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  1. It would certainly be a nice touch to the remember the Allied effort by having some Belgian, Netherlands recognition and a couple of Canadian divs, Polish and Czech Raf squadrons etc. The list is too long really to include them all but the Canadians made huge efforts in the cause.
  2. Shouldn't this be locked to allow the DLC only players to use ? I have full access to everything so I take it that any premium sub can use up that supply. Doesn't leave the DLC people much option if it's all used up.
  3. Very difficult to hit the Matilda in the kill spot Kareca. I've done it but not many. The Matilda is easy to use in tier 0 and fairly easy in tier 1. They get kills against panzers because of fools that want to engage on sight and don't use teamwork.
  4. It wouldn't look good if you didn't. There will be boats, pasta and wine.
  5. CRS

    It wouldn't hurt to try a campaign with side locking. Providing it can be implemented.
  6. It is that simple.
  7. I watched the Utube vid. My comments are.... Best Rat Chat i've heard or seen. The team is certainly moving things on. And standing still with so many potential players would be akin to going backwards. Very well presented. The community being able to see WIP and hear about where things are is valuable. A lot of us know how good this game could be. The potential to be THE WW2 game. We are seeing fruition. I need to get myself a helmet as per Ryman.
  8. As killable as current Allied armour. No concern to me. Just waiting for the tank that suits me.
  9. I expect I am known as one of the Axis armoured players by both sides and I can assure you tier1 is still slightly Allied superior. Matilda and Char bis are killable but only by a few who really know what to do, in certain situations. A rookie in a Matilda will beat most average/good Axis players in every Panzer/vehicle. And then there is the Stuart. Best tank gun at that point, that will pen everything at combat range. So to refer back to your first post, balance I would suggest is why the numbers are not exact. Some campaigns it goes Allied way and the numbers matter not 1 bit.
  10. Have you consistently tanked in axis tier 0 and 1? Try it. Do 10 campaigns. Then come back to your question.
  11. Bingo. Nail. Hit. On. Head. Exactly what I thought.
  12. Nothing wrong with more sound. All the atg/aaa make no movement sounds at all, which is poor. Kill cam = no. This is meant to be as close to simulation as possible.
  13. Many struggle with the pronounciation of their own language, never mind a foreign one.
  14. It's in the first post.
  15. Fair post. Softcapping and the HC system make it 3 reasons why battles don't happen. Like you, I don't care who wins.