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  1. Im not sure if this helps. But if you jump in a plane and take off you can control what seems like the trim (left and right) of the plane directly with the mouse. No map needed. I dont have the mouse mapped to trim so if you can track where that unintended input is coming from it might be the clue.
  2. This is a friendly reminder of a small but annoying Mac only bug: • The mouse inputting movement whilst the map is open and applying it on closing map. I realise its minor but it drives me up the wall when im flying. Every time i open and close the map my planes trim goes to crap and starts banking. Im a crap pilot as it is, i dont need extra handicaps on top of my crapness Its less annoying but still present on ground equipment too.
  3. Xipers work. He has an initial osx compile just hasnt had time to stabilise it. Page 4 he mentions osx. Wiretap info.
  4. Hey Andrew, the 'fixed a foliage seed issue on mac' bit in the read me. Does that mean the bush locations we see on the Mac were slightly different to those on PC? If so it would explain a few WTF moments ive had.
  5. BTW Andrew you can move the plane via the mouse without opening the map if that helps isolate it somewhat. But that may be a separate bug, not sure. Its like its mapped to rudder trim or something. But the keymapper says its not. If you move the mouse while the map is open it applies the movement as map closes like it does with inf.
  6. I dont know if this is known or not but there definitely is a bug there with the map. 1. Spawn rifle 2. Look through binocs prone 3. open map and move mouse across screen 4. close map 5. Your view jumps! Its getting input when the map is open and applying it when the map closes. In aircraft it does weird stuff, you can be flying level but when you open map, look around, and close it the thing banks pretty sharply. I had a hell of a time factory bombing with it.
  7. When i exit the map view my sight jumps around. Also tonight when i was trying to level bomb after i closed the map the planes trim would be all out of whack. Very annoying. I need to test it more, tonight was 1st chance to play 131 for any length of time. Just wondering if anyone else has had this funkiness happening?
  8. Have you changed the settings in game to select 'best performance'? And perhaps lower your resolution a tad in the settings dialog that is below the 'play offline' option out of the game?
  9. I couldnt adjust the graphic options in settings. The check boxes for enable/disable wouldnt work. It was just the list of 6-7 options with water shaders etc. All other checkboxes were fine. Also why no map reset?
  10. Just wait till after June 7th to be sure. Thats when several new product announcements will be made.
  11. I was only able to spend about 15 mins with it but it looked good to me. No clangers. GJ Andrew.
  12. Came across this today. Will be great if it works as advertised. Able to buy ATI or nvidia PC cards for your mac. I know theres been flashing utilities before but this one looks to be relatively easy to use.