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  1. Split cities for that Stalingrad gameplay. Nice.
  2. You can kill under the tent sides. Tank he will kill atgs. So air he will probably do the same.
  3. As a tanker, I don't agree with any of it.
  4. Stop being a count.
  5. Eureka !!!!
  6. They are paper panzers if you are a paper boy panzer user.
  7. You can explode the Sherman first shot but you need to know where and depends on the target being higher or lower. I have seen testimony from a British tank commander that had a Tiger round hit frontal on his Sherman, passing between his legs as he stood in the turret, and exited out the back of the tank. It will pen in game but the critical part needs to be hit or nothing happens.
  8. Ooo. A challenge !! Will look out for you.
  9. Agree with you there. I prefer to be on the end of Allied overpop than in the Axis overpop. More of a challenge. Quite enjoy it when I Swiss cheese you in armour too !!
  10. This is a product of HC. Both sides do it. Because the fun, the game, the enjoyment of the fight is less important to many HC, than the glory. The get the factories crap. It is why I have never been in HC. I get pissed off when it goes that way. I'll log if its a massive HC ego trip or a blatant roll. I don't enjoy being on the end of it or giving it out. I may be wrong but I know who was Moic on Axis when it started. And i'm not shocked it went that way. It's what he does. Goes for the throat if its available. That said, whoever was on Allied HC took the gamble. And lost. I'd sympathise with Imded but you need to stop fecking sapping me before that happens. Axis/Allied HC reading this - you have a duty of care to the whole game playing community. Not just to your medal collection or whatever gets you off.
  11. The maniac speaks with the voice of reason.
  12. Ha. Good point. Well made.
  13. Spot on. I'll take on a Firefly with a 4d knowing I have a clear positional advantage.
  14. Christ. If you are worried by a few 17pdr equiped M4 then don't tank. UK flags are minimal and they will be just as vunerable as the US 76. The gun will only count if it sees you first and has a couple of pops at you before you realise. I welcome the Firefly. Game needs more variety.
  15. See ya then ! Lol
  16. Response appreciated.
  17. Looked at a few videos of that. Small maps but it looks fantastic. That would draw me away from here if it had tanks.
  18. Matt (xoom). I would happily accept no new toys, no vehicles, whatever, in the current game in exchange for all dev to go into version 2.
  19. I do kind of agree with you Vas. Current dev is akin to life support when a new life is ready and available. CRS comment required.
  20. I didn't say this idea was a waste of anything. I was referencing to Fidd calling a popular desire to see an anti tank damage model as a waste of development resource. You probably commented on that thread. Fidd understood.
  21. Waiting to see what those that you didn't agree with on an atg damage model, as it was a waste of development resource, will have to say on that.
  22. Get the same varying shots on Axis stuff.
  23. Thank you CRS. Happy Christmas to you Rats !!!!
  24. Fidd. Shoot at aircraft. See impacts. See bits come off. Shoot at tanks, trucks, armoured cars. See impacts. See tracks drop. See smoking engine. See fire. See explosion. See wheels go foraging alone. Shoot at infantry. See blood splats. See him fall. Hear him scream. Shoot at/bomb buildings, ai pits. See buildings collapse, ai vanish. Shoot at aaa/atg. With anything. See nothing. Worthwhile to have a bit of the customers money spent on a model where a wheel comes off or blood splats on aaa and atg? Yes it it.
  25. I have uninstalled twice and it didn't fix it. The usual ability to hover the mouse over a town and get a list of the flags there is gone. Also mouse point over a mark on the map doesn't show who made it, when, range. Mouse pointer over a friendly no longer shows who it is and unit type. The offline settings aren't accessable and I get 3 error messages. I get 3 error messages after I reinstalled too. Any ideas ?