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  1. I am trying to demon straight that there are many uses for PPOS this is just on a grander scale. The ppos are very useful and are very under used in the game. I What I am showing here is just one possibility.
  2. oh it happened this is Andenne wall
  3. I will continue to build them but you never know where one of my walls will pop up something the allies will have to deal with from now on.
  4. the Ciney wall was 2km long allies tried very hard was a good battle we were under fire while building it was totally epic
  5. The morris audio is so low and not only that it can coast for 2k with the engine off our Ople cant do that it has no Coast at all you turn the engine off you will go about 10 feet.
  6. PPOS are very effective I used them in Andenne as well as Ciney It depends on how you use them and where you use them.
  7. wtg pym
  8. was it my ju87 you shot down ? or my g43 in breda lol
  9. Was nice to put names to faces. Lots of good question and answer session. I know I asked some tuff questions but thank you for taking the time to answer them.
  10. There is a link on Discord for the entire meeting worth watching.
  11. I know you guys are working on the HE Audit. But it does get frustrating when I fly 7 sorties with a ju87 and get 117 hits and no kills.
  12. what's the matter malvoc am I killing you to much
  13. Why the hell would you want to slow down the map. A stagnate map is boring as hell and will drive people away
  14. The new cap timers are because the allied winers complained about tz3 your own damn fault
  15. You know I am going to vent here because I have watched and been part of this game for 16 years longer that most of the current rats. But it has and always been Bias towards the Allied side and it is getting old. Allies seem to always get top tier equipment before Axis ever do and when we do get our equipment its been totally nerfed or doesn't work. The last top tier item that Axis got was the tiger and you guys nerfed it. You gave the Allies the US forces they already had the French and British but their supply comes out of 2 different pools with 2 different sets of Factories. You finally give Axis the Itallians but they don't get their own factories or their own supply pool. they come out of our German supply pool. They get all these new tank variants and Axis gets crap Italian inf with a smg and another rifle woop de do. We should have had the Ju88 years ago the me262 the king tiger the Jag tiger and several other weapons that we should have had already before the Allies had anything comparable. Apparently you never studied History Because Axis had better equipment than the allies Had for the first 3 years of the war. But what really upsets me is #7 in your road map you may as well kiss this game good by if they are allowed to be changing ownerships of towns whenever they want. I cant even believe this is being considered. This will be achieved by: Enabling garrison supply across the frontlines, and one town to its rear. Enabling the continuation of move-able flags that are supplemental (not the standard). Refactor how players spawn in to simplify the user interface. Make the movement of garrison supply based on automatic conditions according to map outcomes. There will always be a frontline with garrison supply, regardless of how the lines are presented on the map. There will always be a rear town with garrison supply behind and adjacent to the frontline town. Allied forces will be capable of changing ownership of their towns (US / FR / UK) via HC options commands
  16. Need some updates on the Forums your still showing the JU87g2 at 95% along with a lot of other stuff that is already out. The HE Audit has been stuck at 75% for months.
  17. I was there for that that 111 had perfect drop
  18. this may help you SCKING with the other problem we were discussing .
  19. Well according to B2k in another post this is may of 1940 which isn't right either because Dunkirque fell in may of 40 cool looking main gun on that thing
  20. US Forces Get their supply 50% from French 50% from brits
  21. I will be playing Allied next map so don't think I wont have a list of stuff that's bugged on the allied side as well
  22. So give Axis the Bismark and Allies the Hood Axis get ME262 and Allies can have the swordfish lol
  23. We used to have fbs to England they took them out so now it is almost impossible and now with the current cap timers we will never be able to invade England its a lost cause.
  24. It wouldn't matter PFM I would still go for the French factories every map. Once I took them I would kick the rest of your army off the map. Then you would complain that its unfair because the French units have no supply to fight with. The last to maps we RDP bombed your English factories into the ground so you would run out of supply in the British Units. The only way invasion of England would work is if we had fbs to England on the mainland but when you spawned out of the fb it spawned you in England.
  25. there are fbs with those flags but you have to look for them I have been to a few of them across the map normal you will find them near other fbs best way to find them is to look for fbs around other fbs we use