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  1. Merlin if you think the roadmap is a very positive thing for squads then you should be spamming it to every online community that you can. No one seems to know the details of the hybrid system though, just that brigades are staying and there will be some garrisons on some parts of the map. Nothing in the 2018 roadmap announcement about AOs, the related Q&A thread starts off saying the game is moving to EWS/population based AOs, but then in this thread CRS says that no decision has been made yet. Squad missions are of course still off the table. Inconsistent, teleporting spawn lists of equipment are one of the main reasons why there aren't big squad ops anymore, and by big I mean the kind of ops that you could use for promotional material. For the small squads it's not as much of an issue.
  2. Yes. What you see at prime time during the WBS is actually better than the game has been lately. Nothing in the game supports any organized tactical action and most of the major game mechanics exist specifically to impede and/or nullify it. CRS won't get rid of HC, or AOs, or brigades, or do anything to support squads. They've explicitly come out against squad missions and even any ability to turn on/off spawning. The squad numbers have flatlined and no one has the population to take a town by themselves anymore. So when there is some population on during prime time it's like you said a "place a MS and feed the meatgrinder" operation. All the remaining leaders that "stepped up" and haven't quit from HC burn-out are stuck staring at the map instead of organizing attacks.
  3. Use a wirblewind in WT, then get back to me. Even the early war SPAA that's some machine guns mounted on a truck is better than what we have in this game like the flak 30. Here we spawn in walled killboxes and try to move out before the DB7s with the autohotkey setups and no G limits drop another bomb, so it doesn't take much to beat this game's air-ground balance. The air balance here is also horrendous, if it weren't then there would still be regular axis air squads in the game. The equipment matchup is part of it, but I think that it's the implementation that drove everyone away. Invulnerable spitfire tails, merlin engines that soak up 4-5 20mms from the front and still keep moving. .50 cal breaks off wings and tails in sometimes less than a dozen hits due to the way energy transfer is modeled. Unless the 250kgs can kill tanks with near-misses then they will still be worse for ground support than the 100kg. No one needs help killing soft targets with bombs.
  4. It has little to do equipment balance and more to do with the allies not going on offense except during US prime. All axis has to do is successfully turtle for 4-6 hours out of the day and they'll eventually win the campaign. When someone from another TZ switches to the allied team, the allies faceroll to victory until they switch back because axis doesn't have a real prime time anymore. If you knew something about guild management and not this game's HC and flag stuff you'd realize that. The air game is indeed abysmal and that's why so many regular pilots just up and left for BOS or even War Thunder. WT has a better fleshed-out SPAA and air-ground balance too, it's got a variety of pre-war and early-war stuff like the french P4T AA and the flakpanzer 1 to start. It gets easier to overlook the smaller scope and fewer sim elements when other games have a stack of units and we can't even get HMGs that point up.
  5. The funniest thing is that the hopeless situation in the air drives more axis players to play ground, and outside a few situations that's how towns are captured.
  6. What are you talking about? Right now the defender has 10 minutes to recap before the bunkers go hot. That’s 10 minutes before you have to post guards in every AB in a big town like Brussels which is very draining. You make the depots cap in 1 minute and the bunkers go hot after 20 or 30 minutes, and suddenly you have vastly different gameplay and tactics despite the overall fastest possible town capture still taking a similar amount of time. The long capture timers killed paratrooper missions, they killed hotdrops, they killed underpop attacks, they made CQB even more important for infantry than it used to be. They don’t encourage grouping-up they do the opposite. Even if people think that stalling map movement will increase player activity then they should be looking be looking for ways to do it without absolutely kneecapping the FPS balance and experience.
  7. Or lower depot timers but make it 20 or 30 minutes until the bunker went hot instead of 10. That would actually give an underpopped defender far more time than they have now to respond and organize a defense before a bunker went hot, and resist mole attacks in large towns easier. The FPS game isn't the priority though. Apparently people think that a safe and uneventful HC shift is what increases player numbers.
  8. Getting at most 2:30 cut off from your depot capture time is nothing when the game has made it nearly impossible for the underpop team to successfully attack due to muh combined arms. The overpop team can spawn a few tanks and shut down whatever effort your truck and a few players try to get going. Worse when considering that you will lose most of your timer advantage if you have too many players on defense, are using lower-ranked equipment or have inexperienced players spawned in. All of which affect the underpop team far more than the overpop team.
