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  1. Okay so I have learned how to drive a tank. I can do so, incompetantly, but it works. Anyway, can I spawn a tank without a crew? I don't come on TS much. I won't have too much trouble providing infantry support function as the driver and gunner I can just switch roles as needed. However I can't seem to spawn one. It says "request crew." I haven't been able to bring my friends into the game unfortunately. I have one who might play it but he has integrated graphics. He's also got a nasty cold anyway.
  2. The campaign announcement has not been updated. its campaign 133 we need to know which side.
  3. alright thanks.
  4. How? there's an option to request crew. I currently have a starter account.
  5. I realize this is probably the third or fourth time I've posted, since 2012, about this game and that I think that its subscription and payment models, regardless of fiscal necessity, are not good or conducive to getting a large player base. As I've said before, in order to keep critics from yelling at me, I'm disabled, and I have a younger sister who is far worse off than me, whom I take care of, thus I have limited finances and that may not change for years... So don't say "it's only 5 dollars." Free players are so restricted as to being half-useless. You cannot capture territory even. I really hope that upon Steam release, free players get access to and adequate amount of equipment and features so as to remain useful for the entire duration of the campaign. I would very much like to play this game, and get my friend to play it with me. He's in Brazil. Contrary to common belief, any monthly subscription, is prohibitive no matter how low it is. I can make a one time payment for a retail priced game, but not a monthly subscription. The player base of expand drastically if you include upon steam release, a good chunk of goodies for free players. Bigger, more epic battles can take place. If I had the money, I would buy 2 full 15 dollar subscriptions, one for me and the other for my friend, but I can't do that. To the forum-goers who aren't Rat Staff, please do not post here saying I can afford it or it's worth it. I believe you that its worth it, but I don't have it, and a great majority of would be players, are unlikely to believe it is worth it, especially since the market is completely saturated with subscription games. To the Cornered Rat Staff, I really, really hope you intend to make free play viable and soon. I've been waiting 4 years for it to happen, ever since I discovered WWII Online.
  6. Even with FB / Mobile spawns, it can take me 5 minutes (or a lot more than 5 minutes) to get to a target, and there is always about an 85% of getting killed once I get close to a city. How do I get into battles quickly?
  7. Maybe XOOM will do it within my life time xD. If I can I will make an effort to buy a starter sub in the future, once that expires, assuming it happens lol.
  8. lol... Thanks Mos. Still says free atm. I'm slowly getting used to the game.
  9. I can run the game through the steam interface. However, when I open up the interface, it crashes the game. This has happened twice so I suspect it's a bug.
  10. yeah some kind of topographical notation would be very helpful.
  11. Wow thank you Mosizlak... I don't know what to say. At the moment I am really busy. I'll check back when I can.
  12. Thank you for appreciating my comments. Yeah I know CR needs to make money. I WANT to give them my money. Unfortunately that probably isn't going to happen because of living expenses, and the fact that I am stuck at home caring for my youngest sister. She can't be left alone. I'm not the breadwinner in this house hold. My other sister is. There's also lots of BS which keeps ambushing my family. Maybe I'm just a jerk. I was asking for some kind of balance, not exactly "free stuff." But I am pretty much stuck. I want to play BE:WWII Online quite a lot. But I also don't think I'll enjoy it with severe restrictions. I simply don't have the resources to subscribe to unnecessary things. (I know, WWII Online should be considered a necessity since It's so unique. :P) I also, am attempting to argue reforming the current system will bring in more players, and as a result (hopefully) more subscribers.
  13. Okay so it seems I was grossly mistaken on this regard. I could have sworn this was not the case, and that I read it. There is another thing I REALLY am not liking. Free players cannot use binoculars. That is a MASSIVE disadvantage.....
  14. Hi guys. I played this a few years ago. Love the concept. But I hate the terrible subscription model. The subscription is essentially non-optional to properly play the game. I know this has been said before, but this is a game which deserves more players, but one which won't get them without some great incentives. For me, I love the fact that this involves the Battle of France. I have a good friend (who is broke and in a bad situation) that I want to play with as the French. that being said. He can't afford any sub, and I can't most of the time. Is there any system in the works to allow more features and more equipment to be available to non paying players? Not being able to use binoculars is absolutely terrible! Let me make a suggestion (and yes I realize Cornered Rat needs money!). Allow free players to use support equipment that is late game. A late light vehicle but not a late heavy one could be one example. Let us have access to say, one good late fighter plane, and one decent (medium) late tank. Don't give us variety, but give us playing viability! last I checked, you guys do not have enough players. Have you considered multiple methods of funding? For example, allow for donations from dedicated veterans who are passionate about the game, giving them some prestigious perks, vanity stuff, inside access to development, and big time bragging rights. Getting it on Steam ASAP will be a big help. On Steam you'll get a QUICK INFLUX of NEW PLAYERS. But ONCE YOU DO, make SURE you have a very fair payment model and a good deal of content for free players. if you don't, the Reviewers will REALLY HURT BE:WWII Online. Also possibly consider grinding unlocks (but not extreme grind). Please... I'm begging CR to make your game much more accessible and rewarding for players who cannot pay.
