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  1. give it some time, we'll find a way to make them pass the door!
  2. Probably, in either case. Dre need to leave my dear French tank alone. My Nation already have few things as it is.
  3. You perfectly know that not only it would be too limited for the French who barely have anything for them and litteraly get put in a bus at the end of the campaign. Why not introduce the fact that a single shot at a sherman make it explode huh? That's also History. They weren't called Tommy Cooker or Burning Coffin for nothing. Or we could also take the fact that somehow in this game you are able to control a tank while being the only player inside. We could also introduce random break out for Tigers, Infantry getting sick and being unable to fight. Being dropped 50km away from the supposed drop zone, simulated via random spawn at 50km around a FB? We could go for that if you want Historical Accuracy.
  4. There was still French fighting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Bir_Hakeim https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1st_Free_French_Division
  5. But.... German Engineering superiority.... But.... * go cry in a corner*
  6. 6/3/1 feels more realistic. To have 5/4/1 would make it a LOT of Fireflies, and considering they are actually better than Tigers in most area that could be something broken. But, a las. Consider the fact that I am an AXIS player focused on Plane and.... Well Tanks. So I MIGHT be biased a bit on that side!
  7. The thing is the Zoom possible with the firefly that is absolutly incredible. I'm pretty sur my own kitty doesn't have THAT magnification. Something that quite shock me. Overall, it play like I would expect a freaking Panther to do it. And I ain't gonna lie. That's hot. By the way, what will be his nickname in-game now? Ffly? Firefly? Longgun? 17pdr Sher? British Sherman? Teaman?
  8. I think for the late game. Force should be 60% USA 35% British 5% France. It would give a good idea, no?
  9. Most people use the Kg system... That lbs system is really confusing. Also, germans used the Kilo system no? Not the pound system?
  10. Ok, so I have two "little" problem here. Whenever I try to play, I end up getting back to my desktop when I press the briefing mission. There is no error message, no nothing. The game simply stop. It happen to most of the briefing mission I do, except for some, but I haven't see anything common with the ones I can't get it. Some have MSP, some don't, etc etc. The other problem is, my Thrustmaster T flight Stick X is not recognised by the game anymore. It was back in the past, I can use it perfectly on others games like Elite:Dangerous, but here? It simply won't be recognised. And I *refuse* to play with my keyboard and mouse! This ain't War Thunder! So... That's it. I don't have much detail about why theses problems are there. :/
  11. Agreed. There should be more objetives than the towns and the FB. Hills and tactical place should be placed with a fight possible at theses places. Don't forget the battle of Koursk was in a giant field.
  12. For a full minute, I had 2 spit, a Hurricane and a D.520 on my butt! So that goes both way!
  13. I never had that much fun flying, it was awesome and it got me my second kill of the campaign. 3 more for the Ace.
  14. Agree, this is ridiculous to call out RATS on that. They deserve a break too and they explained they will tweak stuff.77We just had 2 freaking month of campaign, there's no problem if the intermission is a bit longer than usual, seriously there shouldn't even be that discussion to begin with.
  15. I honestly can't understand why some people cry about that. Game will restart Sunday, until then you can get on the other side, discover equipement you never used before and not worry about wasting them.