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  1. I have uninstalled twice and it didn't fix it. The usual ability to hover the mouse over a town and get a list of the flags there is gone. Also mouse point over a mark on the map doesn't show who made it, when, range. Mouse pointer over a friendly no longer shows who it is and unit type. The offline settings aren't accessable and I get 3 error messages. I get 3 error messages after I reinstalled too. Any ideas ?
  2. I'll try that Xcas. Thank you.
  3. Need something visual definately. I've no noticable wtf, not dead atgs using panzers but I have when inf......shoot them in the head/back, go to move on and its still firing. Either terrible lag or he was bleeding out and kept pressing that button. Go back and empty a Luger clip into them, still firing. I gave up.
  4. Starting each campaign in the tier that was due to follow the one at the point the previous campaign ended. More variety. Campaign ends tier 0, next starts tier 1. Campaign ends in tier 1, next starts tier 2. Etc etc.
  5. Lol. Can't comment as I never see you in game.
  6. If you fly, you need a lot of hours to get rank to get the higher tier stuff. Or you can go air ground inf and hope you can cap 58 cps in 1 mission to fly the next level aircraft. But on the ground you don't. Can this be reviewed ? There is always a Db7 or FW190 not too far away and not a long time trip. But trying and find a Tiger sometimes is impossible without a long drive. Today I watched a player spawn a Panzer vi and toodle off. Watched it burning shortly after. As a tanker this annoys the crap out of me. I checked this players stats and they had 196 career missions. A mix of inf and bit of guns. 196 missions on mainly non armour is too low for using something that is low in availability and potentially a town capping or saving item. This is not just for Axis. Same for the allied tankers. I'm sure watching the Green armour get jizzed away isn't fun. Tanking is a bit of a speciality. Like air to air. CRS. Could we up the ranking for the higher tier stuff or add a new persona in each country for armoured ? I know rank is not an indication of ability as some experienced players are f2p. And some complete morons are top rank. But the experienced f2p know what they are doing and they are not wasting top equipment because they can't get it. Up the required rank and players have more chance to gain experience in lower tiers before they decide they are fully equiped to blaze into battle totally invincible to any projectile. Up the supply of the tier 1 and tier 2 gear if needs be. That at least allows less experienced players a competitive fighting chance while gaining some knowledge. Making mistakes is part of learning but if the best I can get is a Panzer 3h I will probably not spawn.
  7. Enjoyed it. Panzer group Raider rolling out. Working with an inf group for some of it. Good few hours of organised, structured gameplay. Great numbers in game. Ddn't see any lag or bug type issues either.
  8. Have seen it on some teview vids on youtube so I take it to be a feature for new players.
  9. No. I wondered why anyone would not realise after the 10th time that it was a wasted effort. This was a long time ago.
  10. 114 once. Same guy mostly from the same old style msp. I was crying with laughter as he kept spawning in and trying to dance his way past my 4G lmg bullets.
  11. I don't have a problem with more 76mm being available. I enjoy watching them explode.
  12. Corrected that for you Mo.
  13. Thanks for posting
  14. Exactly my feelings.
  15. Well put.
  16. Great squad mate. Great person. When he was playing Allied he used to pop back onto 1lb teamspeak when Hondo and I had nailed him to call us names and have a laugh with us. I can hear your voice now Sal. He'd been unwell for a while and it was always more serious than he let it sound. Rots is going to miss being sapped by his mate. Nobody else makes me smile when they do it to me.
  17. Something that can pick up on an inactive player that is sitting there not moving. Maybe after a default time the player is messaged and another default timer is then automatically despawned. I would say game managers job but they wont be logged in 24/7. Realise potential issue with 2nd accounts so thought required but these ones that you'll see sometimes that don't move or respond to chat or pms. Kick them out for affecting pop and making you think you have a cp guard or eyes in the field.
  18. Tier 0 still. I'm bored now.
  19. Agreed. It's become an arcade shooter when players don't give a crap about losing a unit and just respawn. Simulation my arse. There is nothing like this experience but pandering to the first person shooter gang is a no no.
  20. Agreed.
  21. A war over half the European continent, should not be done and dusted in 3 days. The best campaigns last weeks or even months. Changes were needed but you got the wrong ones.
  22. I resubbed last week. I'm considering unsubbing again. 3 day campaign? That's great fun. Well done. The soft capping - well done. Either HC doing it. Good for you. Ignore those flags that the other side has cut off where you could actually fight. Its clear to anybody with a brain that the other side has no HC on because nothing moves - keep pushing on - good for you. CRS - Your tools to deal with pop imbalance do not work. CRS - Deal with bugs and things that will get the current game right. We'd all love to see P51, B17, Sherman Firefly, Panther, Tiger B etc etc but get the basics dealt with first please. That's the customers speaking there.....................
  23. If it were changed so that you could see all marks within a user defined radius? Selectable in 500m increments for example.
  24. Some good stuff there. US Airborne is a good one.