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  1. Ah, ok. I had missed that. Still can't get into the account page though.
  2. Well, now this F2P account is all wonky. As you see I can login to the forum but when I try to login to the game I get "Your subscription is not currently active" and when I try to login to the subscription page it won't let me, nor does changing password work. Howcome I need a subscription for a F2P account?
  3. Ok, all good then.
  4. Was gonna go into my other subscripted account and wake that up again, munchkin, but it didn't accept my password and when I tried to reset it it failed somehow. Says I have to submit a ticket but how do I do that when I can't even login? Well, tried to login to account with this freeplay account as well. Didn't work either but I can login to the forum and enter the game with it so I guess the autentification for the account page is broken?
  5. I haven't played for quite a while so there was a load of updates. I decided to do a full install instead. However, now the only choise I get in the settings program for the display is: \\.\Display1 The game loads and seems to work find but this still bugs me. I used to be able to select my gfx card but now it's not there, this is the only choise I can find.
  6. If it's just for games a threadripper is a waste of money, especially for this game. You're better suited with a cheaper cpu with less cores that you can clock higher. This is still true for most games. The day when most games take full advantage of all cores a cpu has the threadripper will be a beast but not so right now. If you're doing productivity work as well, stuff like rendering and other professional work, a threadripper is an excellent choise, but for just gaming and browsing it's not. You can spend that money much wiser and still have some left.
  7. Haven't played in quite a while and decided to have a go tonight. And exactly this happened. I've never had connection issues in the 12 years I've been playing, until now. Made a full install just in case but no difference. I login fine. Launch the game. Most of the times I get a connection error immediately on the loading screen. A few times it's loaded but when I try to spawn I get a connection error. "Timed out waiting for connection" Not once I've been able to spawn in.