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  1. I made it
  2. Happy New Year from BlitzKader
  3. Bump for "Welcome Back Soldier"
  4. Haha into the fire he goes
  5. BK is Active
  6. Sure do, WB. Look for us in game and we'll get you back in squad
  7. Bump time
  8. Just ask if any Blitzkader are on or on channel 10.
  9. To the top for Team AXIS
  10. Look for any BlitzKader squaddie in game
  11. Howdy
  12. Jr is having forum/PW reset problems NY75. He has e-mailed Bloo and they are working on a fix for him. I'm sure the current rotation will work for BK.
  13. RGR that
  14. Come kill Alliban with us