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  1. Well, tier 0 DO have the reputation of favoring the Allies especially when it come to tanks. I mean the French have very good armor overall and aren't that bad when it come to firepower. Speed is basicly useless since even with the FB you don't start THAT FAR from the battlefield. Heck, even riding with a B1 isn't that bad.
  2. They want attrition, but for the other side. A bit Like I would love have my Tiger, but facing you stuck with Somuas and Hotckiss
  3. Not overpowered vehicles. But some are still better than others. Just look at the poor Panzer IIC. He's one of the last tank picked up! And you see Panhard everywhere!
  4. Heck yeah
  5. Yeah, but when I speak about new vehicles. I don't speak about the tiny trucks and stuff like that. I talk about P.51 Mustang, more Focker Wulf. Tanks like the Hetzer or the Sherman Jumbo with a 75mm gun. I speak about the Panther. I speak about the Renault FT-17 that was used. I also speak about BT boats with torpedo that could actually be used against destroyer and finally give a fighting chance when a EDD is around and no Ally DD is spawnable. Not a lot of people when viewing this game for the first time won't really take a look at the infantry, but they will mainly look at the vehicles that are available ingame. THAT is one of the reason that will keep people in, because they want to try out theses vehicles. And for that they will need to learn the gameplay AND thus also trying the infantry ground and learn the whole game. But we are going off subject here.
  6. More vehicles could be a great point. Some people play war thunder because of the variety of vehicle for example.
  7. "During this time. In the Axis HQ" [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyJBPfQv1wQ[/media]
  8. As I said the problem was and still is with Dfadd who had multiple occasion to speak to me. He even answered on the shoutbox when I was in for crying out loud! And gave NO explaination at all. No nothing. So yeah, that was the final nail for me and I posted here. And now Poker tryied to help me but I am just to livid at the moment and doing stupid stuff. Problem is, I still want my answer. Except now Someone and I suspect naturally Dfadd have banned my IP and I can't even look at the forum now. (And now I have forever in my mind the picture of that butt.gif send by Poker. My problem isn't with the 13INF and I would still recommend that squad. My problem is with Dfadd who already had multiple opportunity to explain himself, and did not.
  9. That's it. I'm out. Why? Because I am being kicked off with no explanation by Dfadd who bring up the fact I play axis this campaign despite the MULTIPLES ANNOUNCEMENT I made about that. (And I asked before and people told me it was ok.) And when I ask why? I get nothing. No explanation. " An Error Has Occurred! Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum! cos i can. " And now banned from the 13TH forum. Continue mate. You have just prooven my point. Still not received info, but you have just prooved you were not worth my time. Sad that some player have to be like you. The maturity you have is incredibly low.
  10. That's not the point and you know it. They make an intermission lasting for the entire moment when the playerbase is the most active, add the fact the Intermission is basicly the moment people take a break and don't play. And you have lots of day wasted where we could have an explosive start of campaign.
  11. Until Sunday? Damn, 3 wholes day of Tiger time?
  12. Disable the "sent to training" option? Or is this how the supplys are remade?
  13. Sometimes, it did is too loud. Currently I'm forced to play the game with a volume much more highter in general with my speaker in order to HEAR the people on discord while having the volume of the game turned down a lot. Because at the default level. It's like trying to talk to a hard-hearing person in the midle of a AC/DC concert. It can be worked with, but sometimes it IS too loud inside the tanks
  14. Will sign up on the website and tell everyone to join us! :3 @XOOM You might want to prepare some Muffins and Cookies!
  15. Air Toast? What do you mean?