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  1. should have gave potthead a medal without him we wouldn't have taken ramsgate
  2. congrats everyone
  3. need coffee to get me going though since my kidneys are failing I probably shouldn't have caffeine
  4. I have seen one map where one side did capitulate 1 and only 1
  5. omg don't get me started Choad rlmao
  6. may god be with you and your family
  7. It was better than battle field 42 lol though battle field had better graphics the map was to small and limited to 13 or 14 players at a time
  8. I actually played rapid assault once Now I see where xoom got the DLC packs idea from lol
  9. lol ian you crack me up
  10. Yep please develope with all do haste
  11. I wont tell you what people call you mattamore but its not very nice.
  12. I am already a super engineer guess you havnt seen my use of ppos RLMAO
  13. I like being abused bring it lol
  14. statsgrupin sorella how could you lol
  15. I did 20 years in the Air Force ill do 20 in this game and retire from that too Choad My health is getting worse and I need to spend more time with my son. He will be 14 in Aug so I am running out of time to spend with him before you know it he will be gone out on his own too.
  16. I didn't rage quit I knew who was going Allied before the map even started lol you really are naïve Randazoo
  17. I don't care about this map I never did. I already knew before map start what was going to happen. So did the rest of the axis player base. No one on axis side cares if we lose this map or not it was a given. Yes if you don't bring supply from rear town garrison supply wont last long
  18. Allied have some good vets just not enough of them. I enjoyed my time as Allied HC and we won a lot of maps. After I retired and Allied CINC allied side has seemed to go down hill. I would like to know why that happed because it baffles me. You have the better equipment now than you did when I was CINC; and since they took the tactical game out by putting units in every town you would think it would be easier. So I am trying to figure out how your losing so many maps I just don't understand it. I played Allied for the mini map and yea you have to issues over there they need fixed. I tried to help and was told to stfu. So I left after 2 maps allied and went back to axis. Before I left as Allied CINC I made a detailed post on how to win a map and it can work on both sides. Seems Axis picked up on that and used it but allies haven't. Really I don't care much anymore one way or the other. I don't play anywhere near as much as I used to. I will be playing less and less and once I hit my 20 year mark I wont play anymore after that. So I only have 2 more years of playing this game and I may even give it up before that depending on how my health holds out which currently isn't do to well.
  19. This will never happen Xoom people are drawn to the Axis side more so than Allied and the only time Allies are over pop is when the Axis go over there to help them win a map.
  20. but that would require Axis player to play allied 60% of the time I don't see that happening
  21. Only one way to fix side imbalance and that is the system picks which side you play for how about that. Side balance solved.
  22. RLMAO Rebel How many maps did we role in a row now SD comes back must be magic. Now that the axis player base decided to go Allied to help you all win a map so you all don't rage quit or unsub. The only time Allies win a map is if Axis feel the need to help you win one. For some reason people are more attracted to the Axis side than Allies.
  23. Well considering that yea Axis are always over pop unless the axis player base decides to go help the Allies win a map.
  24. I think allied really needs to learn new tatics you have been stuck in a rut and trying to just roll a town with every tank you got isn't going to get it done. Your already underpop more in tanks and planes than on the ground.