wounded I was excited to finally find some action after almost 30 minutes of boredom. I open fire on the MG position and realized I wasn't facing a soldier I was actually facing a terminator that absorbed all my bullets and kept on firing at me. With all due respect and sorry for being harsh this is completely ridiculous. It would maybe be ok if this game was still in early development or in beta stage but gentlemen this is 2015.. this game has been out for 14 years. This is one of those things that many of you vets and fanboys might not give a crap about but a new player that comes to this game and sees this is immediately turned off. It completely destroys the realism and immersion that this game otherwise delivers. I see the dev team working on new weapons and so on. But what about this? Is this so hard to fix? 3- Steam: What is the reason for this game not being on steam? I see a lot of talk on these forums about this being the most important time in WW2ol history for people to sub and re-sub but how do you want people to do that if they're not even aware that this game exists and is still cool to play. Despite these 3 things I am still very interested in subscribing to this game but I still need to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Are the developers working on any of the above mentioned issues or are they just working to bring new weapons into the game? Because if it is the latter then I think that the 180 usd a year one has to pay for this game are not a good investment. Sorry for the big post and please give me your honest opinions on all of this.