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  1. Use Paypal and it will take directly from your bank account.
  2. Tier 0 would be a nightmare for Axis. A Matilda that can take down spawns and fire bases? It's hard enough with them doing what they do now.
  3. Not entirely sure. Tried various things to fix it but I found the cpu was running at 60% while just on desktop. Something was going on that we couldn't find. Ran Windows Refresh in the end which fixed it. Basically a Windows fresh install.
  4. Resolved
  5. Getting this when I try to spawn in also. Less often but has happened twice today. With 1 lock out on despawn.
  6. I'm posting in here although it's possible my issue is not game related. I'll ask my brother in law to have a look as he is an IT engineer. For a couple of weeks I have been getting a complete pc lock up when I despawn. I have to reboot the pc and reload the game. I can spawn in and game play is fine. Nothing unusual happens but on an average of 3 in 1 despawns, the game freezes. I hit esc, wait on the 10 seconds to rtb/res whatever, click in 'ok', then it locks. Nothing I can do other than reboot. I'm almost certain it started pre HE audit patch. It hasn't happened before and I haven't changed anything. I only use the pc for WWII Online. Win 10, plenty of memory and cpu/gpu power. I can't say 100% that this happens each time but I have noticed, on some lock ups, that the last message in the chat window is 'Netcode 3 enabled'. I have it enabled in settings. I don't get any bad connection messages for forced despawn. Any ideas? It's putting me off from logging in. Thanks Rots
  7. Split cities for that Stalingrad gameplay. Nice.
  8. You can kill under the tent sides. Tank he will kill atgs. So air he will probably do the same.
  9. As a tanker, I don't agree with any of it.
  10. Stop being a count.
  11. Eureka !!!!
  12. They are paper panzers if you are a paper boy panzer user.
  13. You can explode the Sherman first shot but you need to know where and depends on the target being higher or lower. I have seen testimony from a British tank commander that had a Tiger round hit frontal on his Sherman, passing between his legs as he stood in the turret, and exited out the back of the tank. It will pen in game but the critical part needs to be hit or nothing happens.
  14. Ooo. A challenge !! Will look out for you.
  15. Agree with you there. I prefer to be on the end of Allied overpop than in the Axis overpop. More of a challenge. Quite enjoy it when I Swiss cheese you in armour too !!