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  1. What I would like to know OHM is why you took a truck that had no bugs worked perfectly well out of TOE and gave us a piece of junk that is bugged has been bugged forever with no fix in site and no one wants to even use. This is why no one wants to play with the British. Most of the time we try and have a French unit mixed with the British units just so we don't have to drive that Bedford. We use the laffy and use the British armor. I brought this up awhile ago when this was first announced while you all still had time to pull the beddy. Giving us bugged equipment is not going to do anything for the player base but annoy them even more than they already are. It is common sense man. Don't give bugged equipment and take away something that has no bug.
  2. I hope they increase the sappers in the supply pool because that many charges 15 sappers wont be close to enough to take a defended fb with
  3. That is a great idea I would like to see what we are or are not getting.
  4. Does that mean this map is a draw considering with the new fb rules not quite fare. This map should be considered a draw.
  5. wanted to check out your web site but the link to it you posted on the recruitment forum doesnt work for me.
  6. this game has no where near the pop it used to have. So low pop in fact that half of the things we used to be able to do no longer apply. When we had 10,000 players it was so much better. Better battles more use of trucks and smaller equipment such as pack guns now you rarely get a tow to a town unless you hook on to the only truck running out to town to set a fru.
  7. We picked several new members last night as well and a great time was had by everyone. For the new members welcome to the 42nd. S!
  8. awesome squad awesome members S!