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  1. I'm a little bit pissed off. I've tried to destroy a truck. I've shot at the driver (30m) and... he is still sitting. So.. another shot. Same situation.. so I put about 10 bullets on that guy and boom.. truck has disappeared. Well. Ok... Now.. I'm trying to kill a flak gun. Two guys are sitting on it. So.. I have shot 2 times on one guy, and 2 shots on another one (also 30m). The flak is still going and going so ok... game mechanics but I thought it will also disappear but no. A tank has killed me and what? 0 kills :\. It sux that I don't see if my shooting is effective. The game has 11 years and there shouldn't be such bugs! From now one I know, that I shouldn't call this game a simulator...
  2. I'm a little bit frustrated today. I saw that german halftruck has set a EFRU (those boxes with flag). There was a soldier sitting in this truck. I came closer and put a explosives on his butt (I was playing as Engineer). After explosion the truck was standing like it was before. From this truck a soldier has jumped out. I have shot at him from close distance (about 2m) direct in his head and.. NOTHING! He has killed me... So.. two questions: Why didn't I destroyed this halftruck? Why sometimes soldiers are bullet proof?
  3. I have found today stats panel (campaign -> combat stats). I'm playing as US soldier but I don't have in PERSONAS tab USA soldiers. Why?!
  4. Well... At that day I have destroyed one FRU (and killed 2 soldiers standing next to it). Thank you for explanation. I try to learn so much as I can and now I know, that destroy a FB isn't so simple that I thought . I wanted to throw 2 granades on it but now I know, this was a stupid idea heh. Well. I had join also a squad but I must say... I don't really understand how it works. I don't know who gives orders.. where should I go etc. I have installed TS, but there is a lot of noise on it (for ex. when someone is listening the music during the game and his talking). Maybe when I could join a Polish squad it could have sense, but I didn't find such yet.. So now I'm still playing as an lonely wolf I'm also glad that someone remembers me from the game . I thought that I am quite anonymous in Battleground. I didn't suspected, that someone is watching 8)
  5. Well. Today I've become level 3. I had today 7 kills in one spawn so it was quite good i think . But I was also little bit confused. I've found this place outside the town where enemy inf and tanks are comming from (tents etc.). I thought I become a hero. That our tanks will go there and kill everyone... but..no. No one was interested. So my question is.. WHY? Why my information wasn't important?
  6. Thanks for your help. I must say that today I have killed couple of Germans in close (town) and long distances. It seems that there is no "straight solution" . It is always a matter of luck and experience, so I need to play. My target is to have minimum 2 kills on 1 death every time. I'm wondering why didn't I heard about this game earlier!? And why didn't I learned more English ;P. The funny thing is that I have read about Battleground on World of Tanks forum . Some guy was writing that Battleground has better tank destroy system.
  7. Hi there. I'm new in the game but must say... i'm in love . I'm usually playing as Allies and from yesterday I have subscription. I'm from Poland so we have long traditions in fighting with Germans . I'm 2 level now but I have a big problem with orientation in the game. For example... I'm lying in bushes trying to find the enemy. I hear his gun but I can't see him. When I'm behind the bushes he couldn't see me but that works also in the other direction. When I put my nose out from bushes... in 90% of times I get hit. The rest 10% is when he missed ... and I hit. . Germans have green uniforms so it's harder to see them. So.. from where you know, where the enemy is hiding?!