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  1. French got the char and its just as hard to kill as a matti
  2. rlmao your tanks are the exact same green as the bushes and trees give me a break lol
  3. I don't think the wwiionline servers look like any of those pictures more like a high end alien ware pc rlmao but from the amount of lag at times in game must be a Pentium 66 lol
  4. I have seen aussie and euros with no lag so I don't see the problem here.
  5. you should take into account that the damage mod on the matti have been borked since it came in the game cant be killed with pak36 or 3f
  6. you already get zooks 1 tier before axis don't push your luck
  7. I have already suggested that they need a ping limit in this game. If you don't meet the ping limit it kicks you out problem solved.
  8. do you have any idea how many dot reports are against you right now matamore
  9. What is the min distance you can set HC fms and fms to a enemy facility ?
  10. well I just saw a hc fms set 50m from a ab that was never owned by the enemy so explain that.
  11. the guy is an [censored] not to mention a questionable player
  12. I don't know how many times ive seen you sit on a cp and let people cap or call for help when cp is 90% caped because you refuse to try and clear the cp lol
  13. RLMAO Delmse
  14. shouldn't be fms without a truck at all it was taken out of game for a reason now they brought it back and sucks even worse
  15. sorry to burst your buble but oples cant coast 700m they cant coast 100m
  16. you didn't see axis complain when allies were rolling towns and we only had 2 people on
  17. As I have stated many many times before on this issue. There is only 1 way to balance the pop out and that is let the system choose what side you play on. I can tell you right now that will never happen. It would totally destroy the game as you know it.
  18. There is always a chance of wining dropbear same with a chance of loosing.
  19. Having the same problem so are a lot of other folks
  20. really what do you care all you do is camp stuff better for you to play the underpop side so you can increase your kill count.
  21. You cant have balance or even sides in this game then no one would win fools
  22. wtf happened to the server
  23. I was killed heavy pulled it while I was dead and wait to despawn da
  24. That was my fms and was not intentional . Heavy265 did pull it. I was setting precamp fms was in a hurry didn't even look really when I set it. It let me set it there thought I was far enough away from inf spawn so when it did come up would be next to it not in it.
  25. yea that about sums it up