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  1. The campaign announcement has not been updated. its campaign 133 we need to know which side.
  2. alright thanks.
  3. How? there's an option to request crew. I currently have a starter account.
  4. Okay so I have learned how to drive a tank. I can do so, incompetantly, but it works. Anyway, can I spawn a tank without a crew? I don't come on TS much. I won't have too much trouble providing infantry support function as the driver and gunner I can just switch roles as needed. However I can't seem to spawn one. It says "request crew." I haven't been able to bring my friends into the game unfortunately. I have one who might play it but he has integrated graphics. He's also got a nasty cold anyway.
  5. Maybe XOOM will do it within my life time xD. If I can I will make an effort to buy a starter sub in the future, once that expires, assuming it happens lol.
  6. lol... Thanks Mos. Still says free atm. I'm slowly getting used to the game.
  7. Even with FB / Mobile spawns, it can take me 5 minutes (or a lot more than 5 minutes) to get to a target, and there is always about an 85% of getting killed once I get close to a city. How do I get into battles quickly?
  8. yeah some kind of topographical notation would be very helpful.
  9. I can run the game through the steam interface. However, when I open up the interface, it crashes the game. This has happened twice so I suspect it's a bug.
  10. Wow thank you Mosizlak... I don't know what to say. At the moment I am really busy. I'll check back when I can.
  11. Thank you for appreciating my comments. Yeah I know CR needs to make money. I WANT to give them my money. Unfortunately that probably isn't going to happen because of living expenses, and the fact that I am stuck at home caring for my youngest sister. She can't be left alone. I'm not the breadwinner in this house hold. My other sister is. There's also lots of BS which keeps ambushing my family. Maybe I'm just a jerk. I was asking for some kind of balance, not exactly "free stuff." But I am pretty much stuck. I want to play BE:WWII Online quite a lot. But I also don't think I'll enjoy it with severe restrictions. I simply don't have the resources to subscribe to unnecessary things. (I know, WWII Online should be considered a necessity since It's so unique. :P) I also, am attempting to argue reforming the current system will bring in more players, and as a result (hopefully) more subscribers.
  12. Okay so it seems I was grossly mistaken on this regard. I could have sworn this was not the case, and that I read it. There is another thing I REALLY am not liking. Free players cannot use binoculars. That is a MASSIVE disadvantage.....
  13. I realize this is probably the third or fourth time I've posted, since 2012, about this game and that I think that its subscription and payment models, regardless of fiscal necessity, are not good or conducive to getting a large player base. As I've said before, in order to keep critics from yelling at me, I'm disabled, and I have a younger sister who is far worse off than me, whom I take care of, thus I have limited finances and that may not change for years... So don't say "it's only 5 dollars." Free players are so restricted as to being half-useless. You cannot capture territory even. I really hope that upon Steam release, free players get access to and adequate amount of equipment and features so as to remain useful for the entire duration of the campaign. I would very much like to play this game, and get my friend to play it with me. He's in Brazil. Contrary to common belief, any monthly subscription, is prohibitive no matter how low it is. I can make a one time payment for a retail priced game, but not a monthly subscription. The player base of expand drastically if you include upon steam release, a good chunk of goodies for free players. Bigger, more epic battles can take place. If I had the money, I would buy 2 full 15 dollar subscriptions, one for me and the other for my friend, but I can't do that. To the forum-goers who aren't Rat Staff, please do not post here saying I can afford it or it's worth it. I believe you that its worth it, but I don't have it, and a great majority of would be players, are unlikely to believe it is worth it, especially since the market is completely saturated with subscription games. To the Cornered Rat Staff, I really, really hope you intend to make free play viable and soon. I've been waiting 4 years for it to happen, ever since I discovered WWII Online.