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  1. So.... What we have now?
  2. Double-post. Also yeah I am aware of the Maus being one of the stupidiest awesome idea of the germans. Was placing mostly with heavy sarcasm behind it.
  3. How about no? The whole point is the fact that the Axis can win, and here we are not simulating a war on two front. With all the different factors, put a clock AND making the allies winner if they aren't kicked off is ridiculous and would destroy the WHOLE point. And making the game incredibly imbalanced.
  4. Be proud it holded for about 20 minutes, some don't last 20 seconds! Not on MY Tiger that's for sur.
  5. What I find amusing personatly is that you complain that our gun can do that. While forgetting a fact. The Tiger is much better armored and slower than a Sherman 76. What the Allies have is basicly twice the same tank but with a better gun on the top tier one. To be honest I'd like the allies to have at least something comparable. Like the Pershing
  6. What, Shermans sould be invincible from Pak36 at the side and rear? Because at Dizy yesterday we killed a huge amount of Shermans and Stuart with Paks that way. I even added 3 more tanks to my kill count of tanks and anti tank gun. (that put me at 17 ATG and ET kill. Three more and I'll reach the 20!)
  7. According to CSR Home. Walken is the one who killed me the most since I came back from my break. A total of three time. But that's ok, because I ALSO killed him three time! mouahAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA - Oh I'm so evil! -
  8. An anime by fans of the WWII and Tanks, for fans of the WWII and Tanks. With some acceptable break from reality because JAAAAPAAAAAAAAAN. But come on, who didn't had goosebump when that mouse arrived in the 11 episode?
  9. And miss a chance to make our daily pointless rants with no arguments except that "it was better when it was before"? NEVAAAAAH U HEAR ME? NEEVAAAAAAA! Yeah let's see how it goes. Can't be worse than before.
  10. Agree with WWII Tanks only. Seriously, if I see a centurion or a Patton, I'm out. Same goes for an IS-3 if they put Russians vehicles.
  11. FreePlay account? First post? Curious about it.
  12. Would need the Tiger II. Then the Maus for the armored division. After all, the germans did build them. And the Maus was almost used.
  13. Yeah, problem is theses fanatics are the loudest most of the time but I mostly try to ignore them. Still it is a shame because I remember having real good games with @wockawocka or @pokerfor example on the allies side. And this game is far from having the same population as War Thunder, World of Tank. We can't really lose some player because of this. Each new player is actually a welcome addition that can be felt. Just yesterday, @bolechad an anti tank gun and for a good ten minutes tough that he was attacking an ennemy tank far away... While it was Liang in his Tiger! X') (I've done worse. :3 ) (will probably during the intermission if it arrive one day get back in a sherman.) Yay!
  14. Hello, currently the skins of our fighters are generated with there model, and the number on them are random. But personatly, I would love to be able to have my "own" number assigned to me. A way to get really possession of the armor/plane I use in the battlefield, like you can set the convergence for planes. The idea is simple. Be able to select the number that will appear on the tank. And why not in the futur have some variation of color/camoflage that can be selected for the vehicles.