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  1. I have been waiting for this, and I am going to resub - this issue ruined the game for me, thanks for fixing it. I'm frustrated that a fix was ten years too late.
  2. Suits me - I don't mind being killed by weapons used as they were designed! I might do loops over town in a twin engine bomber to celebrate
  3. Indeed. It's not realistic if it could've been fixed to be historically accurate in half an hour, and you haven't.
  4. Yeah Stukas were way ahead of their time with that! But honestly - The 4 lines of code I was refering to are those disabling the trigger while jogging - an action for which we have absolutely no primary historical source whatsoever. As someone who really wants to give CRS my money for a cool ww2 infantry experience, I'm just not going to until it's right, and if comments are any indicator, it's ruining the infantry game and i'm not alone.
  5. Yeah sorry, Stukas not withstanding. And I think a phantom fire is missing the point somewhat - in this realistic ww2 sim, 16 years in development, I can run upstairs with a squad weapon firing from the hip, reload and do it again every 4 seconds.
  6. Bombers doing 40deg dives onto target and then barrel rolls on egress LMGs jogging upstairs spewing death and reloading without pause Either stop saying 'realism' in all your advertising, or fix it. It's particularly infuriating to watch you sidestep the LMG issue with pithy comments when it would be a 20min job and maybe four lines of code - do you need help with it? I'm 42, I have kids, a job and a house. If I'm going to pay for this, I want the 2 hours of gaming I get to be what it bloody CLAIMS to be, not what I'm getting.
  7. I started a topic about how the LMG makes me rage-quit, didn't really expect a response and particularly not 7 pages or so of debate, including input from the devs. I just wanted to say thanks for listening. I haven't played any other MMO but this one for 15 years, but I'm at a point right now where I can't afford a sub (even had to cancel my life insurance haha) so it's really annoying that one thing just ruins the whole experience for me (and I HATE being 'that guy'). I do love this game, I'm rooting for you and can't wait to be back once things are a bit more stable!
  8. I actually joined in 2002. If you really think my sporadic engagement is a good business model, ask CRS where they are now financially.
  9. I really don't mind being turned into jam by the SMG while defending a CP or something - that's what the SMG is for. But LMG rambo is rage-quit reason numero uno
  10. Poor netcode - no biggie at all! Clunky graphics - who cares, not me! Absent or ineffective leadership - well, it's not like anyone is paid to be HC! Tank camped at spawn - just don't 'join the war' there! Chased up two flights of stairs by a jogging enthusiast firing from the hip with a squad-level suppression weapon.... ah, now suddenly I'm not in a simulation of the Battle of France at all. I'm now playing a bloody Quake 3 clone on my PC with gamey kids and pretty much wasting my evening. Dropped out of immersion immediately, log off for months on end. Just my $0.02
  11. Cool, thanks for the prompt reply OHM
  12. Got booted out, can't get back in, is the server down?
  13. FIXED! This is exactly what happened to me - Ran a DXDiag and realised I was running DX11, went back into WW2OL settings, changed from Primary Driver (WHICH I had done before to no result), restarted the game - Sound works. And rocks. Seriously, this process should have meant nothing, and I was just playing around in frustration. I didn't uninstall anything, or roll back anything, just reinstalled DX11 and fiddled with in game settings. It worked for me, hope it works for you.