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  1. Agreed. There should be more objetives than the towns and the FB. Hills and tactical place should be placed with a fight possible at theses places. Don't forget the battle of Koursk was in a giant field.
  2. For a full minute, I had 2 spit, a Hurricane and a D.520 on my butt! So that goes both way!
  3. I never had that much fun flying, it was awesome and it got me my second kill of the campaign. 3 more for the Ace.
  4. Agree, this is ridiculous to call out RATS on that. They deserve a break too and they explained they will tweak stuff.77We just had 2 freaking month of campaign, there's no problem if the intermission is a bit longer than usual, seriously there shouldn't even be that discussion to begin with.
  5. I honestly can't understand why some people cry about that. Game will restart Sunday, until then you can get on the other side, discover equipement you never used before and not worry about wasting them.
  6. Thing is, there is also a major factor that block people from coming. Let's not kid ourselves. The game look BAD. It's like a Dinosaur at this point and with so many games with much better graphic, they will go away. Even if it's not the same scale. Personatly I can't wait to get in Post Scriptum for example, or even Heroes & Generals.
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/251950/WWII_Online/ Because already done.
  8. Heroes and generals got a similar system. Sur some player send there brigade where they aren't needed. But others send them where they are needed. To have a small force you can send to a place would be nice. Especially if everyone can got one.
  9. Well deserved guys!
  10. I kinda agree that a change need to be made. Keep in mind that I have NEVER done HC before and the simple possibility of me doing it SCARE ME because of all the things it implies. I don't what what or how it should change, but I think the system isn't efficient like it used too with the low population.
  11. Well deserved guys! *hope to be in the next wave*
  12. So.... What we have now?
  13. Double-post. Also yeah I am aware of the Maus being one of the stupidiest awesome idea of the germans. Was placing mostly with heavy sarcasm behind it.
  14. How about no? The whole point is the fact that the Axis can win, and here we are not simulating a war on two front. With all the different factors, put a clock AND making the allies winner if they aren't kicked off is ridiculous and would destroy the WHOLE point. And making the game incredibly imbalanced.