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  1. It wasn't moving fast enough id say it went pretty damn fast the last week of it.
  2. That's not true still same amount of zooks in each unit we just rearm them.
  3. I am sorry to hear that fight it with all you got you can beat it .
  4. congrats Choad
  5. interesting considering I play from 0800 to 2400 everyday maybe you should play more then choad
  6. It seems that you have forgot the old way it used to be back when we had units in every town. You don't remember the tactics that were used to roll towns. A lot of old axis vets seem to remember but most have for gotten how to roll the map with the current set up we have. The only thing that really keeps the map being rolled one way or the other is the stupid cap timers. A good example was the pville battle. The first wave of fms we set up was from a town that didn't even link to pville and we used that supply to attack with you were already at a supply disadvantage in pville. While you all burned up the allied supply while defending it with supply from linking towns Ie Beaumont and Chimay once your pville garrison supply was gone. We still had plenty of supply because we attacked pville from a town that didn't even link to pville. Made it east to take chimay prob could have taken Beaumont as well and not have run out of supply. Tatics have changed you either adapt or lose simple as that.
  7. so many ways to grief and you missed a lot of them. How about killing off all the engineers by just setting charges and let the charge kill you or grenade your self or jump off the church tower. seriously cant believe you are even discussing this.
  8. There is only one way and one way only to fix this side balance problem. You wont like it and CRS wont do it. That's let the system decide which side you play for. Then the sides will always be pretty much balanced.
  9. You guys have gone to far with penalizing the op side. We already have 10 min cap timer while underpop has a 30 sec cap timer. Plus the spawn delay we already had. Now your dropping to 1 AO in tz3 on top of all the penalties we already have for op. Your never going to have side balance so stop with the fking bs. so say everyone goes allied your still going to have the same problems just reversed. You have penalized the most pop side of the player base they were already unhappy with the penalties we already had now you add more when is it going to stop seriously. I get it allies tired of losing I can understand that if they want to attract more players they need better leadership and better game play because they are seriously lacking in both departments. I went over to allied side for intermission and mini map and tried to help them I wasn't on allied side for a day and realized why they lose so many times. The people that went over from the Axis side tried to help and were there about a week maybe two and all went back to axis because of the way the allies play no coms no defense no guards and crappy AO selections. There HC has no concept of tactics other than roll a bunch of armor into a town and hope they drain the supply or get lucky. The few allied players that actually understand the game and tactics are left holding the bag and are pretty much fed up but because they are loyal to one side so they stay. From what allied vets have told me they can not keep vet players on allied side and I can see why. But I tell you now if you keep going the route your going adding more penalties to the op side then you will lose your subscribers I am already at that point where I am seriously considering unsubscribing. Not just for the penalties the op side has but also because we haven't had one map in the last 6 or 7 months without of patch a draw a reset or some other bs during the live map. Why should I invest my time and money into a game where all the hours time and money I put into it are waisted on a map restart or a draw. Its not worth it and not even enjoyable anymore on top of all that you guys come up and fix the cool [censored] that made the game more enjoyable despite all the other bs but refuse to put it in the live map.
  10. is that xoom lol
  11. I remember when I was allied cinc and lead allies to many victories so I don't know what to tell you guys. When I was in hc over there I saw no problems and we won yea I was hard core on the pb but we won.
  12. I can already see whats next coming overpop side fb take 50 charges underpop 4 charges and when that doesn't work they prob go to system will choose what side you play to keep the sides balanced.
  13. that's what I said gore both sides gona bite it not just axis
  14. Rlmao @ella these dudes living in fantasy land fking clueless and no commonsense.
  15. lol I don't need kill credit for that with a dd and you know it Choad
  16. Fog of war there is no fog of war in this game you must be joking Merlin lol. If you think there is fog of war in this game your not that good of a player then. The AO system in itself takes the fog of war stuff out of the game only so many AOs and with the ews system you already know if someone is at a AO or not. There is no fog of war.
  17. I would like to see the kill credit on all the time. It doesn't really matter to me because if you have your stat page logged on you can just flip between game and stat page and know who you killed. I don't see why you guys are apposed to having that on really. What are you all worried about anyway? People know who kills you when you despawn after someone kills you. So your point of people knowing who is attacking a certain town is invalid because once you die you already know whos attacking your town. There are well known players and then players no one has ever heard of on both sides. If vets are thinking oh know he got kill credit on me he knows I am here you seriously have issues lol. I know all the best players in this game on both sides how they think and their play style that's why we are vets not noobs. I think it would be good for the less known players in the game knowing they just got a kill on a well known vet player and gives them some sort of motivation or satisfaction knowing they just took out a vet player.
  18. just because it says you killed someone doesn't mean the ei is dead either. I found that out the hard way got kill credit thinking ei was dead ran out of my position and he killed me. It doesn't mean you killed him just wounded it enough to get the kill on it when he dies.
  19. I went allied for the mini map and intermission . I tried to help you all out but you all don't listen over there no coms no team work and poor leadership and you wonder why axis are over pop.
  20. you have to multi task and know what to do I see so many people wandering around like they don't know what to do. MMM Town has AO on it is the ai down if so fix it. Did the ai go off after you fixed it mmm ei that direction should investigate and see if there is a efms out that way. Must be ei in town I should check the spawn cp. Am I alone in the town if so call for help. I mean seriously you all act like you cant think.
  21. It makes little difference 4 expert vets can hold a town vs 20 noobs any day if and I mean if you spawn in to defend town soon as ews goes off. If you wait you lose. I have no problem holding a town my self until another player comes to the aid of the town. It really isn't that hard and since I know where people set efms 99.9 % of the time no matter the town if I get out early when ews goes off you will lose your efms. Then all I have to do is respawn back into the spawn cp and wait.
  22. Here is why you should always be at a 45 degree angle when attacking because the code only works on 90 degree angles or straight on shots if you will. So being at a 45 degree attack angle will deflect almost every incoming round. Now you know why I always park my dd at a 45 degree angle of attack same goes for armor.
  23. I liked the part where I killed choad lol
  24. Thank you guys do my best
  25. Thank you guys and to my fellow rdp bomber mates