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  1. Ey folks.. on another account for a bit but after 15 years and my latest work i was suddenly realising that CRS could beneifit hugely if it would ask players to ermm (NOONE hold, load or aim anything at me)... mine some coins. The base ones like btc,ltc or eth for example. By the time the game is started up and an SD counter begins it could already be connect to a stratum pool Or when idle spawned-out, or in a low activity (no lag issues) area when a player ticked a checkbox to support it. I mean we all have kewl graph cards basicly and getting a lil Eth or Monero module in there is less then a days work. Heck putting a bitcoin JS snippet on the main webpage takes less then lunch. I smell an oppertunity... if we'd only give like 5% of GPU power when its not used then on a daily basis that could add up to a nice additional revenue to support the game. I'd be happy to pay a lil with the card i already bought rather then sent some more hard cash i have to come up with. And this can be done as long and much as players want.. if your hardcore you end the game and turn the Mining Intensity up so that CRS earns some more while your at work hehe. All them fundraisers, marketing campaigns, ingame events, meetings and we may never reach the goldilocks zone so maybe with a bit of game based cash support they get some more leverage on what they can put back in.... *cough*Mines*cough*Subs*cough*moving sheep! hehe.. Serious. Dont kill of the thread with the usual banter and dont look at my post rate, i been a 15 year hardcore Allied AB defender.. most know me on both chars by now .. at least i hope! So my option list (now i'm thinking about it it gets larger fast) for moments/situations to mine some crypto while the player ... - waits on SD - waits on despawn - is spawned out - is in an unmanned non active town - has the Checkbox ticked with 'I will support CRS with a grain of crypto mining hashrate' .. perhaps even a percentage value. Note that i mine constantly even on this rig and some mining can be tuned nicely to fit with the game though more then 10-15% of your card hashrate should not be spend cause you will notice that fast. Anyway in the idle moments it seems a fine solution to support CRS without having to front up cash (rather then using energy+equipment)/ Bulb [Not the brightest but i'm always up front] [ADD BELOW YOUR INPUT ON HOW CRS COULD BENEFIT FROM SOME HASHRATE POWER FROM OUR GRAPHIC CARDS]
  2. Hiya, Both HTTP and HTTPS dont work for me. The IP address does though. Thanks ill continue from there assuming the propagation is slow at my provider. Bulb
  3. Hi Guys, I'd like to renew an account but cant get to the page since yesterday. Any estimate when it will be available ? Bulb http://wwiionline.com/account This site can’t be reached wwiionline.com’s server DNS address could not be found.