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  1. Really looking forward to this. The good best part about the current situation: a lot of things are in the work right now. So let's see what the future brings. Probably some impact of attrition. Again: I will be the first guy complaining about no bombers left for CAS because some idiot drove all of them into the salty waters of the channel.
  2. No offense, but you are basically saying that we should perceive and think of the current tank as how it could be some day if a lot of things have changed. That's a very idealistic view on a badly implemented element of a game. I see why CRS wanted to implement more HE-driven weapons on every side, but looking at the basic performance layout of the StuH I'd say that everybody could have aniticipated that it's not suited for the war we fight in game. We got no propper artillery gameplay and it's just a howitzer in an armored box with very scarce ammo. I never said that the StuH was useless in WW2. I said that inside the current game boundaries it's the most useless AFV of the whole game.It does not perform well in all the roles you propose it should perform in well in the future. And to be honest, I don't see these changes coming soon and in such a scale, the StuH will be a well liked piece of an assault. The worst thing is, it allready has a role it has to fullfill: It's the counterpart to the new allied CS vehicles, all of which are equipped with a turret, MGs and most of them fielding a lot more smoke which axis tier3 tanks lack badly. The StuH is not fulfilling this role at all. You can question how well the allied vehicles perform, but you can't question they perform a lot better than the StuH. I don't disagree with you on the "how it should be" side. But that's not how it is right now. And that leaves the question why we got such a useless tank in the first place. After all, they had to put work into it. It's like implementing the T34 Calliope without having functual rockets in game. I thank you for your efford, but I'd prefer something else in that case. I don't want to whine about imbalance or anything. I'm just a bit confused about who thought this would be a good addition to the game, by which criteria and if anybody put that to a test. Let's move on to other stuff but not forget what should be taken into consideration when implementing new stuff into the game: Will it be usefull? Will it be fun? Because if it won' bet, people like me start to complain.
  3. That's what I said too. You can't put more emphasis on RDP bombing because bombing itself is totally off right now. It's hard to counter bombing raids, it's allmost impossible if the bomber pilot knows what he's doing and there is no penalty whatsoever for lost bombers because every side has hundreds of them respawning every 12 hours. Imho RDP damage should only be taken into account if the causing plane manages to RTB afterwards. I would bet, 90% of RDP runs are complete suicide missions and that's just soooo gamey. If a bomber would have to hit the target and make it back home in order to perform a succesfull mission, than it would be a totally different RDP game. Right now, what axis witness are continuous MXY-7 Ohkas diving onto their factories as soon as allies get in short range of the Ruhr.
  4. Being able to recover your damaged vehicles is normally an advantage that the winner of a fight has, not the person that holds a depot at the time of the fight/damage/despawn. Due to this, RTBs of damaged vehicles are not accurately represented in game. However: It should be the case, that driving home a damaged tank gives you some benefit over abandon that tank in no man's land. It would be nice if the system would save the location of a damaged, despawned tank. The timer for reentering the spawn pool should be based on how heavy the damage is and who controlls the zone after the AO has been dropped/finished. This would take a lot of work and I guess it's no top priority, even more so with the sheer flood of equipment we got in game.
  5. Exactly. Blow off your steam here, play some hours of war thunder and notice how that shxxty game won't hold up to the fun you got with your squaddies fighting against all odds.
  6. Yeah, that sucks. Like fighting against brits in tier0 with their semi auto 10 round enfield.
  7. Regarding point 2: We just had a lot of allied pilots flying their DB7s right into the factory flak. There was a 2k cloud layer, so they went on suicide missions. Well it's not like they will suffer from heavy bomber losses in any form. They have 30 for every active pilot to spend them this way. Seeing DB7s diving through the clouds at Mach 1 right into the factory and it's flak is exactly the exploit i was talking about. As long as this happens, you got the reason why nobody on the axis side wants to see more impact from RDP runs.
  8. I like the idea, i would love to see it implemented if it works, but one has to keep in mind the limitations of the game as it presents itself right now. I don't see the current game in a state that supports real strategic bombing campaigns and air defense on the other side. Main reason for that is the low player numbers in some timezones and the reaction time for the defending side. As I allready wrote in a nother thread: I think it's allmost impossible to implement a larger scale RDP system without breaking the campaign gameplay because it can be exploited way to easy. Some reasons: 1. Low player numbers, small map scale: You can find times where allmost no pilots are logged in. Group up with some bombers, fly the short distances we got in this game, bomb the target - the enemy has only minutes to react and noone will stop you. Add to this the increased amount of possible targets (as proposed) and the divided resistance becomes even smaller. 2. High Equipment numbers: You won't run out of bombers. Never. You can waste a lot of them. Just take them onto suicide missions. It doesn't matter. There is no penalty to your war effort for that. 3. Bad EWS: "Radar" is really bugged in this game and there is no radar observer that will lead you to bombers flying deep in your own territory. There are not patrol missions or ground observers that tell you the direction and altitude of a spotted enemy. It's rather easy to escape fighters, especially in early tiers, especially with a A20, especially if the enemy doesn't know which of the (then many) targets you are up for. 4. We got no strategic bombers except the very early 111. We ain't got the bombers nor the population to fly in big payloads. So you have to modell strategic bombing in a way that dropping 1 ton of bombs onto one factory will make an impact. And that's increasing all of the above problems with exploitation. Either bombing a factory with the payload of a DB7 will have allmost no impact on RDP, then nobody will waste his time on rdp raids - or bombing a factory with the payload of a single DB7 will have an impact on RDP and you will see a lot of exploitation because it's really easy to fly a DB7 to the Ruhr in most timezones.
  9. Try to do that with a StuH. It carries 3 smoke rounds. And no MG. And got like 20 seconds reload time. There is no use for this vehicle, even if the HE rounds will get a bit more lethal. Any other tank with an MG is better suited to kill EI.
  10. Very well spoken!
  11. I won't argue with you on that. But of course liptons criticism is somewhat eligible because if you say that uniforms should stick out, you have to make sure that one side's uniforms won't stick out much more than the others or you will run into balance problems. One has to keep in mind, like you said, that the visual game world is rather limited in shapes and colours. So units that differ from those shapes and colours are rather easy to spot - far easier than in the real world. A unit that is coloured more or less like the standard "earth" or "bushline" colour in this game sticks out way less than a unit that's ... let my think of something that would be really stupid ... a yellow or light grey tank for example - or a truck with a shiny top. But I myself wouldn't judge this topic until we have actual in game pictures of this new uniforms in different terrains/sunlight conditions.
  12. You notice that only the axis uniform in this pictues is shimmering like a wedding dress, right? Oh, I like those nice and flashy silver stripes on the epaulet and the side cap. Maybe we could add some chrome coated iron crosses? Edit: And looking at those big orange pouches the frenchie is carrying around I wonder why you think the thin red line on the cap is what's destroying his camo.
  13. 1. Structural damage & overloading: this is needed badly on planes to cut out the weirdest stuff (damage model, weapon performance, flight performance) in aerial battles. Without it, this game just can't offer somewhat realistic air battles. And I think it is needed on trucks and other vehicles also. No more Opels of Hazzard. - I am pretty sure it is very hard to implement this if possible at all within the current engine, but it's needed badly nonetheless. 2. A world, that's not made of duranium. I find it pretty annoying that trees, brick walls and and piles of rubble impose impenetrable armor protection agains every sort of ordnance. Ideally, trees should be destroyable (I guess that's not possible) or at least they should get penetrated by bullets and frags. If you say "A real brick wall would offer a lot of protection"it should be taken into account that those world objects can't take any damage. A real brick wall would fall over if you shell it with HE. So a brick wall that can't be blown away (rubble) should at least offer way less protection than an intact house to compensate for that. 3. Field repairs. I don't think this is very important but It would ad some nice teamwork/squad situations to the game. Your tiger got tracked again somewhere in between FB and town? Let's bring a SKfz and build a repair FMS/Crate/Something. Wait 5 Minutes and you are ready to go. You lost your commander again due to nasty snipers? Probably someone is willing to bring you a new one. Please add extended cranking and cursing sounds while repair is taking place.
  14. So the standard movement speed is to jog and you can jog while being heavily wounded and small ATGs are also moving around on jogging speed and when you hit "autowalk", you start jogging. We seem to have different definitions of "jogging".
  15. Congrats kchip and compliments to my other squaddies - you hold up the defense against all odds. Let's hold out until the Wunderwaffen will arrive!