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  1. Good to see a response and that it is recognised as an issue. Yep. That is where the potential harm is.
  2. Something like that. Or less with a system message. Then if nothing, out of game world you go.
  3. Like I said. Back to the persona screen. It affects people that ARE playing.
  4. These aren't green tags I'm referring to BB. Just witnessed another one at Tilburg. Sat motionless 1km NW of town. No reply to chat. Afk when I pm'd. Affects our pop numbers. Especially when numbers are so low that its maybe 15 or 20 on a side across the whole map. If there was a system in the code to monitor and then kick the player back to the persona screen...............
  5. The list is endless and most of it will not be seen unless huge amounts of cash are available.
  6. Last campaign was bad. Often people who know what to do, don't. Its very difficult to address this as it is a game and many players play for themselves. Only real work ethic comes from squads. And squads don't tend to work together. If I set a mission, I will put what I would like people joining me to do but generally they ignore that and do their own thing. Success comes from numbers rather than plans, teamwork and strategy. It how the game works.
  7. LAG

    Haven't noticed lag but offset is back.
  8. Hi SnowPanzer. Spoke to you a bit on ts on Saturday with Hondo. I would get in with a squad to learn the ropes. The established squads will all help you out. Good squads in both Euro and US time. Rgds
  9. Panzer HE rounds work great for me.
  10. Para 1. Yes my words. And true. If you are unable to spawn a unit that can take out a tank you can't fight it. And therefore are fodder. Or you stay away or spawn from somewhere else. Para 2. Is that a reference to you? Enjoy your months free full access and then uninstall a game you werent interested enough in to be already part of.
  11. Thats a very narrow view. Lots of players pay subs and use just Inf. Others fly. Some like to atg. I tank. Because you pay doesn't mean you pay to win. Each side has paying players but only 1 side wins.
  12. If you dont pay subs and/or have enough rank you are cannon fodder for armour. If you pay and can spawn your own anti armour units, you are not. I dont have a problem with inf units being increased in numbers to make battles longer but as a tanker I would probably not play much if there are no useful tanks available. The game needs to be able to satisfy all players. CRS could drop the early tier rubbish armour and up the decent stuff a little though. A Panzer 2c is terrible in tier 0 never mind tier 2 or 3.
  13. New customer is king. Customer retention less important. Same as with all business.
  14. Mine is 14.99 at the moment. But my f2p account could sub for 9.99.
  15. Continue to play free then.
  16. Nice ideas. And perfectly reasonable. Being able to choose a camo scheme, ammo load out etc. Probably need a new game engine for that.
  17. Great idea Silver & Sascha. They could have a heat bar like the inf health bar that shows barrel getting hot then jamming if too hot meaning it needed to cool off and the bar dropping. US could have 50cal and French .30. Brit Vickers and MG42 for us.
  18. Historical accuracy. Err, because by the time the US entered north west Europe/France, France had been either under German control or under the Vichy. The French army existed outside of their own nation only or as axis puppets. Same with air and navy. No French air force existed after Dunkirk. Any pilots that could escape became part of the RAF. The Canadians deserve a flag due to the contribution they made through Italy, Normandy and into Germany. While the French were defeated by 1940.
  19. Horses. I want a Cavalry option.
  20. Welcome wwolfw. Enjoy playing.
  21. Niether do I. Same with why the French army still exists when US enters in tier 3. Dump the French and re jig those flags to Canada.
  22. I did post that BB. It seems to have gone. I'll do it again. There are no Axis armour squads.
  23. This is where I am. I won't log in until 1.35 is up, running and totally playable. From today to that date i'll pay subs without game time.
  24. LW have nothing heavy. DO217 could carry a big load though. Doubt it can dogfight and do loop the loop after dropping bombs from 50m without damage. Its just DB7 and Havocs that do that.
  25. Yes its 2km. I was sat over watch on an allied fb recently. Measured to distance to the veh tent at 2020m or something. But I saw no vehicles until they moved out a few meters.