  15. Let's stop the accusations please. I can afford 5 from time to time. But I have many other pressing expenses. I have spending money on an irregular basis. I do not work at the present because I am staying home to care for my severely disabled youngest sister. I also have a severely compromised immune system, that i was born with. I have to receive infusions once a month so I do not get chronic infections, which would scar my lungs and cause me to die sometime in my late 30's or early 40's (I'm 27). When I was 8 I had the lungs of a 40 year old. I cannot do much physical labor. My middle sister works at two jobs to support us. I'm not having a pity party. But I want you all to understand I cannot spend money when finances are always very tight. I'm not asking for a free subscription. I'm asking for CR to consider making WWII Online similar to other Free to Play games. I also have a friend I would like to play it with, and there is no way he can buy a subscription for very real reasons but I will not talk about it in an open forum. I also have said what I have said because I'm concerned reviewers on Steam will HARM WWII Online with harsh reviews. Games with low percentages of favorable reviews on Steam usually do very poorly.
  16. I'm asking for CR to make players who could not, or would not (I would) pay, have incentives to play and to keep the player base high.
  17. No. I want to have enough content to be competitive in end game, but not access to all of the good stuff. I don't want the majority of the content. Just enough content to make it playable throughout the length of the campaign. Okay, so perhaps you can give free players a late APC but nothing else. or an anti-infantry tank. I am NOT asking for the majority of the content to be playable for free players. I am asking that only a portion of each area, vehicles, firearms, etc, be available. You could also make the waiting time between spawning vehicles much higher for free players. I'm asking for free players to have "just enough" content to be viable in combat throughout the whole campaign. I fully expect their to be limitations.
  18. Wow... F2p hasn't gotten better it's gotten worse. I guess I'll check back in a year to see if anything has changed. I would be playing if there was at least alot more infantry access to free to play, but even with that if I can't cap an area, what is the point? It isn't F2P it is a demo and a poor one at that. =( I am not a coder or a business man. But in my opinion I think CRS needs to seriously consider making a brand new game, and a game that is considerably more user friendly. Not that technical gameplay is not good, but long learning curves turn people off. CRS, I don't know how your revenue is. I hope you guys are doing well, but I doubt you are. WWII online is very very old and, while it is good (provided you can pay for a subscription) I seriously doubt WWII Online will last indefinitely without bringing your sub price down to a ridiculously small amount (which you guys probably can't afford to be perfectly fair) or seriously upgrading your game. I love the concept. I love the fact that it is the western front in 1940. That is something almost unheard of in WWII games and ENTIRELY unheard of in FPS'. I'm a poor fellow though thankfully not impoverished. Maybe someday I can subscribe but the earliest will be well into 2015.
  19. I just saw the new subscription plans. I was delighted at first but now I just want to scoff. Seeing now that f2p is a complete joke, and the 5 dollar per month plan offers very little, and includes stuff that used to be f2p. I'm sorry but WWII Online is going to die. Cornered Rat needs to develop an entirely new game because this one is not sustainable. I don't like SOE or any other MMO company but SOE put out Everquest 2 and now their new massive Everquest Next. I won't play either but they understand the necessity to produce a new product. I don't want to say that Cornered Rat should sell itself to a large publisher, since, even if that company sponsors WWII Online, it is going to demand massive changes including ones which will fleece the customer. Cornered rat should consider developing a new game which is downsized, as much as a hate to say it, a game based on large maps and not the entirety of Western Europe, where users can host their own servers. WWII Online has been on greenlight since 2012 and it STILL is not on steam. Expecting people to fork over 5 or 13 dollars a month for such an old product, with a dying player base, when all sorts of new games which have much heavier server costs have totally free to play models which, although extremely exploitatively because of the unreasonable grind, are still possible to enjoy all of the game's content for free. Planetside 2 comes to mind.
  20. You can't get blood from a turnip. =/
  21. Have any of the f2p restrictions since Jan 2013 been reduced?
  22. Is there a list of vehicles and equipment, with description? What tanks can I use as France and Germany? Also, does this game have assault guns, self propelled arty, and tank destroyers?
  23. I have a suggestion Also, why not add the Panther to Basic and Mk IV G to F2P? F2P Axis lacks sufficient hardware to fight late Allied armor. I noticed that this game does not have Panthers. It would be great to allow F2P to use the Panzer IV G, that way they can fight off tanks later in a campaign, but still give basic subscribers the better tank.