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  1. I don't think toxicpuke plays anymore I haven't seen him in a long time.
  2. There you have it #2 Xoom the one thing that is torking people of the most in game and its not going to get fixed. Your damn lucky to kill inf with bomb unless they are in a building and it gets blown up. Then wonder why people are not happy well that's a big one right there. You also have bombers out running fighters seriously you call that realistic its not. This game can not be realistic and unrealistic at the same time it wont work it hasn't worked and it never will work. It has to be one way or the other not a combo of the two. To the majority of todays gamers don't want realistic anyway they want a game that works that's free of bugs. Your trying to expand your player base and make the game grow; great but your not going to achieve that when we do get new players and see all the bugs in this game they don't subscribe. When you do fix bugs it creates even more bugs. This game needs a complete overhaul and that is not going to happen until the owner opens his purse strings and hires a full time staff of coders to update the code to the present day code which would entail and entire rewrite of the game and I don't see that happing.
  3. come on Choad you know we do a little ribbing at each other once in awhile lol
  4. Let me expand on what I mean a bit and see if you get what I am saying here. If you make all the Air Equally killable on both sides there will be nothing to complain about. Same With tanks wont have anything to complain about. By doing this it will also give you a solid base across the board to work with. Yea I realize that would mean running into a tank with another tank that it will come down to whos faster on the trigger or skill and use of the tank. But at least you can blame your lack of skill VS the other option that something is bugged broke and the like. Get the point here make it skill based rather than bug based which this game is totally bugged base. You can tell us that you got a Handel on the code until your blew in the face because everyone knows you don't. That is totally apparent by the fixing of one bug only to create more bugs. The more bugs the more people are unhappy with the game. Go back to basics for awhile while you figure the code out. We call that in the military keep it simple stupid. I am not calling you all stupid by the way so don't take it that way. But in the mean time having a skilled base game where it comes down to skill VS rather than Which piece of equipment is bugged and can be exploited is way better than a game full of Buggs.
  5. don't ever question my honor boy it was said by a rat but I wont rat him out . Your so full of it blkhwk8.
  6. Until stuff starts getting fixed probably not going to happen. When you do fix something in this game it breaks something else. Which creates more gripes. Need to also stop catering to every allied whim. Every time allies cry fowl their stuff gets fixed immediately while Axis stuff seems to get put on the back burner. Last time I asked a rat why this is he said its easier to fix the allied stuff. Well that's not good enough so Axis stuff that's broke will never get fixed. Axis bombs wont kill inf only damages them. Axis HE is all Broke except for the Destroyers bombs are broke Motors broke and grenade rifles broke. Damage Mod on Allied air still isn't fixed either. Allied bombs will still detonate below 500 all the way down to 50m and wont even kill the plane that dropped it. So when Axis stuff starts getting fixed then maybe it will improve which isn't likely to happen. Look at the road map you have; Allies are getting the P40 P39 what are axis getting nothing to compete with it. I am going to say it again Allied Air is all one sided and that is a fact. Allies already got the P38 now they getting the P39 P40 its high time that the Axis got some stuff they have needed for a long time and with the introduction of the P40 and P39 Axis should be getting the ME262, Ju88 which is long overdue panther long overdue. But then when you do introduce those things Allied players will cry fowl so it will never stop its the nature of the beast. The only way that I can see this stopping is dump the historical accuracy stuff and make every thing in the game equally killable.
  7. Yes lets cater even more to the allied side as well I am sure that will retain axis players. We already dealing with Allied air that can tank the same damage as a Churchill mk7 our aircraft guns cant kill em even on a 3 to one match up. Their bombers out run all our fighters as well as out turn them at full speed. Allies got the p38 what did we get where is our me262 that should already be in game? I already see where this game is heading Xoom . So now we all have to upgrade our subs to Hero builder to get all content to the game or by add on DLC either way there are way more premium subs that hero builders. You took away the basic free to play stuff so the premium sub guys wont go free to play so basically now premium sub means nothing its the new free to play and hero builders are now the premium sub.
  8. your not going to increase numbers in this game not the way you just bent over all the premium subscribers you will be lucky if most of them don't to free to play or unsub. BTW since you made free to play rifle only and took away the mp34 I would dare say more wont even bother with it now. Your expectations are unrealistic and your only fooling your self.
  9. for a vet that knows how to use the ammo bearer for defense of bunkers and other stuff very useful.
  10. Thank you all for the nice comments
  11. Premium subscribers should already have accesses to the new infantry units. That's what the premium subscriber description said when I signed up for it 17 years ago now your telling me I have to upgrade to a hero builder to get accesses to all content BS!!! thanks for back dooring all us premium subscribers that have contributed to the game for the last 17 years. I will never buy a DLC pack either never this is not COD its wiionline.
  12. It is true so stop fooling your self. The introduction of the last patch just about broke the camels back with this game. You guys bent over every premium player. When I got premium account it said accesses to all content. Which we clearly do not have now. I also see you changed the description of the various subscription plans to and took that out. So now you either have to buy a DLC or be a hero builder to get accesses to all content. Then spam a system message say enjoy the new patch. Nothing like system spamming a message saying we just bent you over enjoy it. First off no bugs got fixed in fact it introduced even more bugs. Second you just bent over all the premium subscribers by not giving us accesses to full game content. When I told my son about the new DLC packs he said they went COD. So this is the direction this game is going trying to compete with COD and other games like it. If this is the case you already lost. Graphics are way better in COD and this game will never be able to compete with xbox psp or other consoles. To people that play those games want high-end graphics which this game will never have or could even support. The only thing this game has that the other don't is the size of the game world that is it and that has been your only selling point the last 17 years. If this is all you have to attract new players to this game its not going to last much longer because between all the bugs the broke equipment the allowing of people that have connections so bad that they cant be killed due to their lag. This game is about done because people may sign up but they wont stay because of all the problems with it. So maybe your numbers show and increase in subscribers but that's also free to play subs not necessarily payed subscribers.
  13. 30 mins to long of a build time you would die long before you got 1 built maybe 6 mins tops
  14. The one I built as Ciney took over 8 to 10 hrs with 3 people was almost 4km long. On average depending what town and where I build it takes about 4 hours by my self to build one.
  15. You want me on that wall
  16. This isn't gaming the game CE. What I don't think you realize is this is a valid military strategy. This is war game after all and I Play it as such. If you don't understand military strategy and tactics how is that my fault. I have used the tools that CRS gave us in a manner that it was intended; but people either one don't understand military strategy or are just to lazy to spend the 4 to 10 hrs it takes to build one. This isn't call of duty after all. There are always Key towns on the Front line that need better defense and I am showing you there are other options out there to help with the defense of the town. What you or any side does with that information is up to the side and the players. But as to your gaming the game comment its not.
  17. I guess you all don't remember the game before we had Forward Bases where you either walked from one town to the other or you all piled into a truck and drove to the town you were attacking.
  18. guess you should stop being lazy and watch for damage on fbs like I do
  19. Looks like she need more practice then lol. The thing with building them is you have to take into account the shape of the terrain, how close to an air field you are and where the enemy FBs are. For example our wall at Ciney got bombed a few times and we could have repaired it despite the numerous holes that got put in it before the next wave of bombers ever got back. We just didn't have enough people as engineers willing to do it. I think was 3 of us repairing and we really needed 5 or 6. I chose that spot because it sits in a depression and close enough to town that ews will go off and give defense enough time to get set up. Also it makes your approach from your Forward bases very slow. Behind the wall there is a higher ridge near town where you can set pzs and atgs well within range of anything coming over the ridge from your forward base to the wall. After the battle at Ciney last night I realized a few things. One people didn't realize that you could defend town from the ridge at town. we didn't have enough people playing engineers at the wall to repair it effectively. If you want to get into the way I play this game you have to picture it as a real life war. I think a lot of people look at it as a first person shooter and not as if it is a real war which is a shame; because if you play it like it was real the strategy level and game play will be more immersive.
  20. Nice job Aomercy nice to see what I started catching on. It would be so cool if we could build bridges as well. Or those circle concrete pill boxes.
  21. its not TOS though I would never wall in someone's FB that is just taboo. Glad to see it is catching on with building though well done to Aomercy for taking the time to try something different.