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  1. Well I unsubbed. And after being told to [censored] off on a FB group by a Crs member, i'm glad I did. Fantastic game. Enjoyed playing. Made some good friends. @Rebel357. Respect to my air nemesis. I hated being bombed by u.
  2. Logged in first time this campaign. Same as Kareca. AO no panzers. DO no panzers. I also looked at the armour numbers in Allied flags. Huge disparity !! I'll monitor through the tiers but I may be cancelling my account too.
  3. This is why i'm not logging in either.
  4. I haven't read all but what do the changes mean for armour in later tiers? In terms of numbers. Only CRS need reply.
  5. You've missed the point. You've got the point.
  6. Should be no points for people spawning your spawn. Only points for setting them in the first place. Incentivize building them !!
  7. Because you're [censored] at it. ( so i'm told )
  8. Aimbot? No. That is a cheat. There is something in the game that reduces sway.
  9. Being a simulation.......
  10. There is a way to reduce this in the game. Go and find it.
  11. Sounds reasonable.
  12. Lol. Had no idea you would see that.
  13. Shouldn't this be locked to allow the DLC only players to use ? I have full access to everything so I take it that any premium sub can use up that supply. Doesn't leave the DLC people much option if it's all used up.
  14. Any other players in Europe have seen a big increase in auto despawn ? Mine has gone from none to regular. I'm not the only 1 that has problems. Is it not my connection. My connection is better than when I didn't get auto'd out and my pc is, clean, not running background crap.
  15. Rule. You should look at when and how much Canada put into the allied effort. When they declared war etc. To ignore them is dreadful.
  16. You have to make the best of your situation. That may be backing off and ignoring it. Those kind of skills come with experience and a lot of deaths and can't be taught. I'm still learning from every engagement.
  17. Watch this from about 40 mins. You'll just about be able to see me on the south. Stug b. At 48 mins watch the chat. TheSarg was a Matilda on the east side, quite a long way out. He showed me his rear quarter while on an incline. 49 mins 30 is the killer statement hehe.
  18. This is what you said. This was one of your points in the discussion. This is countered by my reply. Due to being able to stop them shooting with tier 0 panzer. Not 88. Not sapper.
  19. Me too.
  20. Sorry Pitt. My question was to Euro players. To gauge them.
  21. I kill them. Not always just by kill credit.
  22. It'd be too cheeky for me to vote but do armour.