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  1. well maybe the allied are just blind anyway. they couldn't hit a bear in the butt with a bat .
  2. They were too hard on the allied forces so we just put them to be Maintained for a wash and wax. (the 251's not the allied)
  3. either stop doing that or check if your union dues are paid..
  4. Did Mr. Wiki leave town for good, or will he ever return ?
  5. Yes go go go to the first German soldier and toss up your hands. Don't shoot me.. don't shoot me.
  6. well No I don't have one. in fact I use telepathy to play this game. as I don't have a monitor. so I think I am answering this or am just dreaming.
  7. tried but said, Unable to connect to database, please check back later.
  8. well Im in Maine but kinda wondering just what get together means
  9. awaiting a trainer for naval command S!