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  1. Maybe in the past but not anymore. It's not that risky with two-AO peaks and predictable periods of very low server activity. Then with air there's almost no penalty anymore with throwing as many flags to the AF closest to the frontline.
  2. They're not going to have much impact because CRS will put maybe 5-10 of them in a brigade and they'll all be wasted.
  3. There are a bunch of other buildings that could be used to mix the capture points up. Like 75% of the assets in game aren't ever used or are rarely used. I don't know how many wasted artist/modeler hours they all represent but it's kind of sad. For instance there's this huge four story building I saw awhile ago on a random spawn in at Couvin. It's got a large lobby at the bottom, a long staircase, a large lobby at the top and two rooms. Everything at the top has a window that players can shoot out of. They should make a building like this the city CP, or just any CP really. Put the capture point at the top floor and suddenly you have an objective that's far better to fight in than any of the crappy depots. Put some crates away from the windows so LMGs can depot without being 100% exposed and hanging out the window. The building is tall enough to actually be useful for controlling town, and it makes it difficult for tanks to shoot through the top windows. The top floor is high enough that rifle grenades might actually prove useful for once. It might actually be fun to fight over this building and require something else besides running in with an auto weapon as fast as you can to exploit lag. There are a lot of possibilities. The thing is that I don't think anyone here cares about improving the FPS combat. Everything is treated as if it's good enough. I don't know why the same depot building is used for every single point on the map or why they're positioned so badly. There are also little multi-story factory buildings too with smokestacks and cover inside that could be used as depots, but it's always the same drab gray depot placed 15m from the spawn building.
  4. If you don't think that there's anything exclusive about something that requires a manual application and approval process by a company then I don't know what to tell you. It's a job that you do for free, which is why no one besides you and like 30 other people in the world want to do it.
  5. The game has only 2 AOs during "prime" time, what kind of teamwork do you expect when there's only 20 people on the P1 attack? 21 people attacking Brugge right now, a town that's a few km across. Setup a truck, two mortars and two runners for a modest pit and you've used up a quarter of your ground force. On something that might get a few kills over several minutes if they know what they're doing.
  6. If success is still being achieved why have do you have to beg people to join HC? Why are there no big squads left? If HC doesn't issue orders then why are all the HC officers burnt-out? At any rate your idea of success has nothing to to with player numbers or player satisfaction. Those things are important for a MMO business.
  7. If something in the game is determined by player population then you or anyone can do something about it. It's a MMO and the ultimate skill in a MMO is being able to organize other people. Even in the extreme situations I can hit up people offline or playing other games to get more people. "Get more people" to go attack somewhere is a vast improvement over having to lobby or become a HC officer and deal with politics to perform a basic game task. There aren't enough squads left to even fill out the host squad program anymore much less conduct decent ops, and there are so few HC officers that it can't even staff itself 24/7. At this point I have to ask just what do you consider "successful"? You're telling people how to run their squads in order to succeed but what's you're criteria? I ask this because I see a game with less than 100 people online half of the day, and whose biggest squads put up fewer numbers on a planned squad night than a casual platoon in other games.
  8. It will still suck. Telling some players that they don't get to attack, then having to justify it somehow while they complain either to you, your make-believe superior officer, or to CRS sucks. They'll [censored] all over the side chat and forums about how you wouldn't give them an AO despite all their hard work to set it up, they'll be right and the best case scenario is that you'll be right-er. I'm sure some people get their kicks out of pulling and denying AOs to random players, but it's essentially an unpaid customer service job where you take the grief from other customers for free. No one wants to deal with all that negativity. I mean seriously why put a human in the position of having to choose who gets to have fun, and who has to just deal with it?. Put some hard and fast rules down and let the players operate around them. If I need 50 players spawned in near town then I can work toward that and get a plan going to get 50 warm bodies near town whether than means getting big, joining with other squads for the night or convincing the pubs to spawn in. I have options. Can't do [censored] though about convincing some guy that thinks we need to keep the six-hour AO on Antwerp going, or AO Schilde for the third time in a day, or who thinks that we shouldn't be attacking at all and wants the entire team to sit on defense for the next eight hours. Squads certainly can't grow if the squad leaders have zero control over what they're going to be doing on squad night.
  9. AOs were put in the game to concentrate players and force fights, not so some HC person could bore everyone in to logging off with a dead AO and then hope to get lucky. This is why pop is so low and the quality of fights is also poor.
  10. The fact that almost no one wants to be in HC, and CRS has tapped out both the playerbase and themselves for people to pull HC duty. I mean there are a bunch of other good gameplay and conceptual reasons to make the change, but I'll wager that that's the one at the top.
  11. That's a scenario that's just grasping for a problem to find. I mean what rule can't be "exploited" by the opposing team moving over en masse and playing for the other side?
  12. If modeling separate damage states is too much work, then look at way to apply the red puff damage sprite to the ATG crewmen hit boxes. Use the same sprite that displays when infantry get hit. It might look a little gamey but seeing red will be some visual indication. Also unless something changed since I lasted tested, the hitboxes on some ATG crewmen change position when deployed vs. undeployed, and the 1st and 3rd person views are reversed on some guns. Those are some quirks aggravate this ATG problem.
  13. How exactly are population-set AOs going to be exploited? What's the great fear here that's so much worse than the current system?
  14. Can someone give an example when it would be appropriate to veto a player-AO?
  15. The game already has rules and a user TOS, I think that it will do just fine without volunteer chaperones making "sometimes unpopular" decisions for everyone.