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  1. Thanks S!
  2. well I found out that I have to make sure that my default browser was IE fixed my probs.
  3. Ich kenne keine Deutsch squads.You wissen möchten vielleicht ein eigenes starten
  4. Now why would something like that happen to me.?
  5. An error occurred - 4:error executing RPC `hcs.authenticateUser'. 500 Can't connect to (connect: Connection refused) so what the hell does that mean (trying to log in to officer tools)
  6. We have gates ?
  7. We as axis, Aim to understand S!
  8. Yes go go go to the first German soldier and toss up your hands. Don't shoot me.. don't shoot me.
  9. well No I don't have one. in fact I use telepathy to play this game. as I don't have a monitor. so I think I am answering this or am just dreaming.
  10. if you need trainer let me know , heard you were requesting one S! also need the tz you play in.
  11. I could tell ya bout the worst expeerance I had while crossed the big pond. we were out and about , had to check out this here ville, Charlie was supposed to have been spotted close by. anyway we searched ever where and there were no dinks in the area. so we decided to take a break for a bit . wasn't long before this momma san come over and offered me some dink food. was rice somthin or other. all rolled up in a nana leef. Well sons and neighbors I was hungry come to think of it, said to myself "self might be a break from c-rats." so I et it. took bout all of 5 mins and the hair on top of my head stood straight up.. being a Marine now that was some feat as we didn't have much. come to find out it was Dog.. Rice and that nook -mom sauce. now that ain't the way that sauce is spelled but that is how it was pronounced. I grabbed a beer they had, it was that 33 beer of theirs. cause it was hot and I was Thursday. well My belly burned long with my ass, (got the chits) started hearing sounds sorta like the twilight zone and damn let me tell you ... well I just did. anyway the woman started lookin good to me till I got close nuff to her and saw those big black beetle-nut teeth. Terrible chituation just terrible !
  12. well Im in Maine but kinda wondering just what get together means
  13. all we had to worry about was nades and Bullets unlike the Marines in Afghanistan today with sucide bombers and missles.
  14. basically this was the battleground i was at.