  9. Raising the cap timers makes it easier for a lazy attacker to hold all their depots. It makes mole attacks on the underpop side far more effective. The only thing that it does to assist the defender is make that initial depot capture harder. But with harder initial captures the underpop team gets doomed to defense. Since prime time pops struggle to capture towns, longer capture timers might lower the overall numbers of town caps but they shift an even higher percentage of captures to the lowpop time, as no one is strong enough to capture a defended depot and you have to catch a defender off-guard. CRS is just getting basic FPS behavior 180° wrong. Like with such long capture timers if you have five guys you are not going to "use teamwork", and put them all in a depot and hope you can hold out for several minutes against continually-spawning SMGs and LMGs. Any mission leader with a brain will get on chat and spread his people out to try to steal some undefended depots. With five-minute timers the payoff for stealing a depot is huge. The average attack rarely has the pop to max-out the timer anyway so a one-minute cap is not an option.
  10. Making the FPS game stale and boring to try and compensate for too much movement on the strategic layer is why the game population is so low. Five-minute capture timers when the defender can spawn 10 meters next to the capture point, and the attacker has to walk/run (at least) 400m is insanity in terms of FPS design. Maybe if every depot was a little "alamo" that could be defended once occupied but not the vulnerable killboxes that pass for depots now.
  11. What on earth is the underpop team supposed to do when they don't have 20+ players to bring along spawn ATGs and AA? Just not attack? And it would be nice if someone would post a video of what a successful proper attack with the FMS properly supported and defended looks like. Because I keep reading about how it's supposed to be done, but I don't see any of the people actually executing it. If it's so easy then it should be easy to pull up a video from the past 24hrs showing how it's done.
  12. I don't think that there's a silver bullet but there are a lot of things that can be tried to fix the balance. I've already said to let medium ATGs spawn from the FMS. Small things like making mortarmen more effective (via more ammo or faster reload rates) as smoke screens are really important. More light ATGs in infantry brigades; earlier it was funny when there were no light ATGs but almost a full list of medium and heavy ATGs. There are just way too many tanks everywhere in general, and they also teleport in to town. The pak 36 still has very narrow sights and isn't suited at all to short range combat or new players in general. A fairly drastic move would be to give riflemen a HEAT charge but I doubt that would ever fly here. A major issue is that I show something and go "this is not good" then others say "No this is GREAT! They deserved this". So people don't even think that this is poor gameplay.
  13. I've heard this mantra for a long time now. Well not exactly that; before people cited PPOs as a means to prevent the FMS from being camped. So at least no one is telling me to build PPO forts anymore. Requiring armor and heavy ATGs by the attacker to keep a battle going means no battles and no action, or lopsided camps like in the video. The side that tries to slap together an attack and get something rolling gets punished; I don't know how many infantry units were lost in a span of 15 minutes but it was rough.
  14. Hopped on earlier today and this is pretty much what I saw. It's late-tier so now the better tanks can literally just drive up to the FMS and not have to worry about the light tier 0 ATGs. We were lucky that one guy (the mission leader) was able to snag one of the five RPATs in the brigade, but as you can see in the video they've not reliable. This is just like the Steam release except with fewer greentags spawning; I don't see how the game is going to grow when it has such bad balance between tank and antitank, yet relies on infantry for all the capturing and other duties. Also it's ridiculous that an infantry brigade in this tier has 37 armored vehicles but only 30 LMGs, and there being 20 light and medium guns with 10 heavy guns. ATGs should dramatically outnumber armored vehicles if not because history then because of gameplay. ATGs are glass cannons that in many cases don't effectively counter what they're supposed to counter.
  15. There are 10+ GHC on right now and the AOs and gameplay aren't any better. CRS has learned nothing at all since the Steam release disaster. The tank-antitank imbalance is still way off and all the FMS are camped way too easily. If the team does the intuitive, motivational thing and sets some spawns and tries to push in without overwhelming armor superiority they'll just burn supplies while the defenders laugh. I'll post a video or something later but unless the goal was an allied reunion the game isn't going to get many subs out of this.