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  1. I don't think anyone is turning this around on me, since I wasn't at King anyone, just a question about the game lol. Not an allies is bull rap or axis is bullcrap thingy lol. I know it happens to both sides. And yes, I've heard if you're in a cup that's hot, keep moving and so and so happens. I hope 1.35 fixes these issues, as it said it would . Once again, I hope no one feels attacked, I only mentioned one name and it was only for example purposes, I know he's a great player and not questioning that. I think most players commenting on this thread are great players and have died to them a many of times. just questioned the problem rather then the player
  2. I have no doubt i've killed a many players the same way they killed me, and yes, its infuriating when I'm the receiving end. I guess that's why I would love to know the issue behind it, is it all just server lag? and I apologize for those type of kills, past and future =P. You can usually tell when you get one of those kills cuz you'll sprint in and see an enemy and they wont fire so you'll just kill them, at least that's what it looks like on the killers screen, you just standing there or lying there. So, if this is a lag issue, so does that mean I should start aiming a little in front of tanks where I want to hit them? just wondering lol I know not everyone can be a cheater or hacker haha, I myself am not smart enough for that kinda stuff lmao. like I said, not attacking anyone, and yes, I know Mobius is a great player from whoever said it above. Just frustrating when their may be 5-6 of capping bunker and we get whipped by someone lol. I know its no persons fault, just frustrating haha. So server lag is the issue then?
  3. First thing is first, I am not making any allegations on anyone cheating. This is simply a question so I can understand maybe some mechanics or whatever. Just now, about 10 minutes ago, I was in Aarschott, trying to be sneaky, and I was hiding. initially I ran into spawnable but then realized their was enemy their so I hid, until I let it cool for a few mins, then I crawled back just to catch the corner. after a few seconds of capping, dead. I coulda seen that coming lol. But what I don't understand is, why didn't I hear him? he was running when he killed me. So this brings me to my question. Why does it always seem to be the same players either a) not dying not making any noise c) shooting through walls? I get C is a lag issue, and I really don't understand what "offset" is. And now for the name dropping, no I'm not attacking, just pointing out. Always seems Mobius, no matter what I do, no matter how much I "keep moving" will be unheard and unseen when killed. offset? lag? But this isn't just infantry, for example the other day, laid a few broadside shots on a stuart, thought to myself, yeah he has to be dead, then he stops point at me and wham. not blaming the player once again, but it usually seems to be the same ones. Was just wondering what causes this, is it my oppenonents computer? is it my computer? is it the server? I've also found it hard on some players armor, that even when they are standing still, it is impossible to sap, even with them sitting still, my charge just wont place (lets be real, probably in the wrong spot anyways). just wondering why all these things happen first, and why does it keep reoccurring with the same players?? like, EXACTLY the same players. Just a few answer plz. thank you and sorry if someone feels threatened or attacked... PS, if it is their cpu, stop d loading so much porn brah <---Joke
  4. Always a war to fight, don't rush it lol
  5. If that Nieder fight didn't prove that their is wayyyy too many tanks in game, I don't know what will? maybe removing ones head out of ones rectum?? ET after ET after ET after ET... Their is probably ETs if I try and softcap a town! I don't know how many we killed, but it was wayyyy to many.
  7. Is their any way we can do some sort of throwback map? Maybe still have FRU's because the new PB wont be able to handle hot drops from fb's, but maybe before brigades and divisions? It would at least promise some supply at every town for a fight. Because what we have going on right now, is kinda boring. Just a suggestion.