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  1. Like I said: wouldn't do that either. A destroyed depot should just have significantly less supply. It should cause an effect on the defender but not shutting him down completely. If you can shut down depots by air attacks or HE shelling - this would be easier than it is now and fights would be concentrated even more around the left spawn points at the AB. But I think what we want is less AB-concentrated fighting - not more of it. If you shut down the spawn completely by destroying it there would also be no real need to cap it afterwards other then to seal the deal of capping the town - after you capped the AB. So even more AB-only fighting in this regard too.
  2. Regarding post war tanks: I'd rather not see them in this game tbh. I get flashbacks from war thunder when I see tanks driving around that only where built once as wooden model fighting AFVs from the 1950s. There is still a lot of stuff we could add to the game that would be fun without touching the fictional "what could have been" path of alternative history and mere fantasy.
  3. "PUSH! We allmost got this. They are down to the gaffers allready!"
  4. I would love to see the Volkssturm infantry class when you speak of late war units. Old men and teens swinging around outdated firearms but a lot of Panzerfausts!
  5. To some degree if you got lots of units camping it. On the other side a destroyed depot has more exits and thus you can get out faster. If I don't have much tank support locking down a depot I'd rather cap the CP next to an intact than a destroyed one.
  6. Alltough it sounds interesting to have open cap points to discourage ninja tactics I see the danger that the game would become a world of tanks with some sappers running around. Infantry fighting in a town now is needed because only infantry can really keep the enemy from capping the city CPs. If you add open cap platforms a tank can defend it just as good or even better than a grunt can. So you'd bring even more tanks and less infantry on the defense. Vice versa you need less ability to kill EI and more ATGs on the attack so the attackers would bring way less infantry themselves. In result you would see less combined warfare and not more of it. I wouldn't like that. edit: Of course that doesn't mean it won't be interesting to add SOME of those cap points here and there to simulate a more tank driven battle for an area (like a hill or bridge) rather than a town.
  7. I'd love it. I'd pay for that. Give me a personal "Verbandsabzeichen" ( + "Stammkeinzeichen" aka plane ID.
  8. Keep in mind that fighter planes are not restricted to bullets but in most cases got HE rounds also. Of course the splash damage is very low in this game but the veh spawn is rather small and the cannons in most fighters are firing at an angle too. So they can manage to hit a post, a part of your gun or the earth right in front of you with a dozen 20mm HE rounds that might kill you even without you being able to see the plane from your gunner or commander position. But another problem with the veh tent is that it got a very clearly visible sand "platform" so you will see things better if they are inside than you would see them anywhere else. Makes it easier for the plane to circle above the FB and wait for the next spawn in. As we got light AA and ATG allready spawning with the infantry around the FMS - why not spawn them close to the Inf spawn at the FB? There is no real need for towing them anymore so there is no reason anyone would want to spawn them in the veh spawn. Spawning small defensive equipment at the inf spawn would make it harder to camp a FB. I'd say that would be a good thing.
  9. I like that concept. Damage treshold should be high though. Maybe make the consequences not too harsh to test it. Destroyed depot = only (x%) of rifles + some engineers left or something. Engineers to be able to repair it if possible. Actually if this would be implemented I would support the idea that a NOT destroyed depot should be able to spawn some (!) heavier equipment that trickles down slowly from the AB. Would make town battles more interesting and attackers would be even more encouraged to cap/destroy all spawnable depots in order to lock the enemy down to the AB(s). The other way around a defender could blow up an enemy capped spawnable (destroyable only if it's capped) to cut it down to rifles too. Air Force could add a lot to take a town by taking down the depots - so could a support tank like the StuG B and the Char by holding it down. Defenders would have the ability to get around a camped veh spawn if they manage to protect their engineers. All in all it would make the battle more spread and variable. I guess most of us would like the attack not to be focused so much at one single spawn point. ("We are attacking town X. Get some tanks to the hill Yth Zst of town and lock down the ab from there. Like we did the last 120 campaigns when we had to attack this town.")
  10. Or make it simple like the developers of RO: If you happen to fire it from the standing position, your movement and swing is restricted to the slowest form of movement (or just freezes completely).
  11. I don't think you can run & shoot any weapon somewhat aimed. And I don't think anybody thinks you can jogg while firing aimed salvos of LMG. But to anybody saying you have to "deploy" it before you can fire it - I don't think so. The Red Orchestra 2 gameplay actualle doesn't represent the normal MG gameplay in that game. Nonetheless what you see there is that there is no jogging while firing. The player is restricted to the slowest form of movement in this game if he wants to fire the MG from the hip. And then it's just spraying all over the place which is the main reason the player is killing people at a distance of 2 - 3 meters which is not much for RO2. I am pretty sure 2 meters is a distance you can hit targets even with a hip firing LMG on the move with if you are practiced in this discipline. But the main point is: thank you for the last video!
  12. sorry, I forgot to ad the ""
  13. You got games nowerdays that have support players only: Euro Truck Simulator or Farming Simulator. But I am pretty sure those guys won't come over and do all the trucking in WW2online. The players we have now might want to truck around from time to time if it ads to the fun and helps their buddys. But I am pretty sure not many players like to *rely* on trucking because nobody wants to be *forced* to truck things around. If you got a squad with good numbers online most of the time like the 91st you can usually find someone that tows you. But this is rather the exception than the rule. If I log in while 'mericans are asleep we got low numbers too and the whole transportation company goes bancrupt. Usually that's the time to drive out a Panzer and get some kills because allies won't tow ATGs around aswell. I have to agree with madrebel: Being forced to tow things around is a concept that had its right but with the game and the playerbase changing it now hampers the flow of the game for a lot of folks. Restricting the need of towing to the big guns is a good step ahead. If you want to bring an ATG that can't be pushed around by hand you need a truck. I think that's ok. If you want to field something that's normally attached to infantry on a much lower level than the big guns, you can spawn it with the infantry at the frontline. I think that's ok too. Regarding support roles: Most of the games that have something called "support roles" (like a medic or an engineer) don't actually have support roles. They have support bonusses you can choose from instead of combat bonusses. You can heal other players instead of bringing a LMG for example. But of course this "medic" brings his rifle and will be shooting 90% of the time rather than patching up wounds. I'd always say it adds to the fun and immersion if you can implement support functions, roles an mission types as an opportunity - but not as an necessity. Having the ability to resupply a tank with a truck so it can fight longer - nice. Having the need to drive a truck to the tank before it can fire his first shot - i would be a pain in the [censored].
  14. Sure. But when I think of which image represents this game most for me it hast to be the sap/atr guide. I guess there is no other picture I spend more time looking at while being really really excited about what's about to come... And now you can start making fun of what I just said!