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  1. 4x20mm wont harm the db7 much... What we need is this. It might kill the db with a few dozen hits.
  2. That's true. Though it would be a good thing to find out how hard this would be to implement as I guess you could make a lot of vets happy with this - including myself. How I imagine it could look like: 1. Mission leader selects a town/object on the map 2. Mission leader types .swaptarget 3. interface refreshes (for everybody on that mission) and you got a new mission target/target channel If you can implement this command to overwrite&reload the mission's target this would be great. I can imagine though that it can't be done at all without everybody in this mission spawning out first. Please check and tell us - we would be pleased
  3. Same goes for me. If you want to learn how to fly in general, having a problems with a certain aspect (where to aim, how not to flop to the ground), PM me. We can do some training sessions learning the basics or doing some target practice. I am willing to let you shoot me down or bomb me. Sounds like fun, right? Required: 1) You need to be on discord and you should speak english or german. We can go onto a private channel, you can stay away from all the rude folks for starters. 2) If you want to fly fighters, you need some kind of joystick. You will suffer in any dogfight without it. Pick up a cheap one if you are not sure about how engaged you want to be in flying. A cheap joystick is way more efficient than mouse and keyboard. And it can be fun not just for flight sims but for other games too, like arcade space stuff, ArmA, etc 3) It would be helpfull if you do at least a little bit of reading or watch some youtube videos about the basics at first. At least read this one and learn the basic keys you need to start up your ride: If you allready got the basics and want to get good at dogfighting as an axis pilot, this might get you started on learning to know your plane and the enemy's And if you really want to get into dogfighting, this shall be your bible:
  4. Problem: AWS/EWS is hard to read and follow, it often lags behind a lot, you have to hover around with your mouse like crazy, look at the map instead for the bombers- it produces false warnings ("mirror yellow squares") which makes it way harder for interceptors to catch enemy bombers. So as the tracking of enemy bombers over friendly territory would be realistic, it is not well represented in game. The pilot has to do all the work his ground staff would normally do for him, keeping his eyes constantly on the map, reducing his chance to find something that might be right in front of him. Solution: Introduction of a radio channel that keeps pilots informed on the AWS/EWS situation. Pilots have to tune in to the according chat channel if they are intercepting or commanding the interception mission. How to: Implement a chat channel. System should post every new town air ews message with a time stamp. If possible same should be true for the AWS changes (square cleared, square lit). How it might look like if bombers move through the square BN35, turning yellow, then red: OKL: BM35 - AWS reports enemy activity - [15:46] OKL: Rips - Enemy reported in the area [15:49] OKL: Heijen - Enemy reported in the area [15:51] OKL: Venray - Enemy reported in the area [15:52] OKL: BN35 - AWS reports enemy activity - [15:54] OKL: Well - Enemy reported in the area [15:56] OKL: BN35 - AWS reports heavy enemy activity - [15:56] OKL: BM35 - enemy left the square - [15:59] Possible additions: * If it turns out to be too crowded to read, split it into a northern and a southern approach defense channel. * If you got a mission leader or Air HC online, they could try to coordinate the intercepting pilots with the given info and the map. Every pilot that can look out of his canopy rather than onto his map is way more efficient in actually finding enemy planes. * Add a message for a factory been damaged * In the future a complete overhaul of AWS/EWS would be nice, using this system, producing more or less accurate reports to keep track of enemy activitiy close to or over friendly territory. Something like (OKL: Sector BM35 - Enemy bombers reported north of Heijen, Heading 87°, Alt 4000, 2-4 planes). This info would not always have to be accurate and not every town should give an updated info. Inaccuracies and "detection chance" should be involved - the bigger, the lower, the easier to detect.
  5. That 38 (t) is sooooo cute <3
  6. Feel free to stat your mom too if you like to do so!
  7. As it seems from looking at the stats only player credited kills/deaths count for the k/d ratios in the stats and in the top players list. This is leading to weird behaviour of stat whores (edit: especially in the air): 1. They gonna just lawndart their planes to keep their stats intact. A certain player comes to mind with quite some KIAs but a k/d ratio of about 100 to 1... 2. They gonna rely more on head-jobs and don't bother to crash into other planes to achieve some kills as they will benefit even if they die as long as they don't get hit/credited to another player. Both points are cheesy game behaviour nobody likes to see in game. Letting all KIAs count would discourage this gameplay. And this is no stat [my mom] shaming - I am a stat [my mom] myself. But I want to keep my stats clean and they must not smell cheesy :-*
  8. This is so funny. RDP was in the game. It didn't work. Now they put it back in again. Again it worked out horribly. And if you say so, people start calling you out for wanting to "dumb down" or "change" the game. The change of rules you mention is to put so much relevance on RDP again. We have made this change of rules. It doesn't work. Over a variaty of threads a lot of people including you were first ignoring then denying that there's a problem with this change of rules. Me and others listing the occuring problems were named "whiners" and "lazy" from the beginning until now. Yet there is no day without a new player entering the discussion, speaking out that the RDP mechanics are not working. So now you fall down to the old tactic "Let's collect 'solutions' to make RDP work in a few years or so. But keep it in as we wait." - yeah, great idea. If that's what you like. Great, have fun with it, but stay on topic. This thread is about how to at least keep the impact of RDP on the normal gameplay at a minimum by letting guys that enjoy this kind of game fight it out where they don't mess up the EWS for us normal people. If you like layers so much, maybe we should add an EWS map layer so you can only see EA above 5k when you activate that layer.
  9. Know what I am saying? It is supposed to be combined arms warfare. Yes. It actually is disconnected from each other, thus not combined warfare. Like I said, the infantryman can't affect the RDP war unless he takes half of the map while being constantly affected by the outcome of RDP in trying to do so. I'd say that is not like it's should be. You can say this is adding a layer. I'd say it's not adding a layer, it makes the game results depending on the outcome of a mini game disconnected from the main game that most of the people won't ever play. But all players are affected by the outcome of it. If this wouldn't be bad from the get go, keep in mind the mini game is also full of flaws and considerably unbalanced. Might raise some questions why to put so much importance to that mini game to begin with.
  10. No. I would like to have a working strategic air war when we have the means to implement it. We don't have now, as the situation clearly shows. And I would even like to be able to hit frontline towns from 5k. I am doing level bombing right now if AA is intense at an AO. But you can't go very high because hits won't register. For starters, if you really want to keep bombers destroying supply - limit it to air supply. I am LW at 90% of the time. I would loose supply. I would understand why. But I don't think it's a good idea to take away the panzers from the ground guys just because somewone is doing some stuff somewhere that he can't counter in any way.
  11. Thx for the quick reply. I guess this is going to be really hard with the player numbers we have. But as a lot of players are veterans - how about some collaboration with the veterans channel?
  12. That't true BUT my observation of computer games is they they will take out weapons that are unbalanced rather soon. Because players will leave if they think they had worse chances to begin with. Or the game is making money by selling those weapons to slaughter the f2p playerbase with it. Totally agree with you post, chaos. My initial post was more or less intended to troll a bit. "This part of the game is totally broken but it seems like we can't take it out because a lot of folks threaten to leave if you do so - so make it less annoying for the rest of us plz"
  13. With f2p being rifles only (which I can totally understand), is there at least the offer of a free trial "starter account" or something for new subs? I guess it's going to be hard for an interested airsim player to evaluate this game by playing a rifleman... I guess you still do some events with more access for f2p players?
  14. Sounds reasonable to me. There has to be a lot added to the game for the naval game to work that way though. Like AI driven merchant convoys.
  15. You want the airspeed of a bombing target? I guess that's 0 For the alt - look it up